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Large Frozen Drinks $1 @ KFC


Well, it's been well over a year since this was last posted, and it's definitely still a bargain.

3 flavours available: pepsi, raspberry fanta, or mountain dew.

Combine for cheap meals, e.g. Zinger Tower Double, Kentucky Snack Pack, and Frozen Drink for $13.90

And when combined with other meals, it's pretty good value! When was the last time you saw KFC put together their own meal for this kind of value? The serving size of the snack pack varies, but when it's on, it's on. This is about the best value make-your-own meal I've come up with, and I wanted to share the love.

I call this a bargain, but you be the judge.

I should note, the tower double and Kentucky snack pack are only accessible in App, via the secret menu on the phone app. To get to the secret menu, simply pull the menu down until the colonel peeks down from the top of the screen, hold it there for slightly longer, then the secret menu will appear.

EDIT: Be the bigger person and ignore the "manshake" and "hellofresh" ads that are now popping up on this page. You'll shake plenty after this meal, and what's fresher than the colonel's very own fried fresh out of the burning hot oil?

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    $1 Frozen Drinks @ KFC

    That's their normal price…

    Same price at Maccas and Hungry jacks…

    Not really a bargain… No savings….

  • +5

    Its also Pepsi, not Coke

    • +1

      Fixed :) My bad for referring to all cola as Coke.

      • All coke are cola,
        But only one cola is coke.


  • even zinger box better than this deal

  • +4

    $13.90 is definitely not a "cheap meal" :)

    ^ For a fast food restaurant

    • nothing cheap anymore lol or hj vouchers jacked up, apart from the mymaccas app offers.

      • Maccas and Hungry Jacks are still cheap tho.

        Hungry Jacks you can quite easily get 2 meals for that price, maybe even 3 depending on the deal.

        But yea the Maccas app offers are the only times they ever have cheap stuff… I got a $2 Big Mac the other day tho, that has to be one of my favourite deals :)

  • +3

    They've been $1 for over 5 years, the price never changed so it really isn't a bargain
    It's also their normal price

    • Yea and McDonald's and Hungry Jacks charges the same amount. McDonald's also has the advantage of providing many more flavours, alongside the Vanilla Coke flavour (My favourite).

      • +10

        OzBargain has some weird rules at times.

        You mean not posting duplicates of the same deals over and over again…

        • Congrats jv, you've done it again :)

          Pure, straight-up truth…

      • +1

        When was the last time you saw KFC put together their own meal for this kind of value?

        You could've got 2 fill up boxes with frozens for less than this, or you can get 2 Burger Combo Deluxes for a dollar more without even touching the free survey chips & drink.

        This is about the best value make-your-own meal I've come up with, and I wanted to share the love

        Don't quit your day job for two reasons (unless it's in marketing or a related sector). One, this is absolutely shit value and two you'd need a good job to call $14 for a feed that'll make you feel shit afterwards the "best value".

        maybe someone out there didn't know this and will get some value out of it

        For your sake I'm just hoping you're meaning the $1 frozen that has had advertisements plastered all around for the last 5 years.

  • +4

    Pity they can’t do frozen Pepsi max.
    See school kids with these everyday, crazy to think of the calories kids get to get a cheap drink

    • honestly, I don't see it as an issue with teens & pre-teens to consume lots of calories since they're still growing… and metabolism processes are still top-notch…

      however, glucose consumption is their main issue…

    • Forget the kids, bring in Pepsi Max frozen drinks for those of us who's metabolism is no longer at its absolute peak!

      • +2

        Maccas do a frozen Coke Zero…

        • +1

          Yeah, I'm a big fan. it's all I buy. I'm not a fan of the new cardboard straws though (albeit far more environmentally friendly).

          Would be nice to have another diet frozen option.

          • +1


            I'm not a fan of the new cardboard straws though

            They are horrid

            I think twice about getting a frozen coke now…

            Might have to start BYO plastic straw….

            Why is the lid plastic? That contains far more plastic than the straw did…

            • @jv: Whatever you do, don’t use a metal straw. They literally ice up.

              Also, plastic straws (afaik) cannot be recycled. The lid can.

              • @NDjokovic:

                Also, plastic straws (afaik) cannot be recycled.

                I recycle them all the time…

                • @jv:

                  I recycle them all the time…


                  • +1



                    I'm assuming just puts them in the recycling and that's that. Between all the jv posts on here pretty sure that doesn't leave much time to operate a recycling facility.

                    Doesn't mean they actually can/are recycled, but they can wipe their hands and feel it's job done.

            • @jv:

              Might have to start BYO plastic straw….

              Yep, I've been hanging onto my plastic straws from other places and using those.

              • @ash2000: I might try and source some aftermarket straws and start up a delivery service to Maccas…

                • @jv: Well, it wouldn't be unreasonable I'm sure we're not the only ones suffering.

                  • @ash2000: In all likelihood, it probably also contravenes the charter of human rights.

                    I might get a good lawyer and bunch of protesters onto this…

  • Bought this the other day as the Maccas was 900m further up the road. Taste wise much of a muchness but saved about 25 cents on fuel not doing the extra 1.8km

  • +4

    Thought normal prices weren't allowed to be posted as deals?

    Wherever you stand on the PS5 restock posts aside, that's at least something hard to get a hold of, I have half a dozen KFCs within 10 minutes of me doing these.

    • Thought normal prices weren't allowed to be posted as deals?

      OP is just jumping on the "PS5 normal price" bandwagon…

      • So if you had the brains to get 1 jv you would end up with 250 of this great drink .
        I can't believe you are blind to market price lol .

        • which great drink?

  • You and I seem to have very different definitions of what constitutes "cheap" fast food. $14 is bordering on proper food that doesn't clog your arteries, and exceeds the price of a Zinger Box by a fair bit which is what I consider the standard of a filling fast food meal. Combine the app-exclusive burger combo with a survey receipt and get 1 Zinger Burger, 2 chips, 2 drinks and one additional side for $7.45. Now THAT'S good value.

  • +2

    It’s been like this for five years… Plus this is normal price, does that mean I can also post that KFC are selling chicken wings and standard price?

  • -1

    So people can post Hungry Jack's coupons that have gone UP in price over the past 5 years and people consider it a deal, but somehow this isn't a deal because the price has remained the SAME? Typical OzBargain

    • +2

      Because it’s more expensive if you don’t have the coupons?

    • I try to use a vouchers 2 times at the drive through .
      Some orders they accept others they say 1 per order . Yeap I can be a Smart Ass and say 2nd order but I don't want to waste my time .
      Bottom-line no consistency between them .

  • +3

    'and it's definitely still a bargain.'

    No it's not. It's normal price.


  • +1

    This gets negative votes and yet the subs for Disney + INCREASING in price gets upvoted. typical ozbargain indeed.

  • +3

    Does that mean I can post how a $1 coffee at 7/11 is still $1?

    How about free cups of water at McDonald's are still free?

    You know, because they are the only two places available at that price point.

    • +1

      I know it's /s but Coles express also does $1 coffee iirc

      • +1

        Coles Express also does $1 frozen cokes! Don't steal my idea for my next deal 😂😂

        (Also my 2¢, Coles Express makes the shittest coffee. BP $1 Mochas are nice, but rather scattered. EzyMart is alright, but nothing beats 7/11.)

        • Yeah I agree the Coles Express coffee is pretty (profanity). Never tried BP or EzyMart so I'll be sure to give it a shot but 7/11 coffee really is the best in its price range.

  • +2

    A kid down my street one weekend had $1 freshly made lemonade stand on his front lawn .
    My bad for being too lazy to post it !

  • KFC charge me an extra dollar to replace a can with a frozen drink in a meal and have done for the past two years no matter which store I go to. That's the opposite of a deal

    • it's an extra 80c and its because having a frozen for the drink is considered a large drink (or an upsize) hence the charge for upsizing, (same charge to upsize a can to 600ml bottle).

      • No it's a dollar not 80c. Maybe in other states you have different prices. A large drink in a bottle or can costs the store so much more than a frozen drink. You can try and defend the charge all you want but everyone knows its ridiculous.

        • It's not really ridiculous… a frozen drink is a large drink… so you get charged to upsize in a meal, just as you would to upsize to any other large drink. If you think it's ridiculous then don't go there, that would be the obvious thing to do? LOL

          • @DisabledUser400696: I dont. Haven't been there in about a year. Frozen drinks cost the store maybe a few cents each to make

  • +1

    Standard price…

  • Only Coca-Cola and Pepsi can make people believe sugar water mixed with artificial colours and flavours is worth more than $1

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