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Therabody Theragun G3 Massage Gun Black $224 Delivered @ Kogan


White OOS, Price on black has dropped further (was $299 when the white was on sale). Now $249, less 10% with coupon.

This is an old model, now on clearance.

Edit: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/604607 Stack with $20 off Latitude Pay promo.

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    Skookum as frig!

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      Chincy more to the point.

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      or NFG according to Uncle Bumblef*ck :)

    • I came to make these jokes!
      For everyone else: AvE (a humourous Engineer on youtube) did a teardown and rates the quality of construction pretty poorly for the RRP. At this price it might be okay.

  • Got the white one last deal. Definitely 3xbetter than the < $100 generic ones.

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      for me , 4x better

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    WTF bought at $242.00

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    Got this after using the Kmart one. It works way better, and the handle makes it much easier to reach your back.

    Be aware, it is very loud. I suggest using this in a room far away from everyone else in your house.

  • Great quality when compared to the el-cheap versions.
    Only down side is it is loud

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    Thwer hair gun review

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      Don't even have a solid shaft for that price. Basically a battery powered jigjaw that is worth $100 max. Seriously doubt 3x 4x better than cheaper version, just vibration.

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        I await the CNC machined Tungsten carbide shaft from Ave.

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        If you watched the vid you can literally see it's not vibration by the fact the motor has a slider crank

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    The AVE comments link in the dooblydoo

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    Agree with everyone else… After having a slightly better than knock off one ($180) and now having the white theragun last deal.

    Theragun is absolutely unreal, even as loud as it is… Going back to the old one I can't believe I thought it was doing anything at all, feels like a little vibration now in comparison.

    So in very unusual fashion, this is 100% worth the extra $100 no questions asked

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      agree too
      got $80, then bought one more $120, and now this.
      regretted should just go straight to thera. see how muh $ i have wasted.
      but some people still going for the cheapo im sure

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        Well I paid $30 for one of those eBay plus deals. Not sure I want to up it to $225…

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          $30 is still wasted $30
          you will regret once you try thera (unless you really dont exercise a lot and have no problem whatsoever with muscle - in this case you are truly wasting $30)
          goto big harvey norman to try

      • Thank you both for your posts. I've got the KMart one (which I thought was okay), but decided to do the upgrade based on the comments. :-)

  • Not to mention the quality of the heads… The soft touch heads save you from bone crunching vibration when you go over the wrong spot

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    Good price, been happy with mine, it is loud, yeah it's only 2 speeds and 4 attachments but I really think you don't need more than that, I don't find myself wanting more intermediate speeds or any other attachment. That being said I feel this price is the fair price for it, the RRP is a joke

  • Is it better or worse than traditional hand massage?

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      this machine cant give you extras please dont try it at home!

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      As far as I can tell, you need percussion to loosen up stiff muscles and knots and promote blood flow/recovery.
      Closest thing would be a foam roller but that takes alot of time. This just gets it done much quicker.

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      happy ending at home

      • Yeah but for who? ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡° ). ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡° )

  • Bought homedics for 150, while it's good for pressure points, its meh for other parts. It's more like vibration. Not doing much.

    How bout this product? Is it really percussing not vibrating like el cheapo ones?

    • if you live in a city with harvey norman, call first the big ones ask if they have demo display then go
      no word can explain how it is worths $200+ when you can see "similar ones" for $90

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      Yes unlike the cheap ones this one really is percussing, as you said the cheap ones just vibrate at a much faster rate

  • Does anyone have experience with using a discount code and paying with kogan gift cards? Does it work?

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      I just bought this using $150 of gift cards I got for 6% off from Suncorp + $20 off using Latitude pay. Brought price down (delivered) to $195.

      • And you have forgotten your referral credits :)

      • I bought $200 gift cards minus 6% suncorp discount = $188, cash rewards % 2 = $186 + $24 = $210 (total).

        Edit** I won't get the cash rewards coz I paid with gift cards. Rookie mistake

        Edit edit** eh it only hit me now. You spend $150 on the gift cards so you can meet the $60 spend for latitude pay and get the $20 off. I couldn't work out why you only bought $150 worth of gift cards. 🤦‍♂️

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    Thank you, bought it with the Latitude offer (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/604607) for 204

    • absolute steal at that price

    • Damn, didi ont know it was stackable….

      Still good deal and got one. Try my friend's G4 PRO and it was very good with adjustable head and detachable battery. However at 3 time the price of this its a no brainer to pull the trigger. Thanks OP!!

    • +1

      can confirm stacking works. bought one with latitude offer as well.

  • can someone explain this thing to me?

    • It's a percussion massager. It's attempts to replicate deep tissue massage in a way that works much better than foam rolling, but not as good as a myotherapist etc. It's a good in-between, definitely haven't needed as much remedial massage since getting one

  • If anyone is wondering whether it's worth spending more for the more powerful models, for us it was. We upgraded from a G4 Elite (model below a G4 Pro) to a G3 Pro (previous gen, but same power as a G4 Pro) and wouldn't go back to an Elite let alone the baseline models. I haven't found much value in the adjustable head but the extra power (60lbs stall force vs 40) was very noticeable and much appreciated. We bought at a steep discount but knowing what we do, we'd happily pay full price for this. Ymmv!

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      ok so for anyone wondering, this deal is for G3 not pro with 40lbs stall force

  • I got one, hopefully it’s not landfill 🤞

  • Ahh so this is what Zac and Donald keep plugging on their podcast. :)

  • So this only has one year warranty?

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  • Hits pretty hard though as mentioned it is super noisy unfortunately.

  • I got an El Cheapo generic for $50 over 6 months ago and it is fine for DIY arms and legs, but back needs someone else to do it for you. Battery is still going strong too, but discharges too quick for my liking.

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    AVE does a teardown of the theragun: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3Gblw2nZtQ&feature=youtu.be

    TLDR is it's cheaply made.

    • I mean it's made cheaply in respect to the RRP, for this price, maybe this is the fair price. Either way it's a well reviewed gadget, obviously disappointing shortcuts are being made on the internals but if it works as intended then not really an issue.

      • Yeah at this price it is fine but not sure if same model etc.

        • Nah, the one in the video goes for about $900AUD. Shame that corners were cut when there seems to be such a margin, but at $200, it aint bad.

  • Does anyone know how this compares to the Aldi massage gun?


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      Haven't used that specific model, but it looks like the other sub-$200 ones. Comes down to percussion massage vs vibration massage. Read the first few comments for people's experiences (basically that this is better).

  • Thanks OP. I took a chance and bought one. I hope it's much better than the $30 generic one I bought online last year, which felt like just vibration.

    • comeback later to post your review/comparison please

      • Sure thing! ETA is tomorrow, or end of week, so will let you know :)

      • It arrived this morning, and its so strong you cannot compare! Its definately more a puncher than just vibration like my cheap one. I went to the gym yesterday so its perfect for my muscle DOMS.
        But also, its a little bit louder, and sounds like a battery operated drill when u turn it on and don't drill anything, so better not to use late at night.

        • use it on the gym, all the chicks will come with some curiosity !

          • +1

            @ChiMot: thats why I bought mine

            • @PAOK11: i know, right….. 20 new friends in a week with $225, not a bad investment!

              • @ChiMot: My cat is not impressed with how loud it is

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Has shipped already. Upgrading my $180 Evieun which I was actually pretty happy with. Will be interested to see any difference.

    • How did you go, DingoBlue? I also have an Evieun, and am wondering if should upgrade!

      • Hi Calebcat,

        I would suggest to not upgrade.

        While a little more hardcore with a deeper amplitude the theragun is much noisier and seems to kick back a lot more.

        Hope this helps

        • Thanks heaps - that’s very helpful.

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    Just arrived. I thought I'd get this to share with the missus but I think this might only be suitable for me as it packs quite a punch… I couldn't get it down to a slow enough speed. Take that as an endorsement.

    Haven't used the RENPHO (which I had my eyes on for awhile but then I saw this instead) so I can't compare the two.

    • +1

      I think how hard you press it down on ur muscles affects the strength of the punches more than the actual speed does. I had the top of the line G4 pro (it comes with a wide range of speeds) and didnt bother to lower the speed when I need a lighter touch, just dont press it down so much will do.

  • Im using it on my swollen ankle? Any doctors in the house?

  • +1

    Got mine this morning. Used for about 20 mins alternating my "overworked" muscles from powerlifting. ..

    Definitely worth paying the price for this over an el cheapo.

    Ended up paying $160 after 10 off, latitude pay and my kogan points. Thanks OP

  • I got mine yesterday thanks to this deal, but found it makes my skin itch if do an area more than 10 seconds.
    In terms of targeting muscles I can get deeper and more pressure with a lacrosse ball or a bouncy ball from one of those kids $2 machines.
    I’m a bit disappointed but maybe my technique with the G3 still needs work.

  • Yes same. Itchy feeling. Anyone know why?

  • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/606137

    Another Kogan promo to stack with this deal
    $20 Kogan credit with min $100 spend (48 hours only)

    • Thanks!


  • Just received this. Significantly loud. Cannot properly listen/speak to the person sitting across me or watch anything on my computer comfortably. Anyone elses abruptly loud?

  • How do you differentiate the massager a percussion or a vibration?

    • Percussion leaves contact with your body between hits (has enough force for this), while vibration doesn’t.

  • no longer working for me, seems code has expired?

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