This was posted 1 year 2 months 25 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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RENPHO Massage Gun $149.99 Delivered @ AC Green via Amazon AU


Found a massager, now there is a $10 discount coupon

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Definitely was cheaper like last week

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    Found a massager

    But you're associated?

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      They found it on Alibaba while looking for things to resell.

  • Mine was $99 delivered from amazon

  • OP, Could you do a $10 discount coupon on these Renpho Digital Scales?

  • Had a similar looking one to this and the G3 I got off the Kogan deal is so much better

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    I got what appears to be an identical massage gun from AliExpress for $50 delivered, no deal.

    • Link?

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          What rubbish is this? How can you compare Renpho to a cheap one? And not fair to neg this deal.

          I personally have one of these and i absolutely love it. Wanting to buy 2 more for my parents and in-laws too..

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            @krish955: In all likelihood both products are from the same factory and are identical, one with branding which you pay for, and the other without. I've got the non branded from aliexpress and it works a treat. So I'd be inclined to agree with Jay.

            • @Kibbelhs: Based on?

              • @lk0811: How the industry works. Which is why I used the words in all likelihood. I could be wrong however.

    • same. got mine for around 60 delivered. theyve gone up a bit but not as high as this deal.

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      can't compare. that's a generic chinese massager vs a renpho (a less generic, more premium chinese massager)

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        i thought renpho was a no-name chinese brand, never heard of them.

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        Haha if you think renpho aren't just using generic Chinese models rebaged I have a bridge I'd like to sell you.

        • sure bud but i'd take the renpho over that $60 POS any day

        • What an ignorance, atleast Renpho has an Australia website, and comes with Australian warranty.. And Renpho is renowned for massage products, and this product has 4.5 star reviews with more than 3500 reviews on Amazon.

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    $150 is laughable

    Get the g3 off kogan for not much more.

    • Correct. $75 more and you will not regret

      • I was tempted but it's only got a 12 month warranty.
        That's crazy for a premium product.
        I think the Pro only has a 2 year warranty as well.
        If Theraguns had proper warranties that showed the suppliers backed their product id grab one for sure.

        • But if we are buying from Kogan, can't we claim ACL and thus not limited to 12mths?

          • @Zippy7: I really think we could claim 2 years through the ACL, the G3 has 2 year warranty in the UK/US so I think it's a strong case to argue it should be 2 years here too.

    • I had both. G3 is quite loud and bit heavy. I prefer Renpho tbh.

      • cant be…. discrete ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    I have this renpho and it's extremely good quality.

    I did my lower back the other week lifting a 48kg Hobie kayak. I used this massage gun and a posture pole and it fixed it in 25 minutes.
    Anyone else would be off to a chiropractor and out of action for 2 days.

    Don't listen to the trolls above, these are a very very good massage gun.

    I think I paid $119 for mine. I'd buy it again too!

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