Business nbn 100/40 $89/Month for 6 Months (Was $109/Month) (New Customers Only) @ Aussie Broadband


From an Aussie BB Facebook ad.

Please note: your promo code fast20 will be applied automatically on the final step of the signup process.

Offer ends 31/07/2021 at 11:59pm. 100/40Mbps plan has a busy hour speed of 99Mbps. Busy hour speeds (9am-5pm) are based on the ACCC Measuring Broadband Australia Report, valid as of Dec 2020. Promotional monthly cost $89 per month for 6 months. Post-promotional period cost is $109 per month. Promotional discount reflected in monthly invoice. Available for new customers only.

For full promotional Terms and Conditions, please click here.

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  • What about existing customers :(

  • God these 6 month promos are excruciating. I don't want to have to churn every six months…

    • There‚Äôs not really much in it tbh.. already swapped from ABB to super loop, just keep on top of it

      • It's much more of a hassle if you've got a Static IP, or need to port your number etc. i.e. those most likely to be on a Business plan.

  • Existing non business customer?

  • Been paying 89 with telstra for 100/40 for 4 years now how is this a deal

    • For personal use or business nbn?

    • I believe you get what you pay for, and this includes this deal that I've been on since NBN was available in my area a few years ago. I didn't have much faith when signing up, but they've been fantastic. I typically get at least 95Mbps on usenet. Admittedly, only 20Mbps upload, so not a real comparison, but might be useful for those not needing the extra 20Mbps.

      • How can you say that RangaWai when existing aussieBB customers are asked to pay $109 whereby new signups are asked to pay $89 for the first 6 months? ie there are 2 different prices for same product.

        • How can I say what?

          • @RangaWal: You get what you pay for.

            • @roddy84: Ahh, I think I now I understand. It's frustrating when new customers get better deals than long-term loyal customers, happens all the time unfortunately with many companies. I guess they're trying to attract new business, and can't afford it to be a permanent price.

              • @RangaWal: Yeah, I'm not a fan of these deals which ignore the loyal customer base and reward new sign ups.

                I've been with ABB for years and in November had to downgrade my 100/40 plan because I didn't want to pay the increased price to $109 now I see new signups are getting for $89 for 6 months. Makes me wonder why I don't churn away for awhile or maybe for good.

    • Is this pricing still available? Do I get a discount from Telstra if I have 3 other mobile services?

      • I've been on Telstra HFC on and off since the 90s, and they're now proposing to downgrade me from 100+Mbps to 50Mbps… I guess that'll be the end of the road for me :(

        • Are you transferring to NBN HFC?

        • Yes there is no point remaining with Telstra any longer on nbn - I have moved 10+ family and friends from Telstra HFC to other nbn providers when they were eventually forced to switch to nbn just prior to the 18 month network disconnection dates from when nbn became available.

          Also heads up given you've been a customer for so long you may actually still utilise your / / email address/es. These are tied to your Telstra broadband plan, however you can actually retain them for free for the first 12 months iafter you cancel your broadband plan, and at a cost of $79/year thereafter if still required. The service is called Telstra Mail and you must specifically request it when cancelling your broadband service. Refer to here and here.

          • @pavlos: Thanks for the tip… happily I don't use ISP email addresses, but I'm sure it will help someone else. My disconnection date isn't until October, but with all the dramas we've had to date, I have no plans to leave it until the last minute.

  • this is better than the residential 100/40 plan as it includes static ip address if that is important to anyone

    • In my years with ABB, and with speaking with their reps, your IP will be pretty solid regardless of whether you're paying for a static IP.

      My IP didn't change in 3 years until I moved house, despite numerous periods being disconnected (including long power outages), NBN maintenance, etc.

      When I moved house and it did change, it took me less than 5 mins to update the associated DNS record.

  • Is this deal still valid?

  • So new and existing customers get the discount for residential, but not business? Considering seeing if I can switch to resi.

    • You can change from business to resi and vice versa.

      New business accounts = discount.

      New resi and existing accounts = discount.