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Xiaomi Viomi Smart Kettle White $39.95 (RRP $99) + Shipping or Free Sydney C&C @ PC Byte


Was searching around for some kettles and found this. Price dropped again and same as previous

Stock available at all locations currently. Delivery charges to WA $9.95 and may vary. 1% PayPal surcharge also.

Currently only available in white at this price.
Black available for $59.95

I’m currently after black so haven’t bought one myself but hope this helps others!


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    Website states it's a "Back to School" item!

    Tommy's School supplies list
    5 X exercise books
    1 X ruler
    2 x HB pencils and sharpener
    1 X 1800w kettle

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      I can't start my day without a cup of coffee so maybe?

    • Edit: back to school reference has been removed from the listing!

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    Should also probably add in the description delivery cost ($9.90 for me in WA) and there's a 1% surcharge for using PayPal.

    • Done mate thx

  • Is the app in English?

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    "1800W high-power to heat up quickly, only takes 5 minutes to boil water."
    Err no thanks mate.

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      Have a look at the Kmart smart kettle. Little bit more expensive but it definitely doesn't take 5 mins to boil lol

      • I've got a Kmart schott glass kettle from 3 or 4 years ago, quick to boil.

        • I bought this from Kmart about a month ago and love it. Nothing better than saying "Hey Google - coffee" from my bed and having the kettle boiled and ready to go by the time I drag myself to the kitchen! :-)

          • @KangaDrew: Nice and convenient!

          • @KangaDrew: You can run Tasmota on it too.. for all the home automation ppl. well the other home automation person out there.

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    I impulse bought the smart Kogan kettle, instantly regretting that I would spend $40 on something like that. Turns out it's been one of my best lockdown buys - kettle on a minute or two before I leave the WFH desk, avoid waiting around in the kitchen.

    Kogan one has the benefit of being clear, so you can see from a fair way away how much water is left (when it turns on and lights up), not sure if this one is that obvious?

    • I’m interested in this one but saw that several reviews mentioned a chemical taste. Did you have anything like that?

      • It's boiled water? Not sure how bad it can break. I haven't noticed anything.

    • I've heard the lid is dodgy on the Kogan. Has that been your experience?

      • Not a big fan of the lid, but not many kettles that do it right. Not dodgy, just a pain that the main body of the lid gets hot, and the only bit that doesn't is the opening button. Annoying to close if it's still hot from using, then you filled it, then you want to close again.

        That might be a bit picky, but it obviously works fine.

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    The CCP has finally unleashed their secret weapon to eaves drop on the coveted coffee break gossip. GGWP.

  • Is it quiet?

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      It has to be so the CCP can create an algorithmic profile of your farts while you open the fridge.

    • I find it's quieter than my Breville kettle

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    This is no smart kettle. You cant set the water boiling temperature like what the advertised. Very good looking kettle but you can felt very cheap material used!

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      You cant set the water boiling temperature like what the advertised

      You can set temperature to keep warm not boiling temperature. "Boiling" means 100c

      I think all kettle with temperature control can only let you boil it to 100c and keep warm at the temperature you set.

      • -3

        No really. Kogan Smart Kettle can. Many other smart kettle brand can control the boiling temperature! Not necessary boil to 100…

  • I’m currently after black so haven’t bought one myself but hope this helps others!

    just paint it black, or red or rainbow

  • I'll call this kettle smart only if it can refill the water itself from the water tap and boil it from the app in one go.

    If I need to fill in the water myself, then it's half smart / half dumb (dependent which side you are looking at, half-full/half-empty analogy)

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