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$20 Voucher with $150 Eligible in-Store Spend, $50 Voucher with $250 Spend @ IKEA (Membership Required)


Spend $150-$249.99 and get a $20 voucher, spend over $250 and get a $50 voucher. Requires a free IKEA Family membership.

The voucher will be emailed to eligible IKEA Family members on 22 March 2021, the redemption period is 23 March 2021 to 30 April 2021 inclusive.

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  • Damn went to Ikea over the weekend and spent $300.

  • If you haven't opened/used the products… Return and repurchase? OzB style.

  • Can you pay by gift cards.. terms and conditions doesn't say

    Ikea has a quarterly $10 bonus if you spend $100 as well. Do you get that too ?

    Multiple transactions to reach $250 ok ?

  • There's a link to the full terms at the bottom of the email that went out. I think it's pretty crap to have minimum spend to qualify and THEN limited validity of the voucher you get.

  • does ikea have a signup bonus?

  • If I go to the restaurant and eat $250 worth of food, am I still eligible for the voucher?

    Was thinking of taking wedding guests there for lunch

  • Nice deal

  • Does anyone know if you can use multiple family accounts from the same address?

  • omg..just spent 170 yesterday without scanning my ikea card

  • That's odd, the dates in the T&Cs says "The Promotion Period is 1 March 2021 to 14 March 2021." but "The Redemption Period is 23 March 2021 to 30 April 2021 inclusive."? What's the difference? I only ask because I sometimes have to write T&Cs for work and promo period is generally when you buy stuff and redemption is when you pay it out, as far as I understand.

    • First dates is when you can buy stuff to get the voucher. Second dates is when you can use the voucher.

  • will the $50 code be a generic code like the $10 one?

  • Damn it! Just dropped $700 there last week 😫

  • How did you find out about the deal? I never got an email and didn't see it on the ikea website either

  • The Redemption Period is 23 March 2021 to 30 April 2021 inclusive. A qualifying purchase of must be made during
    this period in-store, with the IKEA Family card scanned at payment, and the voucher presented. Only one voucher
    can be redeemed per transaction.

    So does anyone know from previous vouchers-on-purchase deals if they're tied to that Ikea Family account, or is that just "an account is required to use the coupon" & I can sell it somewhere for $40?

  • Just signed up. Can we print our membership card or download it?

  • I spent $250+ but only got a $20 voucher rather than $50.

  • Same. Terms don't say anything about pre gst amount. I spent $258.

  • Spend >$400. Paid all with GC. Received $50 in-store voucher.

  • Spent $269, got a $20 voucher too. Spoke to them over the phone, they have added me to a "spreadsheet" and their promotion team is "looking into it".
    Confirmed the following:
    - $20 voucher expires on 30 April
    - $30 voucher will be emailed in 5 business days
    - Time won't be extended
    - One voucher per transaction won't change

    What BS!

    • Incompetence!

    • Update: Received another $30 voucher this morning and apparently both can be used in one transaction:
      "Solved it! Your correct voucher has arrived.
      To redeem your $50 reward*, just scan both the QR codes at the checkout next time you shop in-store. Vouchers expire on 30 Apr 2021."

  • Did you guys get the voucher via email? I haven't seen anything yet

  • I got my $50 but partner didn't get hers… Strange

  • I am supposed to get $50 voucher but they sent me $20 instead??? How IKEA??? Guys please comment here if you get their voucher email

  • Anyone still didn't get any vouchers ?

    It's a mess

  • Yeah I haven't received anything

  • Update: Finally got through & apparently have now been put on a list & told to wait up to 5 business days for the voucher to be emailed. Not impressed Ikea.

    What number are people ringing? Trying to ring Ikea Adelaide as I haven't received my voucher & the phone doesn't even ring, just hangs up immediately!

  • I spent $251+. Got a $20 voucher on 22/3. Replied to the email and sent them my receipt. Have heard nothing so far. Not sure if I should also try and call a local store?

    • Spent $263 and had the same problem, called up my local store and they said they'll be sending out another voucher within 5 business days, bummer is that I still have to use the voucher before the 30th of March

  • Did anyone who called up receive their voucher yet? after 5 business days.

    • Yes, received last Friday additional $30 voucher besides the $20 they had already sent.
      I emailed Ikea and also contacted Ikea via Facebook messenger.

    • Yes, called last Tuesday and received it today.

  • We've contacted ikea on three separate occasions and still haven't received our voucher. Twice by phone, once in Facebook. They always say we've been added to the list and to wait 5 business days. By the time we get the voucher if we ever do, it will have expired!

    • my partner has called 4 time, and each time the response was you have been added to the list. i just think they ran out of vouchers to handout to be honest as they didn't think it was going to be so popular and placed an limit on the voucher availability. All the peons dont know how to answer the request and just play pass the buck, you shouldn't be surprised that there is no such thing as a list.

    • I just called and they said if I haven't received the voucher by Wed (14/4) to call back. They downplayed it saying that if I was eligible I would have already received my voucher.

      • lol funny that, my partner called for the 6th time, was told that the night shift team leader will review my request and send out the voucher. I didn't think Ikea has a night shift customer service team leader as their hotlines close at 9:30pm LMAO. What a bunch of lies as its been another 2 days no voucher, let me know if you actually receive your voucher on the 14th thanks.

        • +1 vote

          It's the 14th now. Anyone who has not yet got their voucher?

          I've been in contact a few times and on 3rd attempt have had no response. Checked all my details correct before I spent over $250 and it is actually printed on my receipt that I qualified (as well as being told be the cashier).

          Maybe I should have just created a new account and got an extra $10 off. I'll definitely be deleting my "Ikea Family" account after this.

          I'm negging this deal as it should raise awareness that Ikea are not delivering on what they promised - very poor form!

          • @abc: I haven’t. I called up again last week and got told that I was on some spreadsheet list and they’re waiting for headoffice to give them the QR code’s and they had no idea when that would be but it would definitely be before promotion end.

          • @abc: I just called and they told me my name was "on the spreadsheet" and that they would email the team to see if they can process it today or tomorrow … Stay tuned!!!

        • Never got the voucher by the 14/4, called back on 16/4 and they told me I would get it that same day or the next day. Still nothing.

          But I did put through a second query via their website on 1/4 for a separate purchase on another IKEA family account and just received an email with one code for $50 with an expiry of 16/5. So I might follow them up that way with the other purchase.

  • Finally got a voucher today for $20, but it should have been $50 sigh

    • Get in touch with them, for either a no response or 'you are on the list' with an indefinite wait and no ETA on resolution.

      Ikea are a joke, in store and after sales too (personal experience). I guess you get what you pay for :)

      • Funnily enough I got the $30 voucher the next day. I used them today but the cashier insisted that only one voucher could be used per transaction

  • I had many problems with the March 2021 Family & Friends promotion, similar to what is mentioned above. The main dispute was whether the qualifying spend had to be from one transaction. The terms and conditions do not say the qualifying spend must be from one transaction. Ikea staff insist it must be one transaction. However I eventually got them to agree that it is the cumulative total in the qualifying period which qualifies your spend. Assuming you scanned your card each time.

    Also of interest: the person on the phone said the 30 April deadline for redemption has been extended to 16 May, due to problems emailing the vouchers.

    Hope the above helps some keen ozbargain Ikeaers.

    • i suggest you spend your voucher before the 30th, i wouldn't trust the extension period with all the problems trying to obtain the voucher. Good luck trying to explain to the checkout chick that so and so told me the voucher was extended till the 16th from Ikea customer service with no transcript or written email confirmation.