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[QLD] Bananas Cavendish $0.08/kg @ Bellas Fruit Market


not sure how long it will last. Still plenty when I left.

Location: Eight Miles Plains Shopping Centre, Brisbane, Qld

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Bellas Fruit Market
Bellas Fruit Market

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    Isn't that the guy that played Sherlock Holmes?

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    Damn, I would have bought them all and dehydrated them.

    • Damn, I would have also bought them all, hydrate some, eat some and compost the rest for super feed. They provide so much nutrition for plants and I think so many go to waste as they arnt the right shape >.>

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        I can relate to that…

  • So if you bought 250g worth it would be $0.02, which would then be rounded down as 'free'?

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      They sell it in the bucket and each bucket weight is 2kg I guess

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      do you really want our 2 cents on this?

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    Bne meetup?

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      I'm up for it. Next 8c sale!

  • Coles price match?

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    Upvote for Bellas

  • do they advertise their specials anywhere?

  • great find op

    just went up and grabbed some!

  • Are they going to set up raffle for this?

  • goodness me that's some cheap fruit and veg

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    Go bananas at Bella's.

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    Grab 2 bananas for 2 cents
    Pay cash to round down to free

  • Your receipt has some mysterious stains on it

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      All bananas should wear a condom

  • I expect plenty of monkeys for this deal.

  • Do they come already bent?

  • Rule 13: You should stop eating and start dehydrating bananas when they are sold at 8c/kg

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