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WD SN550 1TB M.2 NVME SSD $130.51 Delivered @ Amazon AU


$7 cheaper than last time.

Great budget NVME SSD,

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  • How does this compare to the Samsung 970?

    • Well it's nearly half the price, it's not going to be nearly as good. But unless you're using it for media production or something where you're actually hammering the SSD, a normal consumer wouldn't notice the difference.

      • The evo 970 is 161$ after cashback via eBay. Thinking of using for gaming, worth the extra $30?

        • Ah fair, good deal on the 970 EVO. Still don't think most people would notice the difference, but at that price the 970 is a good pick too

        • 970 has RAM cache for a lot faster burst speeds, worth the extra $30, but myself am waiting for the price to go down even further.

          • @Blue Cat: Yeah I think I'm with you blue cat. I'm currently doing fine with my data SSD, and keeping an eye out for something 970 and cheaper

  • This, or Crucial P1 1TB SSD @ $122? I understand that the WD SN550 is DRAM-less

    • From what I understand the SN550 is a nice step up from the P1. They are both DRAM-less but the SN550 has SRAM which helps, and is TLC rather than QLC like the P1.

      It's a bit faster and has better sustained performance. Personally I'd spend the extra $7 on it but up to you. You might never notice/care

      • ah thank you for response.
        I thought Crucial P1 had DRAM (https://linustechtips.com/topic/1210770-does-the-crucial-p1-...), but I didn't realise there was another differentiation of TLC vs QLC.
        I want reliability/endurance first and foremost (a hard drive is useless if its prone to failure) and I think WD have better rep than Crucial, so spending $7 more makes sense for an arbitrary increase in sense of security?

        • QLC definitely has worse endurance than TLC. Whether that actually matters, or whether it's just something that makes people feel better about spending more money on a drive - idk. Definitely if you're going to be using it intensively it'd be worth it