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[UNiDAYS] Bose QC 35 II Headphones $251.10 + Shipping (Free with Club) @ Catch

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    does it matter who is the seller? are they all genuine headsets?

    e.g. Mobileciti on Catch: $309.00 Free Shipping. Sold by: Mobileciti (Official AU Store)

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      mobile Citi is legit for sure. They are AU retailer with AU stock and are on ozbargain

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    Any ways to get a valid .edu address for free?

    • I don't think so. This is a lot more secure than a simple 'gmail' or 'hotmail' email address.

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        I was thinking someone might know of a free online 'university' or tafe course I could enrol in just for the address. A while back people were enrolling with University of Tasmania just for free fitbits

        • Now that's a fair point. I don't know of any short courses, but that's an excellent idea 😂

  • Can anyone plz comment on its mic quality for calls?


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      Never been able to hear what I sound like at the other end…

      But I use mine for work and have taken calls exclusively on them for 3-4 years… nobody every complained..

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      I would only use the mic for emergencies. Or if I was using the headset listening to something on my phone and someone called me. Even then I would pause, disable the headset and revert to normal handheld. People have told me the mic quality is terrible so I would never use it professionally.

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      Been using it for calls and zoom meetings, the quality is amazing. The only problem is if you're on a train or in a loud environment, the headphones don't cut background noises.

  • This is an insane price - have they ever been cheaper?

  • Thanks op!

  • Cheers OP! Got one with my old edu email.

    • How old is the email? My old edu doesn't work. Unidays won't let me renew without proof ;(

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        I haven't done any study since 2015

        • Dang how do you manage to renew your access without proving a course. Mine doesn't work :(

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            @IamaCam: All they ask me was what I study and for how long and the account was renew for another 5 years. I'm using Charles Darwin Uni email if that make any difference.

  • Are these new headphones or refurbished?

    • Good question

    • Brand new

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    if you have HCF rewards, you can redeem Catch gift card for 8% off and don't forget cashrewards or shopback for an extra cashback

    • If you use gift card then cash back is not applicable.

  • I didnt know that ANC Off as default is not possible and this was requested 4 years ago!!!!!!!
    will be looking for a different brand now…

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