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[eBay Plus] MSI Creator 17 (17.3" 4K 1000 Nits, i7 10875H, RTX 2060, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD) $2249.10 Posted @ Computer Alliance eBay


This one appears to be a real value for money given it's high end specs and mid-range pricing. Seems perfect for content creation and very capable of some gaming on the side as well.

  • World’s First Creator Laptop with Mini LED Display 1000nits Brightness
  • Intel Core i7 10875H 2.3GHz (16M Cache, up to 5.10 GHz) 8 Core CPU,
  • 17.3" UHD (3840 x 2160) 60Hz IPS Level Display,
  • 16GB DDR4 (2 x 8GB) 2666MHz SODIMM Memory,
  • 1TB NVMe PCIe Gen3x4 SSD + 1 x M.2 PCIe Slot,
  • NVIDIA RTX2060 GDDR6 6GB Graphics,
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • 2 Year Australian Warranty & Support

For reference, the exact same laptop is currently selling for $4999 on Amazon and Wireless1

For those after a more beefed up version with NVIDIA 2070 Super GPU, that version is also available for $2699.10

All credits to scrimshaw for suggesting this deal in response to my query in forums!

Hope this helps some of you. Regards :)

Original Coupon Deal

Update (04/03): The deal appears to be still available via the new 10% off coupon code.

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    • Can you be specific as to which particular model in this price range will give me 17.3", i7 10875H, 4K and 500+ nits, 1TB SSD and 16GB RAM along with RTX 30 series laptop? I'll immediately drop the idea of getting this one and will go with your suggestion. Please help others instead of passing generic remarks without backing it up with quality alternatives.

      • I'm suggesting that the value proposition is poor, not that I could beat the price.

        • Fair enough mate. I needed the laptop now and have budgeted for $2500. Nothing at 17" with high nits comes close to this price. Dell XPS have 1650Ti at ~3k and RTX 2060 at more than $4.5k. Even refurbished XPS 17 with same RTX 20 GPU is selling for ~$4k. So, in my case the above appears to be a no-brainer. But yes, have I had no upper limit on the budget, other options are there for sure.

          • @singhdeals: Generally speaking, if you're taking RAM and SSD upgrades above the base spec, you're generally being charged a pretty penny for the privilege. The issue with the 30 series is availability, not the price.

            That being said, I skipped over this having an miniLED panel. Not my favourite choice considering the combo with IPS tech, but this is a lot better value than I initially realised. Wouldn't enjoy gaming on it, though.

        • You still haven’t indicated a specific model that beats this on value.

          If there is one out there, is it unreasonable to expect you share it to backup your claim that the machine the OP posted is poor value?

      • rekt

  • Wow 1000 nits

  • If you buy a 4k laptop can you run in 1440p?

  • I am wondering OP what would the benefit of such bright screen be

    well apart from being direct sun readable, but in what application would that be required along with these specs

    I usually see those in machines supplied to people who do work in bright conditions like servicing high voltage power lines which requires sunlight readability - but hardly such potent CPU or GPU options.

    what would a content creator use such a display for? why a good IPS 300nit panel won't do?

    first time I encounter this kind of combination and I am curious why

    • Viewing hdr content would be my first guess

      • can't you view that on a normal good panel?

        well I come from printing background, best monitors come with 300nit panels and you rarely ever crank it up to the max

        I am just thinking ok even if you use this laptop for whatever purpose looking at HDR content as a creator.. the end users of the content being created will watch it on a 300nit screen regardless, so I still don't understand the use case

    • Take the 1000nit as a bonus. For a 17.3" screen comparison at this price point ($2 - $2.5k) treat it as:
      A. ~500 nits + 100% sRGB + 4K resolution + NVIDIA 2060 vs. B. 300 nits + 72% sRGB + 1080 resolution + 1650 Ti/2060, and then the difference in the overall packages becomes clearer. 1000 nits can't be treated as the only selling point. Hope that makes sense.

  • You can't have a, creator laptop, with just miniLED. Creator laptops are OLED. Don't be cheated.

  • Thanks OP. I've been looking for a 17" laptop for a while. Purchase made.

  • Saw a 13” OLED laptop in JB hifi today, only 1080p, didn’t look too good.
    Might have been the resolution?

    • For a 13", 1080 should look reasonable I think, but obviously it won't look as flash as something with a combo of 4K, high nits and high colour gamut if that's what you were comparing it against.

      • Have you received yours? Does the image “pop”?
        The 13” OLED screen that I saw in JB looks like any other high gloss laptop screen.
        I couldn’t tell that it was OLED.