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Singer 2.5l Stainless Steel Rice Cooker $36 + $12.99 Delivery ($0 VIC/WA C&C) @ Spotlight


This Singer rice cooker is notable for having a stainless steel inner pot with no coatings. I prefer this because there is no potentially harmful teflon coating that may flake off after years of use. It is also far cheaper than other rice cookers with a stainless steel pot. The 2.5L capacity is quite large.

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  • I was under the impression that Singer manufactured only Sewing Machines. Quite amused to see the rice cooker!! Looks like New York Based company is diversifying their portfolio!!!

  • 15 Cup…

  • Fuiyoh!

  • 2.5l is tiny, i don't think it can cook 15 cups of rice

  • The link takes me to a page which says it's $60. There is however a toaster at the bottom of the webpage which the site recommends, the price of which has been slashed to $36 from $60. Maybe a price error??

  • This is on sale as per this

    However sale price is not yet reflecting.. showing full price in cart..

  • I’m not a big fan of Teflon and don’t have a lot of it in my kitchen, compared to stainless and carbon steel. That said, in my opinion Teflon is a fine choice when it comes to rice cookers.

    Modern Teflon is very inert when solid. This is the main reason it’s so non-stick, it doesn’t want to react or bond with anything. While I wouldn’t recommend it, there’s no clear evidence that ingesting small amounts of Teflon flaking off a pan is harmful, it will just pass through the body without affecting you. The danger in Teflon is that when heated to high temperatures (above 300 C), it gives off gases that are toxic and carcinogenic. Those temperatures are far lower than the typical temperatures a rice cooker gets to. Simple rice cookers like this are designed around the fact that water can’t get hotter 100 C. The way they know the rice is done and automatically switch from cook mode to warming mode is simply by detecting if the pot is starting to get hotter than 100 C, meaning that the water has boiled away and the rice is cooked. This seems to me to be a very safe use of Teflon, far safer than using a Teflon pan on a high heat stove. The easier clean up makes it an appealing choice, and if you’re sensible with it, I’d expect it to last longer than most Teflon pans, though of course stainless steel wins in that regard.

  • For $3 more you get twice the capacity https://singerco.com.au/product/5-cup-rice-cooker/

  • I'm on my own so don't need a large rice cooker. Has anyone used the $13 one from Big W?

    • Have you tried your microwave's rice program?

    • In my experience, all cheap rice cookers are all pretty much the same and work fine. They boil the water which cooks the rice. The special thing they do is that they cut off as soon as the water is all gone so that the rice isn't over or under cooked. Old-fashioned rice cookers are extremely clever.

      In my opinion there are two limitations to cheap rice cookers.

      • The bowl is soft aluminium with a teflon coating. You need to very gentle to avoid to denting or scratching the bowl. Never use a metal spoon in the bowl and don't use a scourer to clean it.
      • The bowl has is formed with a folded lip which makes it hard to dry quickly. If water is trapped in the lip when you put it away in the cooker it leaks out and the cooker will eventually rust. I work around this by first drying it with a tea towel and then leaving it out in the air overnight to let the trapped water evaporate before putting it away in the cooker.
    • Big W or KMart rice cooker will be fine, they are both $13.
      We've used the KMart one every day for 2 years now, the bowl is starting to get a little tatty but it performs it's function well, wife will not let me buy a more expensive one because she likes this one.