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[Pre Order] eVGA GeForce RTX 3070 XC3 Ultra 8GB GDDR6 Graphics Card $999 + Delivery @ PLE


Cheapest/Most reliable way I could find of getting my hands on one of these GPU's.

Probably doesn't as a bargain but its the best so far, also they have a limit of 1 RTX 30 series per household so don't even think about buying them all crypto miners :'(
Although it is a pre-order they seem to actually be getting fulfilled that goes for the 3090's and 3060ti's as well.

PLE fulfilment record - Note that the lower end cards like the $919 evga black 3070 isn't getting fulfilled probably because the margin is a bit higher for either PLE or EVGA who knows.


2nd post so let me know what to fix

Edit - Marked as out of stock as last fulfilled order was 28/2 which is way too long ago now

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    This isn't a deal, they don't have stock on hand and it's been this price/ on pre-order for months. Nothing's changed

    • Purchased this exact card from PLE about a month ago for this price. It came in 4 days.
      Can't complain at all.

      • Yeah but it's been like that for months, no queues on this and some of the other 3070's

        You're also at the mercy of whenever the next shipment drops, because they don't have stock in hand. You might get lucky and it's soon, you might get unlucky and be waiting months.

        Occasionally it shows an ETA so you know that there definetly will be stock at x date, which is probably what happened when you bought it, but that's not the case at the moment

        • so you would rather sit around and cry with zero chance of getting a card, vs at the very least being in a queue for one? ok.

          • @venomqo: No, like I'd probably get that if I hadn't bought one already, but it's not a deal. It's been posted multiple times over the last few months at various prices (usually cheaper) and various amounts of stock. It'd be better to just update one of the older posts and mark it as long running or something

    • Where else can you get a 3070 for $999? Probably will get it within 20 days to a month. Its not great but what else is there at the moment?

      • Back when the 3070 launched, PLE listed the 3070 XC3 Ultra for $949.

        • This was before US tariffs came into effect though where all prices of GPUs jumped.

          • @Lachie010: But doesn't effect the production cost of the card, that's an import tax into the USA, it's not something that should have anything to do with us, except when people buy from US retailers

            • @bobvegas: not how the market works lol. it all balances out, and wholesalers aren't dumb enough to sell at a lower margin. You really think the aussie retailers are buying direct from manufacturer?

  • Where's the bargain? Getting sick of these out of stock over priced posts.

    • Please I would be grateful if you could find card at MSRP ($809), If you do please link it :)

      • ..deleted.. my mistake.

      • find card at MSRP ($809)

        MSRP is meaningless. Cards have never sold for MSRP and will likely never sell for MSRP.

        For all of its life being sold as a brand new product, the 1080 Ti never sold at MSRP, neither did the 2080 Ti. Same goes for all the mid-tier products under it. MSRP is just for reviewers to overstate the value of a GPU. This is nothing new.

        The 3070 will never sell for $809 as long as it is still being produced brand new.

        • Umart sold 3070 for 809, 829, 869 at launch. Aib models. Not many granted but that's not technically true.
          2080ti over its lifetime had many deals on here under rrp.
          1080 was the same.
          So it's not really true, it's just a factor of the circumstances we have right now

          • @badonde: You've built up a straw man of what I've said. I never said that these cards will not be discounted below MSRP, but rather, that they will never retail widely at MSRP.

            2080ti over its lifetime had many deals on here under rrp.

            This is exactly my point, which is that it is the way most people would define MSRP is that it is a price at which you would pay if you just walked into any store and paid "full price" when there aren't any sales. The fact that it required sales to bring the price down to MSRP or just below it means that the MSRP is a complete fantasy.

            This is not the case with many other products. As an example, the MSRP of the Nintendo Switch is $469. I can go into any store without a sale and expect to pay $469, which I deem full price (e.g. JB has it for $449 without sale). You can make comparisons with many other products as well, even computer hardware.

            The issue is that the GPU pricing model is completely broken. Nvidia sets the MSRP, but the board partners are able to charge whatever they want and will simply just charge more and more. I have no problem with "premium" models, but all board partners should have a decent reference spec card which retails for MSRP, not some gimped version that nobody wants and that has practically no stock.

            As to the 2080 Ti specifically, let's have a look at a fairly average model - the Gigabyte OC. Here is its price on Amazon:


            Remember that the 2080 Ti was meant to be a $999 USD MSRP card, so make that around $1600 AUD after taxes, and you can see that this card reached below this price a total of once throughout its entire life cycle, with the average price being above $2000, well above MSRP.

            If you want some US data where Amazon is a bigger player in the PC components race, here's some 2080 Ti's from the US (again, not the tip top models, just an average selection):



            As with in Australia, they did sell on very rare occasions at MSRP (~$999), but spend all of their life cycle well above that, around $1500 USD for the Gigabyte and $1300 USD for the EVGA. This also happens to be the cheapest model that EVGA produces.

            So no, the 2080 Ti was never widely available at its MSRP which backs up my original point that the MSRP is just a number that's cooked up for the purposes of the initial review, not a price you can reasonably expect to pay as a baseline price.

            I agree that the issue is exacerbated right now, but let's not pretend like graphics cards used to always go at their MSRP.

    • Lachie010 has a point. If you cant link it for sale at or below RRP, then your comment is pointless. If someone 'needs' a video card their only option is to pay the inflated prices. If that is the case, then paying the least inflated price will be a bargain to these people. Its not rocket science.

      • Well, it is a choice of accepting current available "best" price or not

        If vast majority accepted the so-call "norm", then we are not far from seeing $5,000 mark graphics card (just an example)

        It is completely fine for one to say "sick of one's over-priced product", there is no need to defeat one's value

        On the other hand, the game continues

        • Personally im choosing to wait it out too, because a 3090 makes no sense for me to get as a gaming card, but its the only high end card i can get. I am also building a PC for a family member because their current PC is on its last legs (video card drops out when launching games). They dont have the luxury of waiting, so deals like this at least allow me to buy the best value card thats available now for them (even if it is a rip off compared to where prices SHOULD be)

  • No queue but no ETA

    • It seems to be the only sub $1000 card that's being restocked. Mine said no ETA but then I got an eta couple of days after placing an order. Good thing is you can cancel really easily, there is a big red button which you can get a full refund.

  • Not a deal, bought for 949 in Jan from ple.

  • Well at least they're telling the customers that it's a preorder.

    Unlike say PCByte.

  • should i sell my 3060ti for $1200 on eBay and buy this?

  • Full payment up front too.. with no eta
    Get lost!

  • I contacted them earlier this week about 3070s in general and they could not give an ETA - could be weeks or MONTHS, if anyone has any more info please let me know. I am cautious about placing an order and hanging on for months.

  • Bought my evga 1080 ti for $800 bux 3 months after lunch now 70 series $999 as a bargain? Wow time has change.

  • Wow! Prices for the 3070 have gone up! That is crazy … I was able to grab one just before Xmas and I just had a look at prices on Umart's website!

  • I just wouldn't. Other retailers are advising they can give no ETA at all. PLE just seem more comfortable than others with taking your money.

  • I made a damn decision in late November to buy a RTX 3070 at the lousy inflated price. I payed $1030 total. You damn read that right, kant. About $200 more than I wanted to. I got a nice MSI model. Nice because, before that, I had a pre-order for the cheapest card I could find, a Inno3D 3070 X2 (total $840), from PLE Computers (which I cancelled). I had been following threads & checking every damn where for stock of 3070 cards for a month up till that point. Checking every damn day. I wanted it to damn stop. I was fed up with looking for the card at the price it really damn should have been. I payed the damn extra, & now I'm somewhat relieved I did, & somewhat not. I'm damn glad I'm not still pulling my damn hair out about getting one of the cards, all these months damn later. I received the card in early damn December too, in time for CP 2077. But damn game made me motion sick & so I can't even damn play it anyway because of that. Damn it.

  • I bought this from PLE in Jan for $949 from memory, it came within the week. For context, it was marked in stock at the time.

  • $1000 a deal for a XX70 card now ?!? everyone raving abotu nvidia giving us better prices lmaoooo.

    • Yes, seem like it, ozb is becoming a page for pre-order and in stock notices board.

    • Realistically at this point it might as well be a deal. It's a barren land out there full of bots and scalpers that will usually beat you to it.

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    Why people so eager to get 3070 etc there is no game worthwhile playing at the moment anyway. Cyberpunk turned out to be major disappointment.

    • +1

      Sold my 1080ti because I'm OK skipping PC gaming for the entire cycle. By then the 40xx series will be out and I can buy one easy.

      If someone was really desperate on playing older games then it's probably better to buy a mid-range laptop and then just sell it when done. No need to wait.

  • you'd have to wait until 2022 anyway https://i.4cdn.org/g/1614483476350.jpg

  • It's sad to see the insane price creep with each generation on cards especially when these cards sell out before they even hit the store shelves. With this reasoning Nvidia and now AMD too can just keep charging what ever they want.

    I remember buying the flagship Nvidia cards back in the day for like $500 such as the GTX 280 and thought that was a lot.

    • When there is only two brands and absolutely zero other options outside of getting a console (Which suffers the same shortages now), there is no choice but to wait or suck it up.

  • You are better of getting 6800 xt for 1500 then spending 1k on 8gb card, then again new 3060 can be bought for as much as 900 so prices are just nuts

  • Someone at PLE told me that for this card that there are over 3,000 on order….

  • Time to update my ATI Radeon 9500 Pro I guess. It was amazing back in the day.

  • lol more souls for the PLE queues good luck.

    • Any stories to share?

      • Look at bpc reddit or whirlpool or any of the discords. Many many people in ple queues for various products some since launch night still. It's insane the amount of cash PLE and Harvey Norman are sitting on from pre-orders that they could still be months away from being able to fulfil.

        Unless PLE go back to not requiring up front payment no way i'd join this madness., I shall however cross my fingers that this line moves quick for you guys.

  • Should have a rule on preorders tbh. Sites ozbargain factor losing its magic touch

    *been on the site since 2010

  • I'm holding out until all the bullshit stops.

    No point buying at inflated prices and perpetuating it. You're an absolute dick if you are buying an $800 GPU for $1400 because thats all that is "in stock" at the time when the retailers can control what the public percieves to be "in stock" through their store.

    Nvidia hasn't exactly made themselves look fantastic with the introduction of CMP based cards

    • I welcome the news of CMP cards. Do you like how things are going right now without them?

    • I can understand the hate for scalpers, but why the hate for overpayers?

      • scalpers exist because of overpayers

        • Scalpers exist because there is a huge gap between supply and demand.

          If you're a potential buyer with a lot of money to spend, it seems weird that the only "moral" way to buy a card is to spend your time to do so (searching for stock forever, finding obscure tricks to buy, long waiting lists) without spending extra money.

          I could understand if we're talking about essentials like food/water/utilities/vaccine… but this is a luxury item, no one has a right to own one and there will always be those that miss out until supply catches up.

    • this wont stop anytime soon, the semiconductor and silicone shortage is only getting worse
      its starting to affect other industries now and not just gaming and GPUs
      if you can wait 1 - 2 years then fine but near future is not looking great

      • Sounds like its going to be fun if the hugely overpriced card fails during warranty period.
        Wonder how long that wait is going to be when its hard enough to even buy one…

        • well I heard of ppl buying a 3080 system with DOA card - 3 months on and they are still waiting on replacement card and they cant use the system
          it sux indeed

  • Not a deal but 41 upvotes and on front page LOL

  • Came here for the rants… wasn't disappointed.

  • Here for comments

  • +4 votes

    Purchased a 3080 from PLE on launch night, still waiting with no ETA.
    Expect to wait a while.

  • +3 votes

    You'd think after charging $1000 for a 3070 they would at least throw in free shipping.