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25% off Rupes Polishers ($539.25-$790.50) + $9.90 Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Repco


For the detailers here, I just realised that Repco is doing 25% off car car accessories and somehow it includes all the Rupes polishers.

BigFoot 125mm Mark III is $737.25.
BigFoot 21mm Mark III $788.25.
BigFoot Mille Gear Driver $790.50 (actually if someone can tell me the difference between gear driven DA and the "normal" DA it would be much appreciated)
BigFoot Mini $549.
BigFoot Duetto $539.25.

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  • Crackling deal, the LHR15 Mk3 machine only is usually $850 or thereabouts and this is the basic kit. Lucky I haven’t been tempted by the Sydney Tools credit deal in the last few months.

  • Gear driven (also called forced action DA) uses gears to move the and rotate the pad, one of the originals was the Flex DA. Because it was gear driven, it much less likely to bog down when on curves or uneven panels. The Flex DA had an 8mm offset
    Normal DA uses weights to achieve it's larger throw (15 - 22mm) but you have to be more vigilant in keeping the pad flat to maintain consistent rotation to correct the paint

    • Thanks for the explanation. But expensive to me still!

      • Rupes is professional level, as in proper professional. For people who make a living correcting paint on cars, such as at a smash repairer. Not really for the home DIY enthusiast (for that, we have the cheaper Porter Cable).

        But since we did spend much less in 2020 due to having to stay at home, these Rupes would be of interest to some people. I'm tempted. I'm currently using a gear driven small diameter polisher, tempted to try out the LHR21 Mk III.

      • It becomes a lot cheaper when you consider you no longer need 2 tools; an orbital and a rotational.

        Having dedicated tools is still nice; because they're not truly the same, but there's a "prosumer" level in this hobby\trade\craft.
        People want to be able to offer their services or learn professional skills, but can't afford 2 machines.
        Or, more commonly, won't risk their wallet agreeing to try and fix something that NEEDS a rotate only polisher; because if they cut too deep, or burn the paint, they're up for a respray….

        Rupes is great, but it's worth youtubing for cheap polishers (a few pro channels do this).
        The comments of "It's at least 75% as good as my Rupes!" comes up all the time, and at 1/14th the price….
        Unless you ARE going for gear-driven, the $50~100 ebay jobs are often just as good for a home user.

        Buy their accessories though (pads and such); that's where the real quality differs.

        • Been there done that with the $80 eBay polisher and while I absolutely agree that a cheap one does 70% of the job and more than enough for the DIY quality, mine died after compound & polish of the second car. Hence I'm tempted.

          • @ymmf: That's a rare fault though.
            Unless the brushes were pushing against the windings, it's just an electric motor, and an offset head.
            They usually DON'T fail very fast at all.

            Unfortunate but, no doubt a brand name will be built to way better tolerances.

          • @ymmf: As much as I agree with you, am very disappointed with my mark 21mkii. Did around 20 cars (not me but lent it to mates) 250 later I had to replace the speed controller. Maybe just my luck but I've lost faith in rupes.

            I have a feeling the parts used are incorrect, by that there's 2 speed controllers. The speed controller I had said 60hz while the label on the buffer says 50hz. I replaced with the same part it had (60hz) hopefully last a while, if it does again I'll try the 50hz but I might give up. Don't want to spend another 250 🀦

  • Some great prices there, the MK3 is a fantastic unit…. πŸ‘

  • Great prices, just a heads up. Keep your Receipt in a safe place. Mine shit itself just outside the warranty, have the mkii. I would of tried my luck taking it back for repair, worst case dispute with ACCC as a $900 machine should last well over a year with home use.

    I ended up fixing it myself (cost $250 for speed controller), mind you I ordered part from UK as gngsales here are useless (distributor of rupes for Australia)

    So again store receipt in a safe place just in case you get problems, I always tend to lose my receipts 🀦

    • So again store receipt in a safe place just in case you get problems, I always tend to lose my receipts 🀦

      Pick a cloud service you currently don't use (dropbox, drive, OneDrive, Mega), and photo every receipt, and "Share with: Cloud".
      One location, all your receipts.
      Once you're in the habit, it's real handy come tax time to remember that office purchase of the RTX3080 to display those spreadsheets in 144hz.

  • You (profanity) aren't "paint correctors", you clean cars.

    • No, that step comes before correction.

      Correction, in this instance, is referring to visually.

      When a mistake is made, you correct the mistake.
      Usually that mistake is a scratch or some form of acid damage.

      When you get any objects defects polished out, or blended it's usually called correction.
      You don't get the glass on your watch "cleaned" when it's scratched, you get the scratches corrected.

    • Sounds like you need a mood corrector. They're also 25% off!

  • 25% off expired, not yet 2nd of March….