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[eBay Plus] 1TB Samsung 970 EVO Plus M.2 PCIe SSD $179.10 ($162.10 after Samsung Cashback) Delivered @ Computer Alliance eBay


Ebay are selling them at $179.10, and Samsung is offtering $17 cash back on top of that, bringing the final price to $162.10. (historical low i believe?)

Samsung cashback post

Link for Samsung cashback:

Also , i9 10900K are selling at $598.50 from the same ebay store, another historical low perhaps. But keep in mind, the next generation of Intel CPU is due to release next month.

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  • It's $199?

  • fantastic price!

  • There is no such thing as a 4TB version of this right?

  • Holy shit yes!

  • Just pulled the trigger with Computer Alliance yesterday at $199 so pretty good deal on todays price.

    At this rate, the way discounts are going - by the end of this week it should be about $40

  • Are these suitable for PS5? Are there ANY yet that are confirmed as being suitable for use as PS5 expanded storage?

  • Thanks OP I will get the 500GB instead, 1T is too big and costly

  • Would this work in my budget b550 mobo

  • Thanks OP. Almost bought it from Amazon.

    Signed up to an ebay plus trial finally.

    • eBay has a deal, sign up for 1 year membership and get a $50 voucher.

      • I did see that on my ebay homepage, but i cant use that voucher and the 10% code. And then i only have 30 days to find something $50+ to buy from ebay.

        Wasnt worth it.

  • Do we know when this deal expires? I don't get paid till Friday.

  • Shipped already, ETA is tomorrow to Perth. That's impressive. I didnt pay for express shipping.

    But i havent recieved a Computer Alliance reciept so i can claim the samsung cashback…… has anyone else recieved theirs?

    • Apparently they can’t email you the invoice due to eBay guideines (Dell have always emailed me invoices though). You’ll get a physical invoice in the package. I bought a drive from them and claimed assassins creed Valhalla with no problems.

      • Weird, I've definitely got emailed invoices from other major sellers on eBay.

        Good to know it's in the box though!

  • Ordered yesterday morning. Received it this morning in Melbourne, super super fast shipping :)

  • If you are going to claim the cashback, make sure you take photos of the serial number on the device before you install. They don't accept pictures of the box or screenshots of the serial number listed in the OS/BIOS.
    I figured that out the hard way last time they had similar Promotion :)

  • Hi, I have a Gigabyte Aero 15 (i7-7700HQ), and I was thinking of doing some upgrades in terms of storage (and also do a fresh install of windows).
    I note that the current hard drive is a Samsung SM961 MZVKW512HMJP.
    I just wanted to check that if I get a Samsung 970 EVO, would that be okay?
    Which one should be the main boot/OS drive? The current Samsung SM961? Or the new Samsung 970 EVO?
    Main use of computer is just internet games and browsing, but occasionally photoshop and small blender renders

    • ah nvm deal expired

    • i'm no expert but sounds like overkill for your needs. might be better off saving money and getting a more economical SSD, spend the savings on somewhere it will be noticeable (i.e better screen one day, mechanical keyboard etc).

  • The coupon code is valid again.