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TP-Link Deco M5 3 Pack $215.20 ($209.82 with eBay Plus) Delivered @ Smart Home Store eBay


Alternative to TGG Commercial if you can't get one and/or include Delivery.
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  • Link not working.

    I have huge dead zones in our place, and unfortunately internet-over-power isn't an option. Have tried multiple routers but nothing

    Is mesh that different to the wifi extension alternatives?

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      I had a wi-fi extender and switched over to a mesh system. I am now able to connect devices via ethernet with this product and getting 100/20 which is what I'm paying for throughout the whole house.

      With the Wi-fi extender i was not reaching speeds close to 100/20 and the connection was often poor

    • Fixed the link. Mesh is better than WiFi repeater but honestly without knowing your house setup I can't say if it will fixed it or not. IMO these are lower cosr/budget tier mesh and they don't do very well for wireless backhaul.

      If you can run ethernet cable you can try another router as AP. More often than not a $30-$40 Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2 as AP would do well.

    • it allows you to link WAPs like a chain as the signal strength gets weak, and retransmit on another band, so often you will find if the router / wap has 5ghz and 2.4ghz, it uses the 5ghz to talk between WAPS and 2.4 to connect the device …..

      best thing is run some cable between router and WAP and just drop another AP in the dead zone

  • what about router (downstairs) via wired gigabit ethernet to an access point (upstairs) vs mesh?

    I could connect all the mesh points via ethernet too for the backhaul.

    much difference?

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      it depends if the mesh has it's own backhaul and what speed that runs at, i know netgears run a separate backhaul to the general wifi band, but in most cases i would say a dedicated wire link would be superior to wifi.

  • These work well, but the satellite routers seem to always want to connect to the main router (the main router being the one connected to the internet). This is an issue if your main router is not in a central position in your home. Anyone else experience this?

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    I picked up a pair of the M9 Pluses from CeX for my dad. They came appearing brand new and have been working wonders compared to his last network.

    The 2 they have on display in Belconnen have the plastic still wrapped around the outside.


    • Any warranty with the m9 's

      • In theory CeX offers a 24 month warranty. I have never had to use it, so can't vouch for the ease of use.

    • Never shopped at Cex yet

      • I find them pretty reasonable price wise (although their trade in prices are abysmal). I don't understand hoe they keep getting stock. Plus they offer free delivery on any item over $20.

        • Sweet ordered from.nsw to perth!

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    I just got two m9's last week and thought I would need 3. Excellent product and looks like I'll get away with just the two.

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      I have two for a 4/2 house,didn't think it's enough so just ordered 2 more of these , cracking price,less than the price of a single one really

  • The code is not working

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    you get a bonus 2 globes with this deal: redemption link

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