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Fossil Garrett HR Gen 5 Smartwatch $150, $145.50 (eBay Plus), $135 (Afterpay), $132 (AfterPay, eBay Plus) @ Watch Station eBay


— Also potentially -10% using afterpay (use code PAPY10) or 12% ebay plus (use code PLUSAY12), Thanks to Richard pointing that out! (Not sure if seller accepts afterpay)—

Processor: Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Wear 3100

Memory: 1 GB RAM, 8GB Storage

Display: 3.2 cm AMOLED / 416 x 416 / 328ppi

46 MM full color display dial in stainless steel case with a thickness of 10 MM

Water resistant to 5 ATM: In general, suitable for short periods of exposure to water i.e washing hands or showering/bathing. Not suitable for recreational swimming, diving or snorkeling

Effortlessly charge your Smartwatch by placing it on the inductive charging magnet

No plugging or unplugging of cables required

Manufacturer Warranty-2 Years

Band Colour: Silver-Tone
Dial Size: 46 MM
Strap Width: 22 MM
Case Thickness: 10 MM
Water Resistant: 5 ATM
Only the red/blue face silver watch is this price.

Original Coupon Deal
Original Coupon Deal

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    • looks like seller doesnt accept afterpay.

      • Is this confirmed?

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          worked for me using GC.

      • +1

        Works using GC. Ends up as $125.4 after Swap gift cards through shopback and using code PLUSAY12. Not a bad deal at all!

        • +1

          What is the actual process? Card Frist then plusay12 or vice versa? Doesn't seem to work for me

          • +11


            1. Buy Swap gift cards from Shopback @ 5% cashback
            2. Swap the gift cards for eBay gift cards (you'll see the instructions when you click on "View Gift Card". You should receive the ebay gift cards almost instantly
            3. Add to Cart on eBay and go to Checkout
            4. Enter the gift card codes in the coupon section, right at the bottom. You will be able to add multiple GCs.
            5. Enter the promo code PLUSAY12
            6. Enjoy the watch ☺️

            Can confirm that this worked for me.

            • +1

              @agefreak: Not working for me. Seems like they have fixed the backdoor.

              Did upvote your reply anyway as it worked for you.

              • @xmchen: That's strange! I ordered it on my Desktop and not the app, if that helps.

                Here's a screen grab of my order details page

                • @agefreak: Tried mobile, app, and desktop..none worked…maybe just me..who knows

                  • +1

                    @xmchen: It didn't work on mobile app or Chrome, but it worked on desktop Edge for me. I didn't need to add gift card first.

                  • @xmchen: I had to delete my credit card to apply the code. finally got it working. Thanks

              • +1

                @xmchen: It still works, add item to cart but dont choose any payment options, just go to the bottom and add the code and giftcard and pay

            • @agefreak: Thank you. Just worked for me

            • @agefreak: Thanks, works for me. Only paid $125.4 after swap gift card.
              I just delete all the stored credit cards on eBay and it allowed me to apply the code.

              • @wrl24: Yep..
                Deleting credit card did the trick for me.

              • @wrl24: how was it costed u only $125.4? Would u mind breakdown the price cost pls?


                • +1

                  @Sunny10: As @agefreak mentioned. "Buy Swap gift cards from Shopback @ 5% cashback". Download the Shopback app and you can buy the Swap GC and then convert it to eBay GC.

            • +1

              @agefreak: Legend. Also used shopback's $2 cashback for buying gift cards. $123.4. Thanks Agefreak.

              • @pravinb: how was it costed u only $123.4? Would u mind breakdown the price cost pls? Also where is the $2 cashback?

                • @Sunny10: Here's the calculation

                  Price $150
                  -18 promo code PLUSAY12
                  -6.6 Swap Gift card (with 5% cashback) from shopback gift card portal. 5% of 132 is 6.6
                  -2 Spend $30 at shopback's gift card portal Get $2 bonus cashback (only yesterday. Closed now)


                  Hope this helps.

  • "182 available" should be enough right?

    • +2

      I don't think they'll fly off the shelves no.

      Fossil pricing these at $500 is pretty funny.. don't think this is going to compete with Apple Watch somehow

      • +1

        The competition is Samsung, not Apple.

        (for people who use Android, or Iphone users who want to look less nerdy.)

        • Yeah that's true, just saying $500 is up against some really nice competition and Fossil isn't exactly a premium name

      • …aaaand it's gone.

  • +4

    Just got this for $132 using the Afterpay 12% coupon. Paid using Suncorp Benefits eBay gift cards so $128.04 all up. Close enough to the other deal earlier today: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/605409

    I assumed no CR/SB since using code.

    • I still clicked through, hoping that someone misses a trick. Often happens the other way around anyways

  • how is the battery life on thesE?

    • +1

      1-2 days roughly, depends on how many features are enabled (1 if leave always on screen setting on, more like 2.5 if you enable extended battery saver mode)

  • Reviews are pretty bad for this model.

    user reviews(copy pasted from fossil website)
    1 star
    Liked the smart watch but was expecting more from the previous generation e.g fossil didn't fix the charging ring issue where it'll popped out for me it was exactly 2 months after ive gotten it.

    1 star
    I got this watch in Dec 19. It is complete garbage. Battery is useless, doesn't track sleep without downloading a sleep app on phone, as a fitness tracker it is terrible.

    • Seems to be more good reviews than bad on the Fossil website.

    • Reviews are pretty bad for this model.
      user reviews(copy pasted from fossil website)

      You seem to be fixating on the 1-star reviews.

      Having a look at the product page, there are 46 5-star reviews, 22 4-star reviews, 4 3-star reviews, 5 2-star reviews, and 12 1-star reviews.

      For balance, here are some other reviews:

      This has everything I need from a smart watch - mainly activity tracking (inc heart rate monitor). Google Pay works well, even when combined with my iPhone (I was nervous about this prior to purchasing). The battery life is reasonable, but if you have a large amount of alerts/notifications on your phone you will want to filter them so that your wrist isn't buzzing all the time and the battery lasts a whole day.
      Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend to a friend


      Great product. Battery lasts about 2 days. Totally customizable, from straps to faces. And, of course, has simplified life in regards to accessibility! Love it!


      I love the design. Initially I had hard time finding the wellness app which is required for sleep tracking. I guess it got automatically installed with the upgrades. Battery life is decent. I'm giving 4 stars as the water resistant level is not enough for swimming.


      I've been using it everyday, for the weather, my excersizing, schedules and even used it to pay at IKEA the other day! Highly recommended. I'm using it together with a Google Pixel 3A

      The reviews for the metal-strap version are even better, with an average of 4.2 stars.

    • That second review is bs with regards to sleep tracking. I got this watch yesterday and my sleep data showed up this morning in google fit no problem.

      Battery life still deciding but it looks like it will last at least a day

  • I can not select AfterPay as option to pay.

    • You don't (well, cannot) actually use AfterPay for this deal. The exploit involves using gift cards as a payment method while using the Afterpay coupon code.

      • oh, I did not know about workaround.

      • How does this work? Do you have to put the full $150 on as a gift card then enter the code? It doesn't let us enter the code beforehand unless they've realised the glitch and fixed it

        • +1

          You might have to ask Jace88 or agefreak for the process. I only know one way and that was to have a gift card balance attached to your ebay account. There might be be a workaround that doesn't involve having a partially spent gift card

  • Has new tech recently been announced? What's with all these 'smart'watch price-drops?

    • There's a fossil gen5e now. "now in a smaller
      size option: built-in speaker, multi-day battery modes,
      and heart rate and activity tracking"
      According to their website. Don't know the rrp thought.

      • Ah, cheers. Do any of them provide a pleasant user experience yet?
        Last time I dicked around with them they were like those old Chinese mp3 players, back before the iPod. Painfully slow and with difficult to navigate menu trees.

        • -1

          Got mine yesterday. Not quite as polished as Android for phones but still streets ahead of cheap Chinese smartwatches (I've tried a few)

      • It seems to lose the GPS though, kind of a sidegrade

        • Probably why they named it 5e and not a 6

    • +1

      Yeah some new tech in the way of the snapdragon 4100 series, but I don't think that by itself quite justifies this huge reduction, likely stock clearance for a new fossil model

    • +1

      There's concern that WearOS is dying out… but that's always been a concern. Maybe more so now that Google bought Fitbit. Shrug. At $130 though, I'm not fussed about trying this out.

  • How do you select Afterpay to put in the code? The box is greyed out even before I try to put in the code and pay with a gift card

  • This is a beautiful watch! If I don’t have an Apple Watch already I will be all over this

    • +4

      Easy, give away your Apple Watch. Please pm me.

  • +1

    easily ozbargains official smartwatch

  • Can anyone please recommend a smart watch that lasts 4-5 days without a charge ?
    I just don’t want to be charging each day

    • +2

      xiaomi range can. others, dont even dream of 3 days unless you turn off all the smart features

    • +1

      GSMArena got 4 days from their Galaxy Watch doing these activities, with Power Saving mode enabled for the last 12 hours.

      While it'd be nice to have days or weeks of battery life, I'm OK with the ~2 days I currently get as I have to charge my phone every night anyway, so I just pop my watch on the charger at the same time.

    • +1

      Galaxy watch lasts 5 days. Galaxy watch 3 less

    • +1

      Do you keep your watch on while sleeping?

      • Yes I’d love to keep it on while sleeping too (mostly because I have had issues with getting to sleep / getting a good nights rest / not getting up every 2 hours ((that could be concern over the little one too ))

    • ticwatch pro 3 :)

    • Fitbit Ionic / Versa 1/2/3 / Sense

    • Pebble was my goto for years but it finally died. Tried a cheap Xiaomi and it would last a fortnight but the screen was too small and low res for my old eyes. Fitbit Versa may be the happy medium between the Xiaomi and this.

    • Huawei GTs

  • These sell out fast. Better get in quick

  • +3
    • +1

      Emporio Armani looks better than the Fossil.

      • +1

        Yep, got that instead. Thanks OP and r98

        • +1

          You were one of nine to get the Emporio Armani. I agree, definitely looks a bit classier.

    • no need prime i think

      • Ah you're right. It's above the minimum price for free shipping

    • But it's $299 here?

      • +1

        It was $150, gone back up

  • +3

    For women. Fossil has this one for sale for $150.


    If you sign up to the newsletter you get 15% (took about 5 minutes for me to get the code by email). Came to $127.50. Not sure if the cashback will work with the code but it's at 5.6% for both Shopback and Cashrewards


    • +1

      thanks got this for the misso

  • Thanks for sharing. But to be honest, This is such a pretty pretty urgly watch. If it's the same specs, I would get Emporio Armani Mens Silver Men's Digital Watch 44 MM.

    • +1

      I was looking at this and debating whether I should cancel my red and blue watch for the Emporio Armani ART5010J.

      EDIT: Turns out the watches with Emporio Armani on sale for $150 are last gen (Gen 4) with the SD 2100. Unless I've misinterpreted.

  • geesus the process of buying giftcard on shopback (app only) and swapping it to ebay gc, are so annoying!
    cant they make it easier…
    also, the cashbacks are still in pending (from buying giftcard) is this normal ?
    dont forget there is a challenge to get $2 if you spend $30 on giftcard. 5 more hours

    • where's the challenge ?

    • Cashback make money by making the process of you redeeming difficult

  • Am not impressed with this phone. Not much improvement since the last time I tried Wear OS.

    Setup took multiple attempts for no obvious reason.
    Voice calls not working over wifi - seems to need bluetooth, so cannot wander far from the phone.
    Trying to change watch face is very painful, as you need to go deep down into a menu to browse, then it crashes back to the home screen.
    So buggy and annoying. I'll be sending mine back.

    anyone else got this working?

    • what… wish you posted way earlier dude… just clicking buy button 5 mins ago

      • It is subjective. But Wear OS just feels so clunky compared to Apple or Samsung.
        Why can't Google polish it a bit, the way they have Android?
        Samsung used to be Android Wear, but they gave up waiting for Google, and did their own software.

        That said, it does do the basics: fitness, notifications, and tell the time. And for $120, I should not complain. If you want WearOS, this is the watch to try.
        Not Fossils's fault, but Google's. I was hoping it had improved.

        Am only sending it back because I think I still prefer my old Samsung. If I had no other smart-watch, it would do.

        • I'm just buying this for fun to play with since I recently got a new Android phone… but I've owned two Apple Watches already and whilst the design isn't anything exciting now, I do admit the day to day usability of it has been pretty seamless.

    • +2

      Voice calls not working over wifi - seems to need bluetooth, so cannot wander far from the phone.

      It's not meant to work over wifi. What made you assume it would?

      • What makes you assume I assumed? I tested it and found it lacking

        It is a very useful feature on the Apple watch. You can leave the phone at the desk, and still receive calls around the home or office, as long as there is wifi.

        It would just need software to make it work on the Fossil, no? Surely Apple is not the only one.

        • Yeah In that case, apple win.

          • @ChiMot: Except Apple Watch only works on iPhone :-(

        • What makes you assume I assumed? I tested it and found it lacking

          Hmm? Because you did. I was specifically talking about voice calls over wifi. It is not meant to work over wifi on any Android Wear watch - you just assumed it did.

          It would just need software to make it work on the Fossil, no?

          Sure, it's purely a software feature as it uses your telco's wifi calling feature.

          Surely Apple is not the only one.

          Samsung watches can do it too. I've never tried it though, as my phone is always within Bluetooth range.

          • @eug:

            uses your telco's wifi calling feature.

            Nope, it uses wifi to the phone, and LTE from there. (My telco has no vo-wifi or volte.)
            Does have to be on the same LAN though.

            Samsung watches can do it too

            Good to know, thanks. I have the older model without speaker though.

            • @bargaino:

              Nope, it uses wifi to the phone, and LTE from there. (My telco has no vo-wifi or volte.)

              OK, looks like Apple's support page is incorrect then. 🤷‍♂️

              • @eug: Nope again.
                That is a quite separate feature.

                It sounds like you are going out of your way to pick an argument. Surely you could see if you try that they are two different methods of a watch connecting to the phone network?

                But again, nice to know about, thanks! I'll have to check if that works in Australia.

                • @bargaino:

                  It sounds like you are going out of your way to pick an argument.

                  Hmm? No, I genuinely thought their support page was incorrect. It wouldn't be the first time a support page is out of date or incorrect.

                  • @eug: Ok, sorry.
                    Yes, the Apple support pages are variable in quality.

                    Have you had your phone set to a supported language (UK/US english)? It makes a huge difference.
                    I'm finding GA on watch buggy compared to on the phone, but Bixby and Siri have problems too.

    • Your experience is different from mine. Can't comment on the Voice over wifi as I can't use it but I had no troubles setting up or changing watchfaces

      • Thanks. I did figure out the easier way to change watch faces. Was going via "setup" before.

        To clarify not "Voice over wifi" in the technical mobile phone sense, but wifi between phone and watch.

    • Trying to change watch face is very painful, as you need to go deep down into a menu to browse, then it crashes back to the home screen.
      I haven't had any crashes, but you have two options:

      1. Hold the watch face from the unlocked watch. Then choose your face from the favourites, or, dig deeper as you say in the menu
      2. Use the WearOS app on your phone to do the same. Easy and fast.

      Which part is it crashing on?

      Setup took multiple attempts for no obvious reason.
      Didn't experience that, but I hate that you can't skip the tutorial

      The only bugs I've found are the ones to do with Google Assistant, which are incredibly frustrating - doesn't initiate calls or messages from voice due to a permissions bug, and I can't use Google Assistant on my watch to control my "smart" things around the house. Just brings up a web search instead.

      Otherwise, I'm pretty happy with it as an upgrade to the Vapor 2, which was $99 and an experiment.

      This watch is streets ahead with everything (except OS level bugs, apparently)

  • Omg sold out… were 182 available,

    • I missed out when this same deal was posted a few weeks back but clicked on 'notify me when back in stock'. Got the notification and purchased before I saw it posted on OzB

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