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Chinsu Chilli Sauce Tuong Ot 250g $1.35 + Delivery (Metro Melb $0 with $99 Spend/ VIC C&C) @ Yinyam


Chinsu Chili Sauce is from Quang Ngai province. The ingredients are picked when ripe to preserve the best taste and colour. Quang Ngai province is the best area for cultivating high-quality Chili in Vietnam.

Spicy Delicious Flavour
Mildly spicy with a hint of garlic and tomato
Use the sauce with Pho, chicken wings, beef steak and more
Number one Chili sauce in Vietnam

Free Delivery for Melbourne Metro/ discounted rate for the rest of Australia with orders >$99
Free Click and Collect from Truganina Warehouse

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  • 73.33 bottles are to many for me to get free shipping .

  • way superior to srichara for a dipping sauce. trust me i'm vietnamese

    • Thanks for the recommendation mate. Will try! $1.50 at wollies for now.

    • it's because Vietnamese and Asians (Indonesian, Malaysian…) are used to fake taste with strong MSG instead. Nowhere near the quality of Siracha, just look at the ingredients for the percentage of real chili used in this sauce compared to Siracha.

      In case if you don't know how to read ingredients, it is written as "Flavour Enhancer (620, 621)".

      • So does most chips and processed food we consume. MSG is just umami. Stock, soy sauce, miso etc all the same thing.

        • not with many Aussie chips, Red Rock Deli, Kettle, Smith, you don't need MSG to fake the taste instead of making a good product. Thing with these Vietnamese product is they use MSG to enhance the taste while they can cut down the main ingredient use, i.e chilli… same for Fish sauce, soy sauce…

        • Doesn't make it any good for you. Many people have a strong allergy reaction to MSG, acceerated heart rate, high blood pressure, anxiety attack, the whole nine yards. Best avoided if possible!!

      • +2 votes

        nothing wrong with MSG.. next youll be picken on chicken salt! ;)

        • nothing is wrong with MSG, just to cut down on the ingredient and substitute the taste using MSG ;) same for when you make stock using less bone and ingredient and substitute with "chicken salt"

        • Uncle Roger says MSG is the substance of life!

  • +1 vote

    Love me some Chinsu, it's not "good quality" but great in its artificial cheap goodness. I usually pick it up at Asian groceries for around the same price and dip spring rolls like it's going out of fashion