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Tenda Nova MW3 Mesh Wi-Fi 2 Pack $67.14 Delivered @ Harris Technology via Amazon AU


Good price for the 2 pack which is a good size for an apartment

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  • Just be aware this model has security concerns
    Can only set to TKIP and not AES which can be easily hacked


  • Is this like an access point for a router or is this made as a router it's self.

    • Tenda Nova MW3 is a router itself. It can be used as an access point if your prefer.

      • So….can this be used in addition to the existing wifi network that doesn't quite cover the house? Or do you basically turn off the wifi on the modem?

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          Turn off the modems Wi-Fi or remove the modem. Check that your ISP doesn't require the router to support VLAN 802.1q.

          FTTN & FTTB = VDSL2 modem/router AIO or VDSL2 modem + Tenda Nova MW3 Router.
          FTTP & HFC = NBN NTD + Tenda Nova MW3 Router.
          FTTC = NBN NCD + Tenda Nova MW3 Router.

        • You can run it in bridge mode to extend your wifi, but would need to use a separate SSID so wont work like a mesh with the old router (so you may as well just turn off your wifi on your main router).
          I have mine connected to the router in bridge mode with the main routers wifi off (effectively using it as a switch as i have ethernet running to PC's, TV etc). Helped fill in some blackspots for rooms that didn't have ethernet.

    • Very basic router, does not have any advanced settings but perfect for a basic home setup to extend your range and internet browsing etc. Mine has been flawless. Just note that it only has a 100 megabit Ethernet connection so if you are connecting the second port directly to your PC, or you have >NBN100 it will limit your speed. Wireless to wireless can be quicker.

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    a good size for an apartment

    That depends on the size and configuration of your apartment.