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[Afterpay] Dyson V10 Motorhead - $629.10 ($615.12 eBay Plus) Delivered @ Dyson eBay


Can't see this on the Dyson website. Can't find it cheaper elsewhere at the moment. eBay Plus members can get an extra 3% off using PLUS3P, bringing it down to $678.03.

EDIT- credit to RogueWolf: Afterpay code PAPY10 / PLUSAY12 brings it down to $629.10 / $615.12

Original Coupon Deal

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  • Does this come with the free Dok?

    • nope. bonus dok deals seem to be rare these days. I was lucky enough to score one with my V10 Animal back in late 2019. I think currently they are only offering the bonus dok with the V11.

      • It was offered earlier this week on the v10 absolute+ on the Dyson website for $899, but was only available for about an hour before selling out.

        • Yeah these offers don’t last long.

  • Still waiting for the Miele C3 to be on special, been ages.

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    afterpay $629/$615 - code

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      Thanks mate! Added to the original post

  • I still never know whether this is worth it, or whether I should hold out for the absolute for more attachments?

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      For reference: v10 Absolute+ (8 attachments vs 3 for Motorhead) was only sale during Click Frenzy for $649.

      • That was seemingly an error that was only open for 30 minutes - I should know, I missed out - so unfortunately this is hardly a recent example to be looking at as only a few people really got that price honoured.

        v10 absolute+ with a free dok was also available earlier this week for $899.

        Wondering if it's better off buying the v10 motorhead for $699 and a dok for $199 (for the 5 extra attachments too) or holding out for the absolute+ to go down again.

        Edit: just calculated that the individual attachments in the v10 dok come to $145, but they are selling it for $199. Therefore the dok/stand itself is $54 of that. Might be better off buying the attachments I actually want from that (3 of them) separately and buying a third party stand off ebay/amazon for $40. Considering the dok itself is ugly, this might be preferable.

        • "That was seemingly an error that was only open for 30 minutes" Isn't that because it's a frenzy? Last LiMaa monitor deal I tried lasted 8 minutes before it was Ozbargained.

          • @freesteakknives: Some people who placed an order at that price did not have it honoured, so that’s why I assumed it was an error. If it was an actual frenzy, they would have cut it out once the limits were out.

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      We use the soft roller, carpet roller and narrow nozzle. They are important and the rest is useless imho. We even have more attachments than normal due to a bonus offer. We don't do the car often but again the same attachments do well enough.

      • I really want the extension hose to get into those awkward spots. And also the mattress nozzle as I have dust mite allergies

  • finally, ive been looking at this for 2months now.. was going to bite the bullet at $699, just saved $80.. there is a santa.

  • Newbie to the V10 … What's the main difference with the Absolute vs Motor head (attachments??)

    I've got a V6 Absolute and was wondering are the attachments interchangeable with the V10??

    • I've got a V6 Absolute and was wondering are the attachments interchangeable with the V10??

      No their not interchangeable.

  • How the heck are you supposed to get the price down to $629.10?

    Price on Dyson Ebay for the Dyson v10 motorhead is $899.
    Using code Papy10 gives 10 % discount bring it down to $809.10. I can’t seem buy it for anywhere near $600. Have v7 wanted try v10

    No where near claimed price of $629.10.

    What am I missing ? Thanks.

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      It was listed at $699 for a few days. The deal has expired.

      • Thanks clearing that up. Bummer. Too late

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