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DarkFLash DLH21 ITX Case (+ $255 for MSI B550i Bundle): Black $195, White $200 Delivered @ Darkflashaus eBay


DarkFLash has just released its all-new DLH21 ITX case, available in White or Black.

This comes in with a similar form factor to the NZXT H1 with perforated side panels on every side for more optimal cooling, no riser cable required = no fires, along with the ability to utilize a 240mm AIO.

Bundle the DLH21 with the MSI MPG B550I GAMING EDGE WIFI for an extra $255 which is 15%/$45 off retail pricing.


Here are some press releases for the case below:

TechPowerUp - https://www.techpowerup.com/278095/darkflash-releases-dlh21-...

KIT GURU - https://www.kitguru.net/components/cases/joao-silva/darkflas...

Wccftech - https://wccftech.com/darkflash-launches-the-dlh21-mini-itx-p...

Bit-tech - https://bit-tech.net/news/darkflash-dlh21-luxury-itx-case-la...

GamesHedge - https://www.gameshedge.com/darkflash-has-launched-the-dlh21-...

OC3D - https://overclock3d.net/news/cases_cooling/darkflash_s_dlh21...

geeky-gadgets - https://www.geeky-gadgets.com/mini-itx-pc-case-05-02-2021/

I have built one for myself with a 5600x and RTX3070 and couldn't be happier.

Open to any questions the Ozbargain community may have :)

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  • 4% off for EbayPlus is also applicable

  • yeah since nzxt bundle with sfx is at a good price excellent value, why not try to bundle with quality oem manufacturer sfx psu?

    • This isn't an option out of the factory, I would have also liked to do this.

      So instead I have offered to do a bundle deal with a B550i motherboard.

      • its a tough market to have an impact in without a strong selling point - good luck

  • Does this also double as a firestarter like the NZXT H1?

  • A press release is great and all, do you have any independent reviews though?

    • +2 votes

      Not as of yet, this is a brand new product in the range that just arrived in Australia with many distributors around the world (including America) still waiting for this case to arrive.

      I'm currently trying to contact Optimum Tech to do a review but I have just finished building one for myself with a Ryzen 5600x and RTX3070 and it performs great.

  • Intrigued, but need to see more independent reviews as it's still relatively new

  • lemme know if you ever decide to import df800's lol

  • What's the rrp for this new case?

  • Anyone interested in a sff itx case will want to know how many litres it is 😊

    This is 17.23,a smidge under the CM NR200 at 20l (cost around $109)

  • why would anybody buy this over the nr200 which is $100 aud and has 100000 reviews, also where is the bargain here?

    • Vertical form factor. The ITX scene may be a niche, but that also means many people may have different requirements/preferences. After all, ITX exists because some people put preferences over value. Personally I prefer a vertical case rather than a horizontal shoebox due to better utilisation of desk space (but due to budget, I have the Sugo shoeboxes, but still fairly happy with its compactness and what it is able to offer).

      Although I'd agree with many others' comments of seeing independent reviews, considering it isn't a cheap case. Looking at the perforations, it still look more obstruction than enabling of airflow into the case (the smaller holes won't allow much airflow).

  • I would suggest that you take and supply photos of the actual product.

    I think when you're trying to sell a premium/luxury targeted product, customers are going to be wary of paying luxury tax but the finish on the product isn't up to scratch. The renderings all make me nervous that the manufactured product isn't as nice as they appear to be

  • https://youtu.be/5DmcMZdoBNw

    Seems like a decent case but I'm after a mATX vertical case

    • Is there any MATX vertical on the market?

      • Not sure about now, but I'm currently using a Silverstone FT03. Fits a mATX, it's just that the design is not so great for airflow.

    • this video still breezes too easily over details and doesn't have sufficient lighting to evaluate the finish of the product.

      it also reinforces my point above, there's a marking on one corner of the case in one of the shots @21s

  • If you have WiFi antennas do they have to lay flat underneath the metal grill at the top?

    Not sure how that would be any good, potentially putting your signal in a faraday cage.