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[Switch] Zelda Link's Awakening, Pokemon Shield, Paper Mario: The Origami King $48ea Delivered @ Amazon AU / Harvey Norman


Amazon have price matched Harvey Norman with a few Switch games;

Harvey Norman Links:

Mod Update 4th March: Pokemon Shield back in stock at Amazon

Update 12th March: The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening is back in stock at Amazon

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    Link's Awakening is $48 too

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    Cadence of Hyrule only $38


    Very fun game

  • No deals on Sword?

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      nah, it just doesn't cut it

    • Is there any specific reason to get Sword over the Shield?

      • They are largely the same, the main difference is there are some pokemon you can only catch in one version and not the other - most importantly the legendary pokemon pictured on the covers. You also encounter some different gym leaders IIRC.

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      Amazon have matched skyrim

    • Is it good on Switch?

      • Runs and looks better than expected on switch

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          Bought! If I don‘t like it then I’ll sell it.

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    Mario Game and Watch

    Pick up at some stores only, hurry this will go quick.


    Moore Park and North Ryde has stock at the time i checked for around my area

  • How is link's awakening? I still have the GB version on my 3DS that I haven't touched yet.

    Aside from prettier graphics, would I miss out on much if I just played the original instead?

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      It's essentially the same game. They've prettied up the graphics and tweaked a few puzzles, but the original is still top-notch.

      • Might just give the original a whirl then, thanks for that!

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          The gbc version is the one you want , I think it has some extras over the original

          • @SpeedRunnerLink: Oh that's the one I meant sorry, link's awakening DX. I've got that one :)

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              @mangobango: This has all the features of DX, minus the GB Camera and Printer stuff of course.

              • @VOOK: Correct, includes the colour dungeon but replaces the camera mouse with a mini custom dungeon maker

          • @SpeedRunnerLink: There's some small differences such as, I can't jump over triple-block with pegasus boots in the Switch version unlike the GBC
            Also can't cheese-shortcut access to Tal Tal heights by sprinting past the flames with Lv2 shield.

            These probably wont impact 99.99% of players though, but thought it would be nice to know for those old school players reliving the nostalgia

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              @Blitzfx: Watch a speedrun of the Switch version that allows sequence breaking - you'll discover just how much terrain is actually climbable haha

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                @Jonzay: Yeah that was unreal, with the rooster lol

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    Jeff or Harvey

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      Buying from amazon, just because I hate Gerry Harvey, the sole reason why I can't buy stuff from some oversea retailers anymore🙄

      • What did he do to affect overseas purchases? I tried googling and couldn't find anything.

        • What are you typing into google? It's almost the entire page of results when I punch it into google

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            @Butt Scratcher: So he didn't actually "stop" anything, Just campaign for the same taxes to apply to goods bought overseas as what is applied to local goods?

            Look, none of us really liked it, but it probably is fair.

            • @brad1601:

              So he didn't actually "stop" anything,

              Old thread, but you're directing your question to the wrong person…

              Ask henryph-am if you wanna know all about how it affected his purchasing decisions

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    Do you guys have $10off when you use amazon app?

    • Yup. For other things shipped and sold by Amz AU as well.

    • How?

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    Borderlands collection also $38

    Edit: just on Harvey Norman not Amazon

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    Harvey, what your next move?

  • Do amazon switch games usually come shrink wrapped (unlike eb) and not pushed in (à la jbhifi)?

    • In my experience amazon shrink wraps their games, regardless if its a switch game or ps4.
      All the games I've bought from them are shrink wrapped.

      • It's just an urban myth that Amazon go to the extra trouble of shrink wrapping. They are notorious cost-cutters. They accept returns no matter what. There is no reason for Amazon to seal. Only happens half the time. The same factory y-fold sealed games also can come from Big W online and EB. It's done higher in the supply chain. Amazon send what they are given. Australia does not have 3 separate companies who all factory seal exactly the same way, but only some of the time.

        Every single Y-fold sealed game is factory perfect. If Amazon did it well after production there would be mistakes and rubbish inside. Cardboard and cardboard dust from shipping inside the seal. Imperfections. Fingerprints. There never are.

        • This is interesting. I have one shrink wrapped switch game and notice that it is EU version on the sticker. The cart has visible deep scratch. I wonder if it has been imported as used, wrapped it up and sold as new by amazon. Is this possible? The other switch game that came with shrink wrap looks literally pristine with only light scratch on the contact point. It has AUS on the label.

          • @koala123: I think Zavvi might have a Y-fold wrapping machine. They have been known to reseal used games and floor stock that is scratched and worn. Overall I was happy buying from them as 90% were new, but there were some clear stinkers along the way. Europe is too big a market for me to draw further conclusions and I haven't bought enough EU games via Amazon to know. Did buy heaps from Zavvi back around 2010. Once I complained and they sent an identical resealed used scratched game just like the first, so it's no accident.

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      I haven't had any first party Nintendo games arrive shrink wrapped from Amazon, however third party switch games have all come shrink wrapped for me.

    • I've ordered a few, had most arrive shrink wrapped but one or two didn't (I think Xenoblade Chronicles was one of these, not sure if there's a pattern to it).

    • Never received a single shrink wrapped switch game from amazon.

    • 50% of the games purchased are not shrink-wrapped. 0% for Switch.

    • I've bought two switch games from Amazon, both shrink wrapped.

      • Question is are both AUS version? As mentioned above, one of mine has EU label on the cart, box is AUS and quite scratch on the contact point.

    • 90% of my Switch games from Amazon have come shrink wrapped.

  • Thanks grabbed The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening $48 at Amazon with FREE delivery!!


    Cancelled on PC and ordered through mobile app
    Get $10 off if order through app
    Code "APP10AU"
    I had to tap the redeem button for it to reveal the code
    Got it for only $38!!
    52% off

    • Doesn't seem to work for me, can't find anywhere to redeem the code.

      • hmm it seems to be single use
        I cant see the redeem button again


        This is how it looked on the PC for me, so i search for it on the app and it had the redeem button under the game


        Just reloaded the amazon page and also checked incognito mode
        It doesnt have the text with the $10 off if order through the app

        Maybe they removed it

  • I've recently got a switch, thinking of grabbing pokemon but I just noticed on amazon that there is a version with the expansion pass included. I might wait for that to go on sale.

    BTW does anyone know what happened to all the physical copies of XB2?

    • XB2 is hard to find for some reason, you'd think being a first party game and all the supply of the cartridges would be higher but unfortunately they're hard to get.

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      Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has gone out of print.

      However two characters from the game were announced for Smash recently, so I would assume that there will be another print run.

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        Oh, I really hope they start making it again. I'm not too keen on paying through the nose at the current prices on ebay

  • I purchased Origami king 2 days ago from amazon for $58 :(

    • Ask and Amazon can refund the difference. Worse case scenario is to return it and rebuy. Amazon (at least with Prime) has a 30 day return window.

  • Looks like you can get a $10 discount if you buy from the amazon app, snagged pokemon shield for $38 delivered, now i just need to wait for a copy of sword.

    • where did you find this discount? i can't seem to find it anyway

      • first time users only

      • It was there when I signed in via desktop, it could be targetted.
        Also I'm definitely not a first time user

  • Is the Amazon app discount for first time users? I'm not seeing it.

    • No ive been a user for a long time and i saw it

      I searched for the game and tapped the redeem button,
      On pc it looked like this:



      Just reloaded the amazon page and also checked incognito mode
      It doesnt have the text with the $10 off if order through the app

      Maybe they removed it

    • It is targeted.

      I have two unused account and found one of them working.

  • I haven't played a Pokemon game since Platinum.
    Will I still like them as an adult?

    • +1

      It depends what you expect from one.

      I've played every mainline game at least to the end of the main story and I enjoyed Sword. However I only beat the main story and the post-game story and haven't felt all that tempted to get the DLC.

      Might be worth a few reviews and guaging your interest then.

      I also might suggest Dragon Quest XI if you miss the Pokemon styled Turn-based gameplay, but want something a bit more mature. No monster catching, but better story and characters with more engaging cutscenes

    • I got Sword and Shield and played through with my daughter (she picked Sword). I enjoyed it but not much has changed in ~25 years.

      Latest rumours suggest the next mainline games will be remakes of Diamond/Pearl/Platinum so maybe hold out if you don’t have heaps of time to spend on games.

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      It's been dumbed down alot. It's just not that same as the old games.

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      agree, It's been dumbed down a lot. ironically in my playthrough i went through the whole story with gen1 pokemon imported from GO.

  • I think Links Awakening has gone back up to full price on Amazon. Either that or the link isn't working for me.

    • Looks like the ones sold/fulfilled by Amazon have sold out. Link is now showing third party sellers' items.

    • Yeah it's out of stock on Amazon. Still in stock at Harvey Norman although you can always price match at JB/EB

  • Thanks got Paper mario and Zelda from HN

  • How long is the paper Mario game? <10 hours?

    • Much longer than 10 hours. You can go back to rescue the toads and find treasures even after you defeated the bosses. 48 bucks is a real bargain for the game.

  • Pokemon Shield back for placing orders. In stock from 5th March.

    Edit: nvm, out of stock again

  • Thanks OP! Great fine. Been wanting links awakening for so long but couldn't do it at full retail price lmao

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    Pokemon Shield back in stock on Amazon

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    For anyone interested Link’s Awakening is back in stock on Amazon as well

  • Do switch games not come factory sealed anymore?

    • I read a lot of comments that AUS stocks never come in factory sealed. Not sure if it is true or not but I found rarely come in sealed too, from bigw, ebgames, jb etc etc

      • Amazon stock does have seal. Haven’t seen any from B&M retailers though.

        • Oh okay, I think I bought 5 games over the years from Amazon, only came in wrapped in seal was recent purchase of rune factory 4, which is us stock. Perhaps it is case by case?

          • @Jay Nomad: Wow, my Zelda BOTW has it, still waiting for the Mario Odyssey.

  • Thanks OP, bought Paper Mario!

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