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Uncle Ben's Microwaveable Rice Varieties 6x250g Pouch $9 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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    $1.50 a pack is cheap!

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      cheapest when on special is $1.62 (50% off) …… good price if this part of your staple regular diet and you don’t live near a coles or woolies ….. aldi has similar product in coconut and lemon grass chilli for about $1.96 …… great with take away if you don’t like plain rice , and cheaper than take away rice.

      • im terrible at stove top rice so these are my go to!

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          I've found the Sistema microwave container for rice to be a lot easier than cooking it on the stovetop. It's slightly more work than these pouches but it's cheaper.

        • Why are you terrible? Just boil 4 cups of water, add 2 cups of rice, close the lid and keep boiling until all the water gets absorbed.

          • @bio: mine always ends up wet & gloopy with terrible texture. i think i play with it too much and it goes stodgy

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              @franco cozzo: Yes, you shouldn't touch it after adding the rice and make sure that all water has been absorbed/evaporated.

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              @franco cozzo: Get a rice cooker! Add rice, add water up to the first knuckle above the rice, lid on, set and forget.

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    hiyaaa uncle roger is not approving this one

    • But this rice does make good fried rice

    • +6

      No wok hei and no msg? Haiyaaaaa.

    • +2

      Who gives a crap if he doesn't. He can go hang out with his CCP buddies.

    • came in looking for Uncle roger comment, left satisfied

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    Good value for zero thought work lunch options

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    mexican brown rice is great in a burrito. just add some mexican beans, protein, coriander and presto instant filling.

    • +1

      nice, will try. i use the mexican brown / and smoky brown with beans as a side to my chilli con carne

    • +20

      Thanks for letting us know.

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    $6/kg … and that's half price

    • Convenience factor is a huge plus for me. Cooking rice on a stove is a pain in the butt.

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        Rice cooker…. always a rice cooker. Someone felt your pain in the butt and discovered the rice cooker for a reason.

        • +1

          yeh but more appliances and the bench and cupboards are already full of appliances!

        • and rice cooker still takes more time than this

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            @Freestyle: I cook a week worth of rice and just put in container somewhere. Take it out and reheat in microwave when I need it.

          • -1

            @Freestyle: Time is an ingredient to a good meal.

            • -1

              @ganymede: tastes the same for me, rice is rice unless you are making south asian cuisine

              • -1

                @Freestyle: If instant coffee taste the same to you as barista coffee then you are not missing anything by having microwave rice, carry on mate.

      • yeah one of these and a little can of tuna and maybe a little can of corn and that's lunch sorted. sure i could do something cheaper and healthier if i was more organised but the reality is i'm not and i just get mcdonalds.

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    Plain brown rice is $10.20 for six.
    Great for shrooms.

    • r/unclebens :)

    • +1

      Supermarket branded ones also work for uncle ben's tek.

      • Yep, I bought some other never-heard-of brand from Coles the other day for about $1.10 each. :) Not as wet as UBs either.

  • Does this need to be refrigerated?

    • nope shelf storage before the packet is open

  • I had quite a few packs of these when i was on my road trip last year. If i remember correctly Reject shop is selling at this price. They just don't have many variety.

  • Mexican style OOS

  • +6

    the lemongrass coconut flavour with some chilli tuna is great, my go to cheap lunch in lockdown and still not sick of it

    • +1

      second this, very solid combo

    • thanks will try

  • +6

    I'm going to buy 52 packets and send one to Spiderman every week.

    • +3

      make sure to get the flied rice

      • +1

        There's a pun in there and it's going to bug me until I get it.

  • -1

    This stuff tastes like play doh

    • +7

      It's probably time to stop eating Play-Doh.

    • +2

      No idea why you were negged for this.. Made me laugh.

  • +2

    Uncle Roger does not approve of microwave rice.

  • +1

    My mates uncle looks exactly like uncle ben and he loves to eat uncle Ben's rice too.

    • lol

    • What's his name? Ben? Hmmm…

      • No, his name is Dick McCain

  • Coconut Chilli & Lemongrass Rice OOS but got coconut…. handy when camping, cheers OP.

    • +1

      you open it and fry to heat up while camping? that's what I do.

      • Usually, but last time i just dropped it in the pot of hot water I had on the go for some pasta for my daughter and worked fine… less wash up :)

  • had to settle on the golden vegetable

  • I miss uncle Ben. Peter tried to save him but failed.

  • Good find, Tomato and Basil with the protein of your choice goes down a treat. I just ordered 36 packets :)

  • Uncle Roger told me this is shit.
    so I'd thrown away my pack and the only pack.


  • John 1 hour 13 min agonew said….
    "@Freestyle: I cook a week worth of rice and just put in container somewhere. Take it out and reheat in micro"
    Mate that's the best recipe for Salmonella poisoning I've heard of….do NOT keep Rice more than a day or so after it's been cooked.

    • If stored properly, rice can be kept in the fridge for several days (a week is certainly pushing it though)

  • You guys microwave rice? …..Hiyah!

  • I have a friend who 'cooks' these by leaving them on his dash in his car in the sun… very clever snack on the go.

  • -3

    Uncle Ben's picture will soon be removed from packaging of rice.

    The morally superior are out to save us all! Chicos, RedSkins, Coon, you're next Ben!

  • +1

    Racist company. Avoid lol

  • +1

    People grow magic mushrooms in this stuff. Google search uncle Benz reddit haha.

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