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Dell 27" S2721DGF QHD 144Hz (165Hz on DP) IPS Gaming Monitor $409 (Refurbished, OOS) or $469 (As-New) Delivered @ Dell Outlet


I don't think anymore needs to be said about this monitor. It's a great monitor, and at this price, you can't find something better… or can you? :p. I personally buy majority of my monitors from the outlet as refurbished monitors still have a 3 year warranty, and in all my cases, the monitors look as-new anyway.

Tech specs: https://www.dell.com/en-au/shop/dell-27-gaming-monitor-s2721...

Key specs:
1. 144hz or 165hz using DP
2. 27" IPS
3. Ergonomic stand
4. VESA mounting
5. Blue coloured LEDs on back (can't be changed :p)
6. Freesync (gsync compatible)
7. USB3.0 hub
8. Comes with these cables: Power, HDMI, DP, USB3.0

This monitor also works with the famous monitor arms from screenmounts.com.au (great company by the way, can vouch for their customer service and quality products). I'm currently using my S2421DGF on a H160 (https://www.screenmounts.com.au/new-series-nb-h160-dual-scre...) plus other dell 27" ultrasharp monitors. So no issues with these monitor arms.

As of posting, there are 16 refurbished and 4 as-new monitors.

Additionally, getting it from the Outlet almost means delivery for your monitor will come rather quickly (within a week or two in my experience).

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  • Hmm. Does referbished mean a used monitor that was returned?

    • From what I've read

      Reburbished = monitor box opened and returned
      As-New = monitor either was delivered and rejected / delivered and returned / failed delivery and returned to sender with refund = the box was unopened.

  • Downside buying monitor from Outlet new or refurbished, you'll only get 1yrs warranty, instead of 3yrs from normal dell store.

  • Only if zero dead pixel

  • Also, a tip for some looking for ultrasharp monitors - they don't usually go on special much so buying from the Outlet is the next best place to grab them. Personally running 1x S2721DGF + 3x U2719D + 2x U2721DE and running 3x H160 monitor arms from screenmounts.

  • Great deal and product OP. Terrible customer service and handling of my purchase by the Dell Outlet 4 months ago.

    Dell billed me for a refurbished S2721DGF but there was no record of sale or purchase, took over 5 weeks for a refund. Same old story with Dell, always painful to contact.

    • Thanks mate. That's sad to hear about your experience. My dell outlet experience has always been good. Order acknowledged quickly and sent out promptly.

      • Generally the case with Dell, when things go smooth it is good. If there's an issue they are terrible at resolving.

        • I guess that's why you use credit card protection and charge backs when necessary. But yes, I agree with you too.

    • +2 votes

      Charge back?

    • I've had this problem with Dell before too.

    • I have now had two negative experiences with Dell. I love both my xps and my monitors which i got from them, but the ordering and customer service was a royal pain in the ass. When I ordered my xps they "lost" it and had to send another one, but only did so after many calls and emails. And then I ordered two monitors from them through their online portal and someone called me at 22:30 saying that my paypal payment had not gone through, and I had to correct him that in fact the payment had gone through, but only for 50% of what i ordered. When I asked why this happened as i had never seen this happen with any retailer ever, he explained to me that i instead should have ordered over the phone or via email, and he doesnt understand why anyone orders online. I (unlike others in dell reviews that i have read) managed to receive everything that i had ordered, but if given the option i will never order from there again.

      • Ewand had about the same experience. Except had zero correspondence and had to get my CC to contact Dell on my behalf to tell them they had my funds. The main issue with Dell CS (Apart from the fact it is outsourced) is there are so many branches that just don't speak to each other.

        On that note, that's my vent done. I still love my s272qdgf even if it seemed like an age to secure one.

    • Good to hear I brought 2 brand new ones and basically had the same experience. People on ozbargain does not like it when you say Dell service is bad and always end up getting downvotes

  • 3070, you're set man. That's enough to run any game at 1440p with 144hz or 165hz with DP.

    If it was me, I went for reburbs. Some others may have more peace of mind with as new, but then some would say just buy it new from the Dell store.

  • Have two of these monitors. They are superb. But one of mine now has 2 dead pixels, will be chasing up with Dell in order to get a replacement.

  • Thanks OP. I've been eyeing off this monitor for a while and this price was too good to ignore (and I finally saw it in time!) Also if anyone else is going to buy don't forget 5% cashback with Cashrewards. Brings the price down to $388.55.

    Now I just hope my GTX 1070 can handle it!

    • Np dude. I bought mine when it was first released and it's been going great. You're like me… Running a 1070 haha. You won't be able to get 165. I get 80-120fps in Destiny2.

      But one thing you'll notice is how God damn smooth 165fps feels doing productivity work haha. Smooth like butter.

      • Cool. I'm playing through Halo MCC at the moment so I'd think that wouldn't be too much trouble for it.

        Haha can't wait to see how smooth my spreadsheets are on this.

    • There is no cashrewards with Dell outlet

    • Hate to be the bearer of bad news but cashback isn't eligible on purchases from the outlet :(

    • How do I claim cash rewards? I just ordered, do I have to cancel and try again?

  • Congratulations chuns on your first post after 8 years!

    • Hahaha thanks man! And got my first badge too! I can never post a deal quick enough, but I check Dell Outlet more than I should… so guess this was a good time to post this monitor.

      I've also noticed a big uptick in inventory showing up on the Outlet page, so there must be a lot of returns happening lately. I reckon it's from all the Dell deals going on.

  • upvoted for the link to a dual-arm mount that can do 2 x 27" one above the other. Cheers.

    • It's a damn good mount. I was tossing up between this and a hexa monitor stand, but decided with this one (three of them) for the flexibility and also in future, I can repurpose them in separate areas.

      Also, comes out much cheaper then buying a hexa monitor stand.

  • Thanks OP. Got one.

  • My brand new dgf died within 2mths, so in my mind I would just go the outlet next time to save coin. Dell replaced with brand new but overseas cable was in the box, took about 3-4weeks of various photos being sent back and forth to verify the claim.

    Good deal at 409, very happy with mine.

  • Bought one in Jan and loving it! Easily recommend it, even cheaper than when i got it!

  • FYI refurbished model now OOS. With 'like new' your only saving $2.90 over brand new from eBay. If you don't have eBay plus you can start a free trial.

    • Yeah agreed, better to get the brand new one from Dell store. Also, if buying through Dell store, they will normally give you a discount voucher for your next purchase.

  • To those who missed out, I advise to just refresh this page every night and if it pops up (the reburb), just grab it.

  • "USD 3.0hub"

    So you're saying it's a cheap hub…

  • The Gigabyte g27q use the same panel apparently as the S2721DGF. Currently on sale at MSY for $379 brand new.

    • How are they the same panel when the Gigabyte is 144Hz and the Dell is 165Hz?

      • Apologies I have realised that since. I think on initial reports they thought they were the same. Mostly I've found those panels @165hz introduce higher input lag. Gigabyte offers punchier and better contrast ratio. Coming from an old PG279Q I can certainly tell the difference.

  • Confused. Dell 4K Better or Dell QHD ?

    • 4K @ 60hz? or 4K @ 144hz? Both very different in price.

      But generally speaking… 4K is great for productivity work and QHD is a good sweet spot for productivity and gaming.

      Gaming on 4K requires some serious GPU grunt, especially if you want to game at 144hz (GTX3080 needed).

      So depends on your budget. You can get either 4K 60hz or QHD 144hz for around $400 or less, and the 4K @ 144hz expect to dish out more $.

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    Great monitor, worked perfectly without even tinkering with the settings. Comes with both hdmi and display port cables which was pretty good. I did however read 144hz can only be achieved through the display port, which every half decent video card has now days. 27inch screen allows me to multitask without having multiple monitors. A+ for me!

  • For those who've purchased from the outlet, did get a order confirmation email after purchasing? How long does it take?

    Great post OP thanks.

    • Here's a history of one of my purchases:

      Ordered on 27/11/2020
      Quote received on 30/11/2020
      Order confirmation on 01/12/2020
      Invoice received on 03/12/2020
      Delivered on 08/12/2020

      So about 11 days from ordering to being delivered.

  • wouldn't these be the panels with issues that people send back and they are trying to pass the buck to another customer?

    • Not always, as I posted above:

      Reburbished = monitor box opened and returned
      As-New = monitor either was delivered and rejected / delivered and returned / failed delivery and returned to sender with refund = the box was unopened.

      My experience has been that the refurb monitors I've received only had the box opened. The monitor was essentially brand new, wrapped immaculately (maybe Dell did this again?), and all cables still in perfect condition.

      So far, no issues at all with any of my monitors.

  • Just got mine and they were spotless and sealed in boxes. Very happy. Thanks Chun.

    • Wow damn, 2 day turnaround - the benefits of staying close to where it gets dispatched from :p. No worries mate, glad to help. Enjoy!

    • wow so quick - did you get tracking info? keen to get my hands on mine