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Xiaomi Viomi Smart Kettle Black/White $39.95 (RRP $99) + Shipping or C&C @ PC Byte


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    Mine took close to three weeks to arrive

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    $9.95 shipping to Eastern suburbs of Melbourne

  • yeah there are a couple things there I want, but shipping charges is keeping me away. I think its free shipping over $250 or so..

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    Bought one of these before xmas. Really nice kettle! Note "smart" in this case means you can set the temperature and keep warm function through the app, but currently can not schedule or switch kettle ON through the app.

    • Are they looking to add this?

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        I'm guessing its in relation to safety or a magnetic mechanical switch for safety.
        Can't you set kettle to lowest temp and timer it to 100'C when you want to boil?

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      That makes it only a bit smarter than my Aldi kettle which can accomplish that through the press of physical buttons.

      Once Google can have my kettle boiled before I get out of bed, I will buy.

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        i used to set my kettle to a smart power socket and run it with routines.

        i put water into the electric kettle, press the lever/button to ON but turn off at the smart power socket.

        when the morning alarm goes off, it triggers the switch to go on and boils the kettle.

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          I have thought about doing just that, the irony is I was too lazy to get around to it!

        • Wow, you dont use snooze button on alarm .i do it multiple time (and my kettle gets confused..;-))

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            @DaveD: hahaha! i rarely snooze unless i'm certain I have nothing to do on the day and if its cold. Otherwise I get up.

            but I no longer use the kettle-routine setup due to a 'fancier' kettle i got from Groupon which it let me set the temperature 60-100 degrees. down-side is it doesn't have a dedicated off and on switch but an integrated one button.

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        I tell Google to turn on the Kogan smart kettle before I get out of bed. I'm sure that can probably be scheduled too but haven't really looked into it

        • I wouldn't use schedules since I don't have a consistent routine but that's interesting, I thought the Kogan kettle was another one which didn't support Google voice commands?

          • @Click_It: Well it definitely works with Google commands. Just on and off. Can't set the temp

            • @Sammyboy: On/Off is all I'd need. I'll keep an eye out. Mind sharing the model you got?

              • @Click_It: Kogan SmarterHome. Its been on sale a few times and listed on here. Think the cheapest was a crazy $29

                • @Sammyboy: Bargain thanks. I'll grab it if I see it near 29 again.

      • The $65 Anko smart kettle from Kmart can be controlled with Google home too

    • lol that's lame. My Kogan one can…

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    sorry but how is this a smart Kettle? because it shuts off automatically when it is fully boiling?

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      You can use an app to change some settings. I don’t see the point myself.

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    I bought the kettle last month because of its continuous water temperature feature. Upto 12 hours the water is warm at my desired temperature. I need it for baby formula prep.

    • What's the capacity? Doesn't seem to display anywhere on the website.

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        I think its 1.5L

        • Hmmmm… shame it's a tad too small then.

          Thanks OP.

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      That's a terrible waste of energy

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        They could have solar and a Tesla battery. What's with the assumptions?

        Let them be.

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          Lol, assuming doing something that 'wastes' energy, not saying whether or not this said action is a waste, using solar is not avoiding the 'waste' eg. the energy can be used more efficiently elsewhere

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            @plague69: Yeah, the wasted energy could be put back into the power lines so I can run my aircon that I can't afford to buy, install and use!

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      Does it come with an Aus plug? The photo shows an EU one.

  • Purchased, thanks! and a HS110 for ($22)

  • Is it made of plastic?

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      Its stainless steel but the bottom part with coil is plastic.

      • Does that mean the bottom of the inside is plastic so the water does contact plastic?

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          No the interior is full stainless steel

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    1800W. Kettles in Australia are usually at least 2200, so this one is slower.

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      Thanks, I'll give this one a miss then

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    Can you set the temperature outside of an app? Also, can anyone comment on how fast it boils?

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      Haven’t timed it but it boils faster than my old Sunbeam kettle, I’m happy with it.

      There are two buttons on the handle “Boil” and “Warm” you can program the temperature for the warm button in the app. You can also set it to heat up to that temperature or boil then cool down to that temperature.

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      No you cannot. You need to open the app each time you want to use for it to connect and use the temp settings you've set in the app. If you don't open the app it defaults to the default temp of 100 degrees. Kinda useless for the 50+ age group.

  • Black or White? I heard came with LED black looks better?

  • Generally kettles after some times start to collect some rust or spots at the bottom. Is this also likely to have the same or the material it is made of protects the surface, so that it never looks 'old' from inside?

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      It is normal for kettle just boil it with some lemon

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      The spots are impurities in the water supply, calcium, chlorine, copper - which bind to the iron in the steel base.

      Boil some lemon or white vinegar and the acid will dissolve the impurities. If it really bothers you, use filtered water

      • Thanks guys.

  • Can vouch for this kettle. It's smart and can heat to the temperature you set. No need to always boil the water now.

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    I’ve had a smart kettle for decades, just gotta shout, “hey wifey, make us a cuppa!”

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      You sure she's smart?
      Good one

      • -2

        You don’t want them too smart…

  • Is this au plug

  • Is there a water level display on this? The thing that irritates me about my Kitchen Aid kettle is that it's almost impossible to see the water level, but I can't see a window for water level on the Xiaomi… do you need to open the lid and peer in or does it display volume via. the OLED display (that would be "smart")?

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      Level indicator not visible from outside but can be seen inside.

      • Thanks for confirming BongoOB - was going to roll the dice, but that's the exact reason I'm hating my current kettle!

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    Use a thermos to keep your water warm throughout the day

    Total waste of energy this “keep temperature” feature. And nothing smart about this kettle.

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      Nothing smart about this comment. Completely missed the point of this kettle.


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        Nothing smart about this comment.
        Whoosh whoosh

  • This is great kettle. Total no brainer purchase.

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      If they’re in the same room with you, sure.

      But if they’re in the same room, you probably have other issues

  • I ordered this kettle from PC Byte on 29 November and it still has not arrived…

  • Considering getting this or the Amazon deal. What do you all think? Similar features (minus the app, which i dont really care for tbh).

    Both boil water right?

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    I got this Kettle from them. The temperature setting function never work. It always boiled to 100 degree Celsius does not matter what temperature in set with Xiami Home app. Very disappointed with this "Smart Kettle".

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      If you want to boil to the temperature you set it to in the app you need to hit the "Keep Warm Button" on the kettle. Hitting boil will, will boil the kettle to 100 degrees.

      • Hitting boil will, will boil the kettle to 100 degrees.

        100 degree is what "boil" means. :)

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      Just got my kettle and had the same issue, but me being me, I had a play with the settings in the Xiaomi Home app and found that the default settings is to cool down to set temperature, so it will boil to 100 degrees first and then cool down to the set temperature but you can select the option to warm up to set temperature.

      • I did tried both settings but problem remaining the same. Xiaomi suggest me to claim for warranty for it.

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