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Logitech MX Master 3 Light Grey - $115 + Delivery ($0 with Kogan First) @ Kogan


Decent if you are looking for an office/productivity mouse and want a different colour.

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    $115 is a good price, but you might have to wait for your delivery.

    I ordered the same one couple of weeks ago when they had 10% off at their site for $107

    But couple of days ago, received an email that my delivery has been delayed until 12th March. And as a compensation, they have sent me $20 discount code for my next order.

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      I got the same email, then a day later I received another saying that it was already shipped. I guess it'll be a surprise when it finally arrives

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        Yep, same here.

      • And it arrived this morning

    • Shipped already. Must be back in stock

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    i got this in black though man the light grey lookin sxc..

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      I have the light grey MX2 at work; it shows the brown smudges pretty quickly after you use it for a few hours.

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      Gets dirty very very quickly. You made the right decision.

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    $95 with latitude pay + shipping.

    On dicksmith.com it will be 109 with free shipping with latitude pay (higher starting price $129).

    • free with kogan first though ;) hmmm will gift this to the Mrs and buy this me thinks


      • Yes,if you've got an unused latitude voucher and kogan first $95 is a bargain .

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    I have the same color of the first version and black MX 2s. The grey color is easy to get dusting and looks ugly after around half year, however, it still works excellent for years anyway.

    • Was wondering exactly this!
      Any chance you could post a photo of your grey one?

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        Not sure how post photo here, just the skin oil from the hand mixed with some dirt, and stuck on the upper side of the mouse. It should be ok if you wrap it once one week I assume but just been lazy. The black one has not this concern and looks as new still. I am a programmer and use the mouse 10+ hours per day.

        • Nice, I'm a coder too

    • Did you use your mouse while eating chips? I clean my mouse and keyboard every week so its not a big deal โœŒ๐ŸผโœŒ๐ŸผโœŒ๐ŸผโœŒ๐Ÿผ

    • I concur with this, I've had the light grey (bone?) coloured one (MX Master 2) for a year or two and it looks a bit rough from general usage. Also, the buttons are super sensitive, almost no pressure to click. This is getting to be an issue for me as I get older and "twitchier". Although, the free spinning mouse wheel alone is worth the price of admission. i don't know why this feature is not on tons of other mouse models.

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      Iโ€™ve been using this (mx master 3 light grey) for a bit over a year now. About 10+hours/weekday. The colour still holds and I donโ€™t see any discoloured/yellowish issue. Though I wipe my keyboard and mouse about every fortnight.

  • Multiple people are commenting about colour disfiguration with the grey colour https://www.reddit.com/r/MouseReview/comments/i9x7zo/mx_mast....

    • I've had this light gray version since it came out, used daily and it looks as new.

      Those people should heed the COVID19 warnings and wash their damned hands ;-)

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    Shame to hear that colour disfiguration is still a thing.. I have the white MX2S and it was a month before it started showing grime, and I clean my stuff religiously.

    • FWIW i've had this since may 4 and it looks fine with daily use. Sounds like you'll be fine

  • it was just under/at 100 last week or the week before when Kogan had their 10% off plus free shipping

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    Is this AU local stock or grey import?

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      It's light grey.

      • Hilarious answer

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    Kogan, so a grey import?

  • I used to be a massive wireless mouse/keyboard skeptic, but since getting the MX Master 3 and Master Keys, I am truly a wireless convert.

    • Is master keys better than apple numeric keyboard?

      • I personally don't like the apple keyboard, so I'd say yes. The master keys is really nice to type with.

      • I had a apple wireless keyboard (with numeric pad) and then bough this. The difference is light and day, MX Keys is by far a lot better than the apple keyboard, plus it sits at a nice angle (apple keyboard is too flat for me) and is a joy to type on. Add to it Logitech Flow (quick switching between two computers if you also have the MX Mouse) and there is no comparison. I have put the Apple keyboard in the box and have not touched it since. Ohh and it also has backlight which is helpful for my setup (its in the bedroom) when some one is sleeping

  • that colour doesn't age well and its very retro 90s colour for everything computers

  • Damn just bought the MX Anywhere 3 for $110

  • Anyone using this with a laptop? Would you recommend or is it too heavy or something?

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      Am using surface pro with MS Arc mouse, it is bit too big and heavy when carrying it in a pouch/satchel.

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      I'd say this is ideal if docking the laptop to a larger monitor as an alternative desktop setup. I have small-ish hands and think it's very comfortable.

    • I use the 2s with a MSI i7/2060 lappy. The size is perfect, really feels out the palm, solid, best feel I've had with a mouse. Everything about this mouse feels premium.

      I use a decent sized backpack for transport. It's just a mouse, so surely most bags will have enough room. You'd have to have just a laptop sleeve to be an issue.

      The 3 looks like a very marginal iterative improvement. That's why the price is the biggest barrier for me. You could get the 2s often for $70-80, but I rarely see the 3 lower than $110-120. Can't see where the price jump is justified. I might think about getting the 3 at end-of-life.

      • The 3 is not a marginal improvement. It uses completely different scroll tech. The 2nd gen is a marginal improvement over the first in my opinion.

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      Depends on the size of your bag. I take a back-pack to work, so I happily take my 1st gen everyday to work. A colleague of mine has the MX3, and he brings it to work everyday as well, and he has a leather messenger bag, and he still manages to bring his lunch everyday. I guess it depends on your situation.

  • That mouse goes perfectly with my PS4 20th anniversary controller https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EdHNCaMumQ&ab_channel=ZRZ

  • Bah. Was waiting for ages for this light grey and bought the black one instead.

    Can someone make me feel better by saying the light grey will stain. lol

    • I'd buy this if it wasn't grey.

      Feel better now?

      • +1

        Made my day.

  • What's the better deal? $95 delivered for the MX Master 3 or $65 delivered for the MX Master 2s (after latitude discount + kogan first)?

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      Nowhere is selling the 3 for $95 delivered

      • Incorrect, Kogan with latitude pay offer and Kogan first comes to $95 delivered for the 3 which is exactly what I asked above…

        • Damn that's a good price for a 3. Amazing mouse but can't comment on the 2s as I haven't used it.

  • I have problems with the wheel not being smooth & sticky buttons randomly. Had few falls from the table & maybe some dust in.
    Have to find out how to clean or maybe it's still under warranty.

    The older MX2 has less problems but not as convenient.
    In general good.

    • 3's wheel can either be set to be smooth or ratchet. Or are you saying it's dirty and not smooth in the smooth setting?

      • Yes. It's not smooth all the time. The click also gets sticky sometimes.

  • Waiting for the Mac version to be on discount….

    • What's the difference in functionality other than it doesn't include the unifying receiver (to save the planet on behalf of Apple ;) ?

      • That is much saving the planet with the same price. :)

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    Team, the black is available for $119 on the same page.

  • Apologies, but why is a mouse so expensive? How does it compare to Microsoft and Logitech ones that cost around 30?

    Is it more sensitive for gaming? Programmable buttons?

    • Multi-device (up to 3), and both Bluetooth and the Logitech unifying receiver.

      Buttons are programmable with the driver software. There are 6 buttons and 4 scroll directions on this IIRC.

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