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[NSW, VIC, SA] Voss Sparkling Water Lime & Mint Flavour 375ml (Box of 12, Short Dated) $6 @ NQR


Best Before 28 February 2021 on the box I bought

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  • Glass bottles?

    • Would like to know as well.

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      Yes indeed :)

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        Username checks out.

  • tastes crap, but great buy just for the bottles

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      buy the glass bottles for recycling?

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      Glass bottle the only reason I buy Voss tbh

      • Do you buy more than one though?

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    Unless you need the glass bottles, skip this deal.

    I bought 12 bottles of the lime and mint variety in one of the Amazon deals late last year. Instant regret at first sip. It's got a horrible chemical aftertaste. The contents of all 12 bottles went down the sink and I probably wasted 100L of water washing-out the bottles to remove the smell.

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      Thanks for the warning. 'Chemical aftertaste' is definitely not what you want from your fancy water

    • Yep, gotta get rid of that expired dihydrogen monoxide chemical aftertaste.

      • dihydrogen monoxide does not create the chemical funk. It's what's added to the dihydrogen monoxide to make it "minty" is the problem.

  • I bought some Lime & Mint last year - and poured it down the sink after one mouthful.

  • Are we able to buy just 1 bottle to try it, before buying the rest of the carton?

  • If you're just after a glass bottle, better get this deal; https://shop.coles.com.au/a/national/product/ikina-glass-bot...

    Dont buy water from the other side of earth just for the container it comes in.

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      I think people see it as buying a nice looking glass bottle with free water when it comes to Voss.

    • ….if the bottle is already in Australia and it's the difference between buying the product and sending it to landfill?

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