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Bonds Online Sale (for Men, Women and Kids) - Free Shipping


Bonds is having another online sale. If you didn't get enough socks and undies as Xmas presents you might want to stock up while they are on sale. Tees, Hoodies, shorts also in the sale.

Eaten too much Xmas pud? How about this tee:

Some I think look like genuine bargains:

Baby gift pack:

toddler dress:

Guyfront trunks:

tee bras:

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      They've got some pretty decent deals, I think these will look great on you


        Be warned that many of the things on special are already cheaper at standard retail prices in stores like Big W and Target.

        It's still all the same Made in China stuff.

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          'It's still all the same Made in China stuff', where do you expect your stuff to be made in? What about the device you are typing this from?

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          Context is that Bonds used to manufacture in Australia, and used this as a selling point. When they closed the Australian factories in favour of Chinese factories it sparked national media attention, as well as protests by the sacked workers.

          Everyone seemed to get over it pretty quickly, though.


    Since when has there been such a thing as a hipster bra? This has gone to far.

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      bra for the hip maybe? For the really old ladies….


        lol, check it out it's just a normal bra (from what I can tell) but they've tried to jump on the bandwagon.

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    big W have a better deal with the guyfront trunks

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    Why are socks NEVER ON SALE! Gah!


      Bonds socks are rubbish anyway. It's not like I do some crazy strenuous walking, yet they always get holes in far too short a time!

      Holeproof or nothing for me these days.


    What is "Size chart" supposed to do?

    Clicked on beach shorts, then Size chart. No chart shows!!

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    Doesn't look like a deal though… even though discounted, because these things are now coming from China they should be much cheaper than china made CKs, Unico..etc and not on par. I would totally think this is a good deal if it's made in Australia… but this offer is meh at most.


    Bonds factory outlet in claremont st south yarra has got 20% off on all items. They have stocks for bonds, holeproof, rio etc.


    The (now expired) Target Buy-One-Get-One-Free sale was much better. I stocked up

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    I gotta say, I find the Bonds website "Deals" a bit on the crap side; the three I've seen so far are either worse or at best on par with the instore deals through myers, best and less, target etc.

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