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JBL Link Portable Smart Speaker - Grey - $69 Pick-up @ Big W


Turn up the music with the JBL Link Portable Smart Speaker which packs powerful sound in a compact, lightweight body

Product Features:

Full-range transducer with 360-degree capabilities pumps out crisp, full-bandwidth sound in any direction
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity let you play music from your paired device or from online music streaming services
Supports Google Assistant, letting you ask it to play your favorite songs using just your voice
Sturdy, IPX7-rated construction makes it durable against water exposure and casual bumps
Offers up to 8 hours of wireless audio playback for long-lasting listening; comes with a charging cradle for easily topping up your speaker’s battery life

I bought one of these for $95 during the Christmas sale. It is definitely an improvement from its predecessor JBL Link 10 The price went back to $229.95 RRP. This is the lowest I've seen of this device.

Also, if you have an Everyday Rewards card, get 1,500 points by activating a deal on your app and spend at least $80 online.

*Don't forget 0.5-3% cashback through Shopback. *

EDIT: Apparently stock still available in Big W Whitsunday and Mackay if anyone over there wants to grab this.

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  • +1

    great price, great speaker

  • Not available for purchase

    • My local store shows stock
      Or add $7.90 to deliver

      [UPDATE] Now no stock near me & no delivery.

  • Black version going for $99. Free pick up or $7.90 delivered.

    • Cheers, grabbed black and got free shipping as it said its over $100..

    • Which store?

  • Assume this can't be used with aa JBL soundbar as part of home thearter?

  • +3

    2000pts for $80 spend on my Rewards

    Didn't bother going through ShopBack for 0.5% cashback. Could have missed out otherwise.

    To ensure your offer has been added to your Everyday Rewards Card, you must boost your offer at least 2 hours before shopping online.
    (OOPS! Will contact Rewards if fails to show.)

    Online orders need to be delivered or picked up by 23:59 AEDT 28/02/2021 to qualify for the points

    • Thanks for the fine print!

      • More a reminder for me!
        Thanks for the Deal 👍

        Rushed through order for pick up, boosted BigW offer I didn't expect to be using & ordered. Forgot about requirement to boost 2 hours before shopping.

        Checked after order - No more in local area & delivery no longer available.

      • Picked up today, got the 2000pts credited!

    • +1

      Despite not boosting the 2000 bonus pt offer 2hr before buying online - the points worth $10 are on my account🎉

      • +1

        The promo on my account is 1,500 points and these have been credited too!

  • +1

    Stock at Green Hills Maitland according to Site.
    Also Mt Hutton, Newcastle West & Jesmond.

  • +1

    Have one, got for 99 is good.

  • I have one of these from previous deal. It's temperamental when charging on the cradle. Have resorted to plugging power in directly rather than using the cradle.

  • Got another one, thanks. I have one of these and love it, a second for even cheaper is great.

    • +2

      Same. Can now set up in Google as a stereo pair! Or same sound in both - for different rooms.

      • +2

        Multi-room is the winner for me. I love being able to leave one room and send the same podcast/song to the room I'm going into.
        Of course - I could just take the speaker with me too haha

      • Just curious what version the firmware is, waiting for the stereo pair option to show up:

        (via the Home > Settings Button)

        Speaker 2:

        Sys firmware: 19291110

        Cast firmware: 1.36.155491

        Speaker 1:

        Sys firmware: 20334130

        Cast firmware: 1.44.219548

        (and just twiddling thumbs wondering how long a firmware update takes to propagate through — or really just how the heck do I force a firmware upgrade)

        • Firmware update stealthed its way in after hours of idle time

  • No stock in Vic

  • Mine's ready for pickup🎉
    Thought order may be cancelled due to lack of stock in store.

  • +1

    Really looking for one in Victoria. but none available.

    • There were two black apparently at Southland ($99 not $69 for the black) which I would have preferred but bird in the hand got the grey. Call Southland and put it on hold.

  • Thanks OP….got the last one within 50 km of me…..

  • thanks, got the last one in SA

  • Thanks OP, got one just now at Sth Yarra. None left… what a deal.

  • +1

    Highly recommend this speaker - very versatile. Great value.

    • There's really nothing that comes close to its features, especially for the price.

    • Chermside, QLD has one in stock.

    • No

    • Flip speakers are just Bluetooth speakers, not smart speakers, so nope.

  • No stock. Period.

  • -1

    Which stores in Victoria???

    • I got mine from the QV but seems like they have ran out of stock

  • +1

    Black for $69 pickup only
    Maybe others

  • I just pickup one from Cairns Hill 2171. I'm almost sure that's the last avaliable here in Sydney.

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