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Kambrook 1600W Vacuum $69 - Target


Saw this vacuum cleaner in the Target catalogue and decided to buy it to try it out, being that it's marked as a $70 "saving" and I need something temporarily to replace mine while it's in for repair.

Just got it home and cleaned the carpeted part of the house with it for the first time, and now I doubt I'll even bother repairing my $500RRP electrolux.

Model number is KBV250. Features:
- Bagless
- Washable filters and comes with a spare
- Light
- Adjustable power
- 3+ rod attachments

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    good deal!

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    This deal sucks…

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    i have one of these but a yellow/black one, it's decent but the filter needs changing very regularly, so buy a couple of spares if you can. it comes with one spare though

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    Can you expand a bit on how good the vac is and what's good about it? Thanks.

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      Mostly the fact that it is below the $200 price point and actually works. We have three pets that shed a lot of fur and the carpet looks like new after running this vac over it. The fact that its so light is a nice advantage I missed, too.

      I'll need another day or so to accurately comment on how good it is for the finest of dust particles, but this time tomorrow I'll be able to give an accurate description and review of that portion as everyone in my house suffers from pretty severe allergies.


    Don't have this particular Kambrook but the one I have (yellow and black 2000W one) leaves my other expensive Godfreys junk for dead. The performance on mine is comparable to Dysons if you keep your filters clean.


    Do Target let you get a refund for change of mind? I would love to try before I buy!


    Anyone care to comment on this vs the airflo posted just a few deals down? I want to get either.


    The Kambrook KBV420 bagless vacuum can be had at Harris Scarfe post xmas sales for $100 atm. I got one the other day and am very happy with it's results for the price.


    This unit is not listed on the Kambrook site :(

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    Bought one. Very happy so far. Will use it to clean our PC's and cars etc instead of lugging out the bigger vac we have with power head for main carpets.

    Thanks for the headsup Ashlea.

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    I finally went to have a look today. Instruction on the unit clearly states that the filter needs to be regularly cleaned and has to be replaced every 6 months. So while you're not buying vacuum bags, you need to buy the filters (a set).

    Power is only 1500 watts (not 1600 per Lasoo website). Kmart has the homemaker 2000 watt bag vacuum cleaner for $49. Comes with 1 year warranty and features 5 metre power cord, 360 degree swivel hose and includes 5 paper dust bags.

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