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[Refurbished] 14" Lenovo Thinkpad L470 Intel i5 6200U 128GB SSD 8GB RAM Win 10 Pro + Adapter $299 Delivered @ Ecogreenpcau eBay


[Refurbished] 14" HD Non-Touch Lenovo L470 Intel i5 6200U 2.3 Ghz 128GB SSD 8GB RAM Win 10 Pro + Adapter $299 Delivered @ Ecogreenpcau eBay
No Code required, add to cart and discount applied at checkout.
Win 10 pro operating system installed and genuine license provided.
Condition - Few scratches on the case from regular usage, nothing major.
No scratches, no bruises or pixel issues on screen.
Fully tested and approved batteries - minimum 80% capacity.
One year seller warranty with Free shipping and returns
Also available -
[Refurbished] 14" HD Non-Touch LENOVO L450 TYPE 20DS, i5 5300U 2.3 Ghz, 8GB, 128GB SSD, WIN10 Pro + Adapter, 1YR WTY for $257 Delivered

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  • Showing as 499 when I go there but no code is required 🤔

    For 499 I can pay a couple of hundy more and get a new Dell with 10th or 11th Gen on special

  • obviously not a fan of 768pee but i mean $257/$299 for 8/128gb units…. I mean beats those new Celeron 4000 emmc shits…

  • $269.46 if you have eBay Plus. (PLUSBR10)

    1366 x 768 display is pretty gross though.

    • fine for kids and I would just occasional use the inbuilt lcd while mainly hoolking up to an ext. montior kbd mouse but i guess this isnt typical use.

      • +1

        I'll be using it for the same things, and plugged in to the mains most of the time, so battery isn't a big issue.

        Bang for buck is excellent - bought!

    • I always complain about that resolution but on a laptop this cheap, it's worth the sacrifice

      • IKR, the resolution doesn't make it unusable. Perfectly fine for basic stuff, given its price point.

        • It would make it unusable if you've paid $1,000+ and are forced to use a terrible 768P monitor… On a laptop at this cost, nope

    • For that price, it shouldn't even be a complaint.

  • Note - graphics is HD520, not 620 as shown in the eBay page.

    • Good pickup

      I was just looking at the specs of the Intel 620 - all I want to be able to do is plug into HDMI/DP @ 1440p with min 60Hz

  • Passing as the battery life is not great. Otherwise I would have bitten.

  • How can I get to 299, it shows 499

  • this time last year

    that was a 7th and 8th gen i3 with a FullHD IPS panel

    just saying

    • Yea honestly that seemed like a better deal. This isn't bad, but a 7th gen is a step up, and then an 8th gen is a whole different level

    • That i3 and this i5 are practically identical, except 7th Gen has HD620 (but really how much difference does that make now?)
      The Dell does have LTE but only 4GB.

      • yes, but ram is easiest thing to upgrade yourself

        as opposed to screen and CPU

        • True, and I missed it has FHD screen which is great, but my main point about the RAM was regarding total price.
          Sure, that was a great deal a year ago.

  • at this price, not a bad idea to buy and used as a cheaper alternative of nuc with a bonus keyboard/screen and portability, sort of.

  • What is "Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher"?

  • I was going to ask what adapter, but there's nothing extra included. It's just saying the AC adapter is included.

    • interested to know as well…

      • They just meant the AC adapter as there's nothing extra included.
        OP should probably remove that part from the title. And add "AC adapter included" in the description.

  • this or a chrombook?, chromebook is usb c charging hmmmmm

    • Two different products, I recently bought two chromebooks for the kids, I think they are more suited for the current trends of technology. But if the target is to have MS Windows, this offer would be more suited.

      • i need to use it for zoom and web browsing only

        lenovo = better specs etc etc
        chromebook = $30 cheaper, usb c life!!!

        both product suits me due to very very light work at work

        thoughts?? need opinions hahah

        • Personally I would prefer the Chromebook, this Lenovo is ages old and screen is very low resolution.

        • If you are not persuaded by either, consider who you will pass the device on to when you don't need it anymore.

          If it's a primary student, then get a Chromebook, for all other cases it's probably this.

  • Like any reburb or oldish laptop, don't bother if you need to take it anywhere and use it on battery for anything over two hours, its basically just a cheap desktop.

  • Ebay comes up as $257.40 for me with EbayPlus.

  • Clicking on the link now brings up this one….

    14" LENOVO L450 i5 5300U 8GB, 128GB SSD, WIN10 PRO, 1YR WTY - TYPE 20DS (RFB)

    Subtotal (1 item) AU $429.00
    Postage Free
    Discount -AU $171.60

    Order total AU $257.40

    If anyone is still interested.

  • "14" Lenovo Thinkpad L470 Intel i5 6200U 128GB SSD 8GB RAM"

    back in stock

  • Screen resolution. Does anyone know please????
    There are two listings with no details on the screen resolution.

  • Ordereda two of the L470 (on 23rd) and one L450 (on 26th), and very pleased with the machines for the money.

    Got one for myself and one sent to my mother in law, both had barely any marks on them and properly updated fresh Win 10 Pro installs.

    L450 is on its way to my aunt for $230 to replace an ancient Dell.

  • Is this deal still on? I tried to add a L450 to my cart but it stayed the same price at $429 in the cart…