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Wavlink Universal USB-C/USB 3.0 Ultra 5K Laptop Dock w/ 4K Dual Video Outputs $134.14 (Was $229) Delivered @ Wavlink Amazon AU


Wavlink docking station, model: WLA-69DK1, release date: July 2018.
Cheapest I've seen it.

In the Box:
1x USB-C Universal Docking station
1x USB3.0 C to C Cable
1x User Manual
1x DC20V/5A Power Adapter (AU compatible according to the site)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Almost bought till I saw the picture stating no macos support :(


    Amazon reviews aren't good


    This docking station is not compatible with the graphics card on notebook PC (NVIDIA GeForce).

    How does this work?

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      It uses its own crappy graphics chip, basically a USB-based eGPU. Stay far far away.

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    Requires DisplayLink Graphics driver to be installed

    Stay away… far away from this!

    This technology compresses the video data on the host side, sends it over a USB 3.1 connection as generic data, and reconverts it to video on the other end using a special chip like the DL-6950. Conceptually it’s like a remote desktop connection for sharing your work computer’s screen when you’re logged in from home, except everything happens locally on your desktop.

    DisplayLink is nice for squeezing high-resolution video over a lower-bandwidth connection like USB, or for supporting multiple high-res external monitors without Thunderbolt. But if you have any alternative, I think DisplayLink is best avoided. Here are some disadvantages:

    • Host-side driver software is required. Driver availability and compatibility for Mac/Linux is spotty to non-existent. This is why some USB-C hubs are advertised as not Mac-compatible.

    • The driver software can slow your computer. It implements a virtual graphics card performing on-the-fly compression of video data, which adds some CPU overhead.

    • When the computer is very busy or there’s a lot of other USB traffic, video artifacts will appear. You’ll see pixelation, stuttering, frame dropouts, and other problems. This is why some USB-C hubs are advertised as “not for gaming use”.



    It seems weird that the dock comes with a 100W power supply, but does not power the laptop.
    Anyhow, the power delivery included model (the one with two USB-C ports on the font) comes with the same huge power brick, but also provides up to 60W via PD for the laptop as well as power for other connected devices such as phones.
    The DisplayLink feature is useful for the Chromebook Duet though, as that seems to be the only way for that chromebook to output to FHD, QHD and multiple monitors at 60Hz while charging it.


    Whats a good alternative

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      See my above link. In short pick one that supports DisplayPort 1.4, but both your laptop and monitor will also need to support this standard.


        A link to an actual product would be good. Last time I checked the devices you're talking about were 3x the price, 5x the trouble, and only required if you intend to game.

        I went from using expensive devices for CAD and Solidworks to using the much cheaper and more compatible versions, like the Wavlink. To date, I've never had an issue at all - works seamlessly.


    If your USB-C port doesn't have the lightning bolt with the arrow head icon, or a DP icon, this dock is for you. Otherwise, it's a waste unless you want to connect more screens than your PC/laptop can drive from the internal graphics chip (and you have a spare USB-C port). Either way, it feels a little pricey.