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Cabletime USB-C to DisplayPort Cable 1m US$10.18 (~A$12.83), 1.8m US$11.48 (~A$14.47) Delivered @ Lancom Cable Store AliExpress


Decent price on this USB-C to DisplayPort cable in the length of 1m and 1.8m from Cabletime. It supports resolutions up to [email protected]

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DP Alt Mode

The USB-C port is required to support "DisplayPort Alternate Mode". This cable can output 4K ultra-high-definition video and digital audio to your Ultra HD TV or monitor.

4K UHD 60HZ Displayport

USB Type C to DP Cable supports video resolution up to 3840x2160 @ 60Hz(4K * 2K) and full HD 1080P @ 60Hz. The picture quality on a 4K @ 60Hz monitor or TV with the UHD resolution will astonish you. The thunderbolt 3 DP Cord also synchronously transmits audio and video signal, and supports mirror mode or extend mode.

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