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2000 Bonus Everyday Rewards Points When You Spend $150.00 @ Woolworths (Pick up, Direct to Boot and Online)


I noticed this in the current catalogue and on the Woolworths website. I believe 2000 points is worth $10.00

Must use POINTS at checkout to redeem the bonus points.

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  • Would this work when buying giftcards?

  • everyday rewards are absolute crap compared to flybuys..more or less given up on woolies

    • I would argue it is the other way.

      By scanning my EDR card, I automatically receive a digital receipt of the items I have purchased for every shop - no need for those wasteful paper receipts any more. Does FlyBuys offer something similar?

      Also, FlyBuys points collection take overnight or sometimes more than 24 hours for the record to be reflected on the app.
      EDR app is instantly updated as soon as you complete your payment. Even the bonus points earned show up on the activity log right away.

      So, in what ways is EDR inferior compared to FlyBuys?

      • my current bonus offers from flybuys:
        4x$50 shop=10000 points
        1x$50 shop=3000 points
        …thats 13,000 of bonus points offers just in the last week ($65) on just one card
        everyday rewards = 0 offers or maybe 50 points if i buy a multigrain bread over 3x cards at our household

        • Yes my Coles offers have been much better than Woolies. I just finished one for $30 spend for 3 weeks for 10,000 points - that is 55% off. Although usually it is between 20 and 30%. I would actually prefer to shop at Woolies as I have heaps on their GC.

  • Woolworths’ targeting promotions is very annoying - in my experience someone might get 10k points while I get 150.

    Some customers are more equal than others…

    I don’t shop Woolworths anymore just alone for that reason.

    • last survey they sent me i let them know what i thought about everyday rewards ….suggest you do the same!