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Intel RTX 3070 Gaming PCs [B460/480/650B]: i5-10400F: $1477 / Liquid Cooled i7-10700F: $1777 + Delivery @ TechFast


Hi folks, was just in the middle of posting these 2 deals when the Dell deal landed. Think our i7 variant compares favourably in important areas - CPU cooling (ours has 120mm liquid cooling included), the Gigabyte 650W Bronze PSU and a higher airflow case - discussion can be had around theirs including activated Windows 10 but the OzB community knows alternatives there, and they've done well to include the 1TB NVME SSD no doubt. Obviously our i5 deal represents the same unbeatable value as the previous AMD deal posted by TA deal (expired and AMD variant not likely to return soon).

Core i5-10400F | RTX 3070 8GB Gaming PC: $1477 after 10400F-3070-MAR

  • Intel Core i5 10400F 6c/12t processor
  • Deepcool Gamma Archer 120mm fan cooler - plenty of these are on hand but if/when these go out of stock an upgrade to a 120mm liquid cooler will be required as the stock Intel cooler will not handle the load the 3070 puts on it - we've tested it. The i5-10600KF CPU upgrade is available but will require the 120mm cooler upgrade to ensure optimal thermals.
  • RTX 3070 8GB (Galax, MSI, Gigabyte, Asus still being used)
  • B460 motherboard (various brands/models, Biostar not included for this deal) - B460 WiFi, Z490 and Z490 WiFi upgrades available
  • 16GB 2666MHz (brand/model may vary)
  • 480GB 2.5" SSD (brand/model may vary)
  • Gigabyte P650B 650W 80 Plus Bronze power supply
  • Lance-V RGB ATX case

Core i7-10700F | RTX 3070 8GB Gaming PC: $1777 after 10700F-3070-MAR

  • Intel Core i7 10700F 8c/16t processor
  • Bundled 120mm all-in-one liquid cooler (brand/model may vary)
  • RTX 3070 8GB (Galax, MSI, Gigabyte, Asus still being used)
  • B460 motherboard (various brands/models, Biostar not included for this deal) - B460 WiFi, Z490 and Z490 WiFi upgrades available
  • 16GB 2666MHz (brand/model may vary)
  • 480GB 2.5" SSD (brand/model may vary)
  • Gigabyte P650B 650W 80 Plus Bronze power supply
  • Lance-V RGB ATX case

Our regular 14 business day from order to dispatch estimate applies to these systems.

Dispatch for the TA deal systems is continuing this week. We haven't had any update thus far on the 3080s for that deal - hoping to hear this week as shipments post CNY start to arrive in the country.


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  • +4


    • Why?

    • +5

      I'd pay $20 more for a 1tb NVMe and built in Wifi + BT.

      Unsure on mobo quality in the Dell - doesn't list it. But apparently it's proprietary which could be a pain.

      • +4

        dell mobo are all customs, you cant find them in the market.you cannot replace them for example or buy another from dell

    • +4

      I bought the XPS Dell and love it.
      This has worse specs. Only 480GB SSD vs Dell's 1TB and doesn't have an additional HDD. Slower ram.
      Also doesn't come with Windows.

      • +3

        Yeah I'd go Dell over this unless you want to build your own.

    • +9

      If you plan on changing stuff or upgrading cards etc then Techfast.
      if you're just going to leave it stock (save for adding an extra HDD/SSD) then go the XPS.

      I have the G5090 from last year's deal in June, upgraded RAM, changed the CPU cooler, added another NVMe drive. It's all working fine, but no upgrade to GPU or PSU without going through Dell. That said, I intend to keep it the way it is for a few years as it's more than grunty enough for my purposes and I needed to buy a PC before EOFY last year :)

      • +2

        But the cooling on the dell will throttle the Performance?

        • Mine seemed okay, but it was at the upper end of temps - getting high 80s and into the 90s hence the change of cooler.

          • @nafe: 90 is a bit high.
            What are the temps now after the cooler upgrade?

            • @congo: Around high 60s from memory. Haven't been monitoring it as I don't feel the need anymore. I'll play around with the fan setup a bit later if i CBF :)

      • ty. how much was it last year?

        • About $1900 with the i7-9700 and 2070 Super. This was peak covid time too, so relatively, it was a good buy, compared to 6m later, not so much, but that's going to be the case in another 6m for the current crop and so on. Was business expense for me, so I wrote it off on tax.

          • @nafe: nice. i hate that they keep delaying ddr5 release! bl00y covid

      • Same here! EOFY PC last May 2020. What did you upgrade to and how much did they cost if you dont mind me asking?
        I hate how loud the GPU gets under load!

        • +1

          Coolermaster Hyper TX3 Evo CPU Cooler ($32 from Amazon)
          Bought 2 x 16GB Crucial RAM during a ShoppingSquare Sale - it's only 2666mhz as that's all the mainboard supports - $167 delivered from a ShoppingSquare sale.
          I had a 1TB Crucial P1 NVMe drive which I stuck on a PCIe x4 adaptor as well (https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07SF7H9WM) - had to try a few PCIe adaptors, but this one worked fine. The others I sold off.

          • @nafe: Thank you so much. I’ll order the cooler now

          • @nafe: Did you get the XPS or G5?
            Did the mobo have M.2 NVME slot?

            • @congo: G5090 - it has an M2 slot which has a NVMe already, I added another NVMe and also another two SSD

    • +1

      Cooling on the dell will be terrible I’ve had a dell one before and also upgrading parts in the future you’d have a hard time with that custom motherboard and case

  • what's the ETA on Core i5-10400F | RTX 3070 8GB Gaming PC?

    • I'll update the listing - our regular 14 business day estimate applies.

      • Core i5-10400F | RTX 3070 8GB Gaming PC

        How much without PSU (have my own)
        Replace SSD with Kingston 1TB A2000
        B460 WiFi

        how much??

        • I can't separate out components to reduce the price sorry. Best bet would be to order and on sell anything you don't need to recoup cost.

  • Hi Luke. If I order the system unassembled, can I receive the standard warranty of each component from the manufacturer or receive the 1 year from you?

    • +5

      Individual component manufacturer warranties apply. Many manufacturers require customers to process the claim through the original place of purchase, and we assist in this instance.

      • Hi Luke, I have a similar question. If I order unassembled, does the components come in original box?

        • +3

          You'll receive it exactly as we receive it. Some come in retail, some come OEM/tray (e.g. no retail packaging.)

  • How do these Intel core i5 and i7 compare to Ryzen 5?

    • -2

      3600X and 3700X wins hands down.

    • +2

      In terms of gaming the i5 with 2666 memory (non Z490 boards) will be fairly close to a Ryzen 5 3600 - just a few percentage points behind in CPU intensive games due to the slower RAM.

  • Hey Which Z490 Wifi Motherboards are you using, keen on getting one of these.

    • We've been using MSI Gaming Edge Wifi primarily, with other similar models as they become available. Supply of Z490 generally has been very low over this first quarter, expected to improve this month onwards.

      • Is there any asrock among them (because it sucks)? And are all motherboard ATX size (talking about the Z490)

        • We have used AsRock Z490 WiFi in the past but I don't think it is in the mix this time around. It's not a brand we use much of - much tighter with MSI and Giga. Z490M are much easier to obtain in quantity than ATX (as is ITX, lol) so the majority are MATX (no ITX).

  • +1

    Perfect timing :)

    • +2

      Haha saw your comments on the other deal

  • +3

    Understand that you're still waiting on updates from the previous 3080 deal - do you have any idea when the next batch of 3080 deals will be up for pre-order? Cheers

    • Did you have a link to that deal?

    • Tagging on, preferably with AMD cpu

    • +1

      As per below we just need to hear something on future allocation before we offer them. No eta as yet.

      • Thought that'd be the case - more time to save up some cash!

      • Sorry Luke really just weighing up my options now - do you think you'll have another AMD (R5 3600) version of this deal like the one at the beginning of Feb? My indecision got the best of me and now I'm wondering if I should jump on this deal instead. Thanks!

        Edit: Actually just re-read your opening paragraph, might be worth jumping on this one then.

  • Any chance you could match this (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/604297) from BPC or something close to it? Thanks

    • +6

      Can't get any pink cases, sorry

      • -3

        thats a good thing :)

      • Meant more the components and price.

        • +2

          Haha yeah I know. Couldn't resist.
          Not at this stage with the various higher tier component pricing and availability.

  • Hey Luke, any 3080 deals coming up soon? Preferably Intel?

    • +8

      Not in the short term until we hear something about future allocations. Some say Australia is the land of parrots, some say Australia is the land of big things, some say Australia is the land of 3080 back orders.

  • Hi Luke - PM sent.

  • Damn. I am at work. I can't buy now. When it finishes?

    • It'll run for a few days

  • +3

    Nice deal, but I reckon these intel builds with 2666mhz just aren't worth it. Same as when the cheaper Intel 3080 builds were posted (outside the 10900k).

    To really make the most of these i5/i7 intel processors for gaming and make them spank the ryzens you want a z490/3200mhz combo. To upgrade this up to that combo it puts it well out of bargain territory and makes the previous 3600 arse crusher deal at the same $1477 price a very good one (despite this having a better cooler - motherboard is neglible really though not being biostar is a bonus)

    The Dell XPS has slightly faster RAM at the 10700s max b460 board speed of 2933, but likely the same b460 chipset in a proprietary board so unable to take it any higher.

    The Dell also has much better storage, however worse thermals.

    I'd wait for something ryzen based at this price point (or a z490 combo when it becomes viable to do a deal if ever) or if your current system is fine I'd wait for the 3070 and 3080 ti or whatever they will be called.

    • memory and storage are the two cheapest components so that's where the value comes from.

      sell these sticks and you could probably fund half the $130ish cost of 3200MHz 16GB

      • You need a z490 mobo to make use of 3200mhz RAM on intel builds. This system ships with a 460 chipset.

        • +3

          is it really worth to pay that much extra for at most single digit fps gains when you are cpu bottle necked?

          This video shows minimal to no gain at 1080p and 1440p with a 2080 ti (similar performance to a 3070), I would expect most people to be would rather save the money than spend an extra $100+ for that when you can't even overclock this CPU

          That being said, i do agree last months ryzen deal was fantastic and if you dont want to part out in the future or plan on simple upgrades the Dell deal may be better (i have ran into problems with ram compatability though with dell prebuilts)

          • +2

            @Jetilingo: Yep, ram talk is kinda irrelevant especially with intel build

    • +1

      Yeah I stand corrected apologies, misread the 10700 in this deal (competing with the dell) as an unlocked, where the ram speed would matter a bit more.

      The 10400 is probably few frames less than the 3600 at 2666, and yeah going up to 3200mhz ram on the 10400f build with its weak boost clocks is neglible.

  • Just bought the i7 bundle with upgrades to the motherboard, ssd & psu. I was due for an upgrade :)

    • Nice, thanks for your order!

  • hi there, what are the ssd and ram brands? off brands from aliexpress or name brands eg. corsair, crucial etc?
    Do you guys have the parts on hand ready to ship eg. if I buy today how long would it take?

    • We're using Crucial, Team, XPG and Corsair at the moment. Our estimated handling time is 14 business days from order to dispatch.

  • actually when could we expect a 3070 with ryzen cpu? Similar to what you guys had before? with like a 3600/5600x and 3200/3600mhz ram?

    • Not sure if we'll get to the previous price until stock shortages stop and prices come down longer term.

  • What motherboard is typically included in the 10400F model?

    • MSI B460M-Pro or simliar

      • Thanks Luke, purchased.

  • At similar prices but with a much better SSD, I would go the Dell mainly for the fact that they have an actual support team.

  • Hi Luke, again can you elaborate when these system can be delievered?

    Are you saying that it be sent out 14 days after?

    For example the Dell system everyone talking about has an est del time at 30th of March.

    • +1

      Our estimated time, within which the majority of systems ship, is 14 business days from order to dispatch.

      • thanks luke.

  • Will there be a 3060 PC anytime near the launch in a few days?

    • +1

      Looking into it - depends on quantity allocations.

  • +2

    Our regular 14 business day from order to dispatch estimate applies to these systems

    For clarification, this is BUSINESS DAYS i.e. Monday to Friday.

    That makes it basically 3 weeks from order to shipping; just so everyone's expectations are tempered. Mid March.

    • +1

      Correct, business days.

      • One other question Luke - is there any quantity limit on these builds?

        I'm needing a couple for work but I didn't want to cause grief (nor be greedy!)

        • I've seen other reselling them brand new recently. claiming full 1yr warranty and all.

          Noticed the LanceV case then the seller had quite a few (in stock)

          saw some where the TF cabling was nice others where it wasn't. The LanceV case does look good IMO and is darker than TF pics show but supposedly is a pain to add drives to on the back side (whether thats wiring or room or cutouts IDK)

        • You can buy them as long as they're in stock, no real supply issues or limit per customer on 3070.

  • Bring on the supply of 3080 and then the builds :)

  • Any chance on having better ssd upgrades? E.g. nvme

  • +2

    Hi, how many pci-e 3.0 slots are there on the motherboard?

    • -3

      Which motherboard? Google probably has some info too :)

  • Hey, this is a much better deal than that Dell 1650S build, and even the Dell 3080 Gynoid PC. Really, how does one even consider buying them when they're so overpriced?

  • is this good for video editing? Considering to upgrade to 32g ram.

  • PSU is debatable - review of the Dell says it comes with a custom 450W 80+ Platinum thing. Less expandability, but probably more efficient overall.

    • Likely a ATX12VO model which means it's not compatible with almost every retail motherboard.

      I couldn't tell you how the wattage compares - having no 5v or 3.3v rails means the usual '750W minimum for a 3070' doesn't apply here.

      • You're right - 12V only looking at the sticker on it in the video. Also it's 500W not 450W. Its on a set of 18A rails, so potentially some issues if only one of those rails is supplying the GPU. Should be fine though, it's Dell's problem if it doesn't work.

  • +5

    Purchased, didnt realise you would move on another deal like this so quick. Very excited for it to arrive. Left a note on my order regarding CPUs.

    Thinking about recording the unboxing and posting to YouTube to help with future purchases for Ozbargainers.

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