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Inno3d GeForce RTX 3060 ICHILL TWIN X OC 12GB Video Card $759 Delivered @ BPC Tech


Just a decent RTX 3060 in stock for pickup and delivery $759.

26th February 2021, 2:53:54 pm Deal marked expired as price increases when added to cart.

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BPC Technology (Formerly BudgetPC)
BPC Technology (Formerly BudgetPC)


  • More expensive than the 3060 ti dual fans model when it was launched , the gaming performance is even worse than a 2070 super and 5700 XT

    • I can still see 5700's instock around a few stores at 650-750 dollar mark too.

      But im seeing all major stores have slapped a $300 increase on all GPU's. starting from the 1660, 580

  • RTX 3060 is more expensive than 3060Ti for some reason, maybe more vram. Only one avail for a acceptable price i guess.

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    Just for those thinking of buying for mining avoid. This is directed at gamers only. Seems Nvidia has locked the card's hashrates.

    • This can only mean it's a good thing. Maybe we'll see the RRP soon enough.

      • +10 votes

        Actually i agree with Linus from LTT … if you actually look into it a bit deeper it's just marketing horse poop to make Nvidia look better, and also so that the used market doesn't screw them over when crypto bubble bursts. I don't think much will change in the foreseeable future…

        IMO it's best if we all save our money for when the crypto bubble bursts and flood of cards get into used market…

        • Linus' take is legitimately bad, and I'm stunned he hasn't been called out more for it.

          Used mining cards can be utilised for many scientific applications, the only concern being how they were operated and housed.

          • @jasswolf: you have literally never talked to any procurement staff, ever, have you? just imagining someone turning in a procurement form that includes "gumtree"… guy's gonna get fired.

            • @xrailgun: You would be buying them from a reputable source in bulk, not sourcing them individually.

              Used PS3s were stitched together into supercomputing clusters once upon a time.

    • The lock is only targeting Ethereum mining tho

    • That “lock” only applies to Etherum and it’s currently holding it to 50%. I imagine it will be a matter of hours before a custom bios will be available to flash that unlocks Eth to a max hash rate.

      • Yeah, the 'reduction' is lip-service and only harms end users like gamers.

        Big time crpytofarms will find their way around it easily.

        • Cryptomining is a waste of energy and harms everyone. It's unbacked currencies that provide no traditional intrinsic value.

          Whining that consumers and business that have totally different intentions for the hardware are put first is one of the most laughable takes in the world today.

      • Hours? Nope, it will take a long while, and it will probably render it useless for many other tasks.

    • Miners a year ago were happy if their investment broke even in 18 months, this currently breaks even in ~180 days still so this will still be heavily gobbled up by miners.

      • So the options are dumb and dumber?

        Only fools and Wall Street are keen on maintaining current crypto valuations.

    • Men, that sux!

    • Not just gamers. I am considering one to replace my 1050ti for compute performance, gpu acceleration in video editing and encoding as my 1050ti is dying, and 4GB isn't really enough vram, so the 12GB on this makes it very tempting.

  • got an email on rtx 3060 launch from centercom this morning and their prices are hilarious, they're as much or more than 3070s at PLE. What has the world come to…

    https://www.centrecom.com.au/products?q=3060&[email protected]+Ca...

  • bought 1 just to play around with it.

  • Plenty stock in PCCG, PLE, price is bad we all know but this is the market.

  • Man.. I'm so glad I got my hands on a PS5. It would have been an absolute nightmare trying to upgrade my PC. Just going to wait until next generation at this point tbh..

  • I was going to say at this price just buy a used 2070 or 2080 off eBay, but I just had a look and goddamn those used prices are high.

  • This doesn't seem like good value at all

  • People complained about the poor price to performance of the RTX 2000 series (rightly so) compared to the GTX 1000 series, but the 3000 series has become utterly stupid after all the MSRPs turned out to be bad jokes (the 2000 series cards offered much better price to performance looking at past deals on the site over the years).

    Price to performance is now total garbage, the AUD back at .80 USD is no match for the latest crypto-craze combined with limited production/supply

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    How do you go from $330 USD to $760 AUD on this? Not to mention performance isn’t that great compared to a 2070S and the 12Gb VRAM is marketing more than practical use.

    • Marketing for gaming, probably quite useful for encoding. But yeah, pricing is ridiculous. Sadly I will probably buy one immediately if it pops up at $700 though as I am left without many other options to replace my dying 1050ti that is no longer functioning hardware acceleration for whatever reason. But I am probably never going to game on it (that's what the PS5 is for), so I guess I am in a niche there.

      • Cant you just grab a 1660 or another 1050? Quite easy to get 1050 Ti still for $220-230, and I found some 1660 in stock for $329 just 2 days ago and $399 easily, I assume 1660 has nvenc, though should check!

        • A 1660 just doesn't really seem the right performance level for the $, as if I am spending money I might as well gain solid performance over my 1050ti. Regarding another 1050ti, I regularly run out of vram so it'd be an 8gb card minimum

    • Agree with you up until the 12 GB part, because this is about fitting 8+ GB on a 192-bit bus. This is a 1440p to 4K card, and the increasing RT budgets in games seem to be demanding 8 GB of VRAM at 1440p.

  • What a garbage price. No way I'm buying. Going to wait it out. This is not on.

  • Watching Gamer's Nexus review,
    looks like it's slower than the 5700XT in rasterization performance (consistently), similar to the 1080 Ti and RTX 2070 non-super, and 11% faster than the RTX 2060 KO that it's meant to replace. It's slower than the 3060Ti edition by around 30% in rasterisation.

    With DLSS + RTX On , the performance matches RTX 2070 non-super (which is a $630 card, at some point)

    Overall I don't see why you would want a 3060 over a 3060 Ti (price delta of $100~$140). If you paid just 15% more for the Ti edition, you're getting an extra 30% performance

    Unless you have some plans to use all of it's 12GB of VRAM in Blender or Adobe but even then I'm not sure it's worth the smaller CUDA count and memory bandwidth trade-off.

  • Was I wrong to expect these for under $600 AUD

    • You are not wrong mate, the normal price should be around $500AUD or less. This is just a inflated price due to high demand and low supply.

  • This is not a bargain. Actually considering 329 USD (418 AUD) recommended price, it is just ridiculous. Don't buy or don't post these until it returns to normal later.

  • Garbage price. If you can find it the 3060ti can be bought around the same price or.lower (ie: PLE) and is better in every respect

    • Have been looking for one at stock for a week. No 3060 Ti in stock anywhere including PLE. Only pre-order with unknown ETAs.

  • Just saw some reviews and seems to me the 3060's most positive feature, at this sort of price, is to make people feel good about the 2060S/2070 that they paid $100 less for a year ago.

    • My 2070 was about $600. I thought I wasted money back then on it with the new cards coming out. But now it doesn’t seem like such a bad deal.

  • Pass, average card…
    Pretty much an expensice 2060 and crippled for mining…. Nvidia are taking the piss with this pricing.

  • Remember when **60 tier was like $300?
    pepperidge farm remembers. So do member berries if you prefer them.

  • WTF. I thought I overpaid when I got the year old 5600 XT for $400 last month…
    bloody miners.

  • Exsqueeze me? Add to cart and the price bumps up to $899. No thanks.

  • Price gone up to $899. Even at $759 it's not even close to be call normal price, not to mention that it is definitely not a bargain.