This was posted 11 months 11 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Everyday Rewards: 1 Free 'Bag for Good' Each Week for 4 Weeks @ Woolworths (5 Free Per Order @ Woolies Online, Activation Req'd)


For those that weren't targeted via email or through their Everyday Rewards app, you can activate the offer through this deal link.

Offer weeks run across the following listed dates (each, a designated week)

week 1: 16/02/21 - 21/02/21
week 2: 22/02/21 - 28/02/21
week 3: 01/03/21 - 07/03/21
week 4: 08/03/21 - 14/03/21.

Offer can be enjoyed once per week of the promotional period.

If a "Bag for Good" ever gets damaged, we’ll replace it for free no matter when you bought it from us. Simply bring your damaged bag to the Customer Service desk in any of our stores and we’ll swap it for a new one. We’ll even recycle your old one so it can keep doing good.

Get 5 Free 'Bags for Good' Per Order @ Woolworths Online

Some users have pointed out that they can get 5 Free 'Bags for Good' when shopping at Woolworths Online. I have tested this and it works! Just create an online account and link your Everyday Rewards card and then add 5 'Bags for Good' to a single online order. There is a limit of 5 per order but there is no cap on how many times this can be done.

Things to note:

  1. You need to use the Woolworths website as for some reason this does not work on the Woolworths app.
  2. There is a minimum $30 spend for click and collect orders.
  3. This will not work in-store. Only 1 bag will scan for free each week in-store.

Frequently asked questions:

I boosted through this deal link but it isn't showing up on my app. Am I still eligible for a free bag?

Yes, if you weren't originally targeted for the offer but have activated through this deal link, it will not show up in your Everyday Rewards app. The bag will still scan for free once your Everyday Rewards card is scanned.

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    *Offer runs from 00:01 AEDT 16/02/21 to 23:59 AEDT 14/03/21 while stock lasts. Offer is available at Woolworths supermarkets, Woolworths Metro and Woolworths Online only. Offer is not available at Caltex and Woolworths Metro co-branded stores. This offer is personal to you and will be available only on your Everyday Rewards Card. Registered Everyday Rewards members must boost their offer to participate in the promotion. To ensure your offer has been added to your Everyday Rewards Card, you must boost your offer at least 2 hours before shopping in-store or online. Any transactions you have made at Woolworths in the promotional period before boosting your offer will not qualify for a free Bag for good™. Offer weeks run across the following listed dates (each, a designated week) - week 1: 16/02/21-21/02/21, week 2: 22/02/21-28/02/21, week 3: 01/03/21-07/03/21, and week 4: 08/03/21-14/03/21. Offer can be enjoyed once per week of the promotional period. To enjoy your offer in-store, you must shop in-store, collect and scan a Bag for good™ and your Everyday Rewards Card before completing the transaction at the checkout. To enjoy your offer online at, you will need to add a Bag for good™ to your online order and ensure your registered Everyday Rewards Card number is added to your account prior to completing your order. See for full terms and conditions and delivery areas. For all Woolworths Online transactions, orders need to be delivered or picked up by 23:59 AEDT Sunday each week to qualify for a free Bag for good™. Only available while stocks last. In addition to the above terms and conditions, by participating in the Everyday Rewards program you agree to the Everyday Rewards Terms and Conditions at

    Campaign Code: CAT-4048

    • I boosted on Friday. Then today morning I scanned my rewards card at the self check-out. Nothing came up in my receipt about the bag.
      The attendant wasn't aware of this and said there is no deal going on :-(

      Its still showing in my rewards app - blinking green blob says ready to Shop.
      What did I do wrong?

      • Same here, I tried online too but it doesn't work. Anyone have any ideas?

      • So I think you're just supposed to scan the bag and then your rewards card and it cancels the price for you automatically.

        It won't be on the receipt like container credits etc.

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    this should get 700+ votes if that other post got 300-odd

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  • All good, cheers.

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    That’s a very smart promotion. It costs them next to nothing and they have free advertising.

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      I often bring coles bags into woolies and vice versa ;)

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        Once a Coles checkout dude packed my stuff in a Woolies bag. We both made big smiley faces.

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    Unfortunately, this boost offer isn't available to you.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Boosted.

  • Can one collect all 4? Or a total max of 1 only?

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      1 bag each week for 4 weeks , hmmmm let me crunch the numbers

      2 ;#+#()#282737$(!$!$?$([email protected]#-+::"!#)#+1881

      Yes the answer is 4

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        • +4

          4-20 green baggies

      • Thanks!

  • They'll probably run out of stock

  • Worked perfectly, cheers!

  • Extra T&Cs:

    Each week for 4 weeks when you shop in-store or online at Woolworths. Ends 14 March

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      Buy a slice of ham from the deli dept and you get your $2 bag.

      • +1

        Something cheaper than ham?

        • +7

          A single slice of ham will be pretty cheap!

          Otherwise a 15 cent plastic bag.

          • +1

            @No: Thanks, will look at the homeware isle for plastic bags

            • +10

              @ilovefullprice: Your local coles has a homeware isle? Thats pretty fancy, mine just has aisles, although having to use a boat to get to the different departments could get annoying.

        • +6

          One grape?

        • +3

          Try with the bag alone. Should work.

          • +9

            @JIMB0: Yep, bag alone worked for me just now at my local WW. 99c, then promo 99c off. "Pay now: $0.00". So it was free!

            • @z z: What bag one?

              • +1

                @ilovefullprice: The green 99c bags as pictured when you click on the offer URL. Is that what you are asking?

                • @z z: Oh ok thanks. Thought was referring to those plastic bags in previous comment chain here.

                  • +1

                    @ilovefullprice: No worries. I found the green bags in a multi-layered stack / shelf at my local WW's self check-out section. Enjoy!

        • LOL, you don't have to buy a slice of ham, grape or any … just buy that bag… it is free

  • doesn't seems work for me

    • +1

      Is’t for work me

      • Tis work for me

    • +1

      Check if you've entered your number correctly. I thought it wasn't working for me but then noticed a typo 😅

    • Try open in incognito mode and you'll get a pop up where you enter your rewards card no

    • +2

      Works for me with Brazilian VPN and giftcards

  • Worked for me , thanks OP.

  • +1

    I read that as. I get a free bag of goods.

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    Stupid A/B marketing crap. I got an offer for a few rewards points if I buy over-priced reusable fruit and veg baggies.

    I guess I'll shop at Aldi and Coles this month. I presume that was the intended outcome of the generous promotion.

    • They give those offers permanently, about 3-7 offers on a rotating schedule. Its a bonus when you need them, but otherwise I wouldnt look at it too much. Something like milk for example, it isnt like Dairy farmers is often on sale (excluding nearing expiry), but the points is a "bonus" 50c.

    • yep …hit em where it hurts and take your wallet elsewhere!
      thats what im doing

    • +3

      Dude as the promotion started today (being Tuesday) it’s not a full week. But it’s full 7 days for each of the other weeks.

      What’s with the caps?

  • Erg forgot to get mine earlier

  • +1

    Boosted, but doesn't show in the app.. Odds of actually working might be low.

    • Same here. Has anyone not targeted tested this yet?

    • +2

      Wasn't targeted, boosted here and it shows on the app

      • Same as @ckria here. Showed on app, was not targeted.

    • have you checked the "Ready to go" tab?

      • Yep, nothing there at all.. Oh well.

        • Just boost again and go to WW to check it out.

    • Not targeted, boosted with the link and doesn't show in the app too BUT successful to get it for free after i scan the card at checkout!

  • +5

    My tight OzBargain ass always refused to pay full price of $1, I guess that waiting will finally pay off!

  • +3

    Thanks got 1 today. 3 more to go.

    Also these "bags for good" have a lifetime warranty, you can go to a woolies and they will replace it for free if its damaged.

    • Just to be clear in the process, so you scan the bag and then your reward card to remove the pricing during checkout?

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      • +2

        Yes, even if the bag is the only item you scan. Did it today and got me a bag ;)

    • pro tip cut it in half and take each half in separately asking for it to be replaced.

      • +2

        They’ll ask you why you cut it and where’s the other half.

        • +1

          it ripped and I lost it.

      • what if you separated the handles as well?
        you and three mates could go in at the same time and claim a bag each?

  • Is it supposed to come up in my app after I've boosted?

    • Yes

  • Thanks linked worked \o/

    • link may have worked but did you get a free bag when you went shopping?

  • +5

    Just for anyone who's wondering what this, it's a green reusable shopping bag.

    • yes, it is a green reusable shopping bag

  • Boosted through the link, not visible on the app

  • +4

    I added 5 bags to my online order and went through as 0.00.

    • I had that too but when I checked out it updated to pricing all and didnt even get the one after that …

  • are you meant to take the bag to checkout and scan it and it comes up free?

  • Added this to my card, but on my Everyday Rewards app it’s showing up as Week 2. What happened to Week 1?

    Anyone seeing this too?

    • My showing as week 4…

      • Showing as week 4 for me too, starting from 08 Mar

        • +1

          I had starting with week 3.

          Worked for me.

          • +2

            @stoodamire: So you managed to grab one for free already despite the app showing week 3 for you? Aweesomee

            • @firestint: Yep, i tested first by doing a dummy order online and it came up as free.

    • Same getting week 2 , does that mean I can’t get a free bag in week 1?

    • Same here. Might have needed to boost by a certain time to be eligible for week 1. Still 3/4 free bags is not bad, a few of my existing non-woolies reusable bags are looking a bit sad

    • +1

      Doesn't matter. Mine shown as week 4 and I just got one w/o any problem.

  • When you click on the link if you don't get a pop up to enter your card number open in incognito and it will work then. That's how I got it to work for me

  • even easily lets you choose each of your cards, woolies have improved this process a lot.
    (I signed all my family up when they kicked this off with free fuel vouchers, but used same email address, so was never able to access any of the other cards.)
    Now I just have to remind my wife, daughter and mum to collect thier free bags :)

  • +1

    I've got an "old bag" I'd love to get rid of

  • +3

    Honest question, are these literally shopping bags? The high number of upvotes makes me feel like i am missing something?

    • +7

      Yes, it's literally just a $0.99 shopping bag that can be replaced in perpetuity if it becomes damaged or defective.

      • +3

        literally 100% savings - its an OzB wet dream! ;)

    • Well, you never miss something with freebies.

    • There's a $50 note in them, but shhh!

    • +2

      if something is free, even if it's worth a few cents, it's going to get more upvotes than something that is $20 off or $50 off, depending on the item. As a percentage discount, free is an infinitely bigger discount than $50 off. For the pendantic mathmaticians, not infinite but undefined.

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