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[Pre Order] Arctic Liquid Freezer II 360 AIO Liquid CPU Cooler $189 + Shipping (~ $15 to Syd) @ PC Case Gear


Hi guys - this is a PREORDER for 5th March (couple of weeks as of this post) - not sure if im breaking rules here but seems akin to the Epic Game deals - notify now for receiving later…

Ive seen this described as one of the BEST AIO liquid coolers, though some reports around AM4 mounting issues, though seems there is a way to manage but buyer beware.

Camelcamelcamel shows this reached an all-time low of $203.66 at amazon (https://au.camelcamelcamel.com/product/B07XT8X6J7) in the past. Otherwise ~$260-270 normally .

Shipping to syd was $15 so total is $204, matching Amazon's lowest price. Also around the same price as the recent iCUE 150i (360mm) deal - which led me to this AIO cooler.

Hopefully useful for someone out there!

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  • Finally! Great value, though comparatively, we don't seem to be getting the bargain that this is typically reviewed to be.
    Meanwhile, the "expensive" EK AIOs are really good value here.

  • +1

    no 240 :(

  • do they have the 280mm? their search isnt showing any liquid freezers

    edit: they are selling the fans as well

    sucks that they dont do pickups anymore, their shipping is pricey and should be free atleast over a certain purchase amount

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Good to see these finally officially in Aus.

    The 420 is an absolute monster - $209 isnt bad at all:


    The 280 is here for $159, again a bargain:


  • thanks OP had my eye on this for a long time but os shipping for the same price of the cooler itself killed it glad they are finally in aus ordered the 420mm one :)

    • cancelled the 420mm one and ordered the 280mm according to a gamers nexus youtube review after the 280mm one its diminishing returns only 2c difference under full load between the 420mm and 280mm at only around 100rpm more and the 360mm was basically exactly the same as the 420mm
      13 minutes in is where the normaized db thermal comparison test starts and 16:20 where the full fan speed thermal comparison test starts