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Join Qantas Health Insurance for up to 140,000 Qantas Points, and Stack 6,000 Extra Points as Well @ Qantas Insurance


So Qantas Health insurance has been around for a few years now (disclaimer, I worked on the original project, but am no longer associated). If you’re a points collector, it’s a great way to get points with sign up bonuses, combining different insurance (Life, travel, house) and earning points on premiums and with the Wellbeing app.

Not only does Qantas Health Insurance offer great cover that can be tailored to suit your needs – and your pocket, it’s the only health insurance that comes with Qantas Points.

Every person should do their research and determine what company is best for them, but when I looked, for me I could pay $8 less elsewhere, but get zero points, and for me that made the difference.

Sign up by 4 April and earn up to 140,000 points* for joining. Plus, skip the 2 & 6 month waiting periods~ on Extras when you purchase combined Hospital and Extras cover, so you can start enjoying the benefits straight away:
– Up to 75% back on Extras with any provider (up to your annual limit);^
– Unlimited preventative dental on all Extras products; plus
– No hospital excess for kids covered under the policy.

All policies earn Qantas Points, to earn the maximum points, you must purchase Gold Hospital and Top Extras cover for a Couple, Single Parent or Family. Both offers are not available to customers with an existing health insurance policy issued by, or on behalf of nib.*~

And right now, you can take the Qantas Insurance Switching Assistant questionnaire for 1,000 bonus points too.

For more details on this, as well as other ways to earn Qantas Points, check out our post on it at Beat That Flight.

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5000 points for referrer and referee on select products. Details

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  • where is the link to use a referral code for another 5,000 pts?

  • Just an FYI. Taken from online application

    You’re not eligible for sign on Qantas Points when you have held a health insurance policy with Qantas, nib, AAMI, Apia, GU Health or Suncorp at any time in the last 6 months. This includes existing Qantas Health Insurance customers purchasing an additional policy

    • Strange not eligible when you hold a policy with other providers

      • nib underwrites the Qantas Insurance policies, so they won't want them thieving customers. Not sure on the others tho, maybe linked for the life/travel insurance?

        • NIB underwrites Qantas, AAMI, APIA, GU and Suncorp health insurance. So by changing from nib to any of those, you are technically still with NIB.

          • @lurch83: The person in charge of this kind of partnership at Qantas used to work at Suncorp who owns all those other brands. Except GU which NIB bought out.

  • Thinking there should be a cleaning out of those referral links. Last time I applied and added a randomised referral link. Qantas said it came back with a error and refuse to award me the extra 5k.

    • These happen automatically one year after entry I believe? At least I have to enter my referalls annually

      • Yes at least, in the case of the health insurance referral codes it's currently set to 180 day expiry.

    • Same thing happened to me, but I called rather than applied online, so I was able to give them another referral code straightaway (click on 'random' next to Health Insurance referral links).

    • I claimed the 5k at the start of last year but when I tried again in December (having cancelled for 6 months) they said you're only allowed to be referred once ever.

  • On the mobile right now so a bit hard to check, when are the points given?

  • This is a much better to what I previously signed up for.

  • Just remember when signing up that Qantas Health is fully underwritten by NIB health funds, and they have a reputation in the industry for being one of the lowest paying health funds when you actually need to go to hospital. The QF products are essentially just NIB products that are re branded. Customers tend to have much higher out of pocket costs.


    • Well you seem to know your stuff. Any recommendations for Health insurance? I know if you go on to a compare website I leave out "do you currently have " because they won't direct you to one you have (no commissions) already.

    • +1

      I moved from NIB to Medibank to Non profit GMHBA.

      NIB is worst and Medibank has amazing mobile app and get80% extras off without any sublimits.

      Went with GMHBA for AIA vitality

      • Regarding Medibank when you get 80% back for extras is that for all claims till you reach the limit or as I had with BUPA where they limit the 80% to a set number of appointments and then it drops.

        • I had $1500 combined limit and you get 80% back until you use up all $1500. In addition you get $300 separate optical limit and 2 free visits to the dentist. Only orthodontics have a lifetime limit but you can use the whole $1500 for it. You can also use any service provider except dentist for the second visit.

          There are no sub limits or set number of appointments.

    • Obviously everyone is different, but every quarter that I've been with Qantas Health insurance, I've claimed back more than I've paid. But I've needed a lot of physio and stuff :/

      • Their extras is not bad, but I was referring to hospital admission costs. You might claim more back in your physio but be prepared for large gap bills if you need to go to hospital. And then your excess on top of those gap bills.

  • Couldn't find the "skip the 2 & 6 month waiting periods" on the website anywhere. Can anyone point me to that?

  • i have been on the qantas lowest cover from day 0 to day 57 and upgraded to top on day 58, i can confirm i received 120k points

    leeroys_dad here

    also you have a 30 day cooling off period to roll back an upgrade so you can wait until after getting the bonus points and then roll it back.

  • If you already have insurance with other provider with government rebates. Can you join this one and apply the rebate?

  • Am keen to join via a referral but am concerned there are invalid referrals on the random number generator. If anyone has a valid referral, please pm thanks!