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Pushstart 63W 5 Ports USB-A/USB-C Wall Charger $17 Delivered @ Walla


Brand new PUSHSTART 5 Ports USB-A/USB-C Wall Charger Adapter Plug with Surge Protect with FREE delivery Australia wide for only $17.

Limited to 5 units per customer. While stock last.

Charge your Android or Apple smartphone quickly and safely with the PushStart 63W High Capacity Fast Charge 5 Port Wall Charger. Certified to Australian Safety Standards and featuring a 5 Star Energy Performance rating and built-in surge & short circuit protection, this charger allows you the convenience of charging up to four devices at once.

63w Output with Fast Charge for iPhone and Samsung, 5 Star Minimum Energy Performance Rated, Auto Surge & Short Circuit Protection, Australian Standards Certified.

Colour: White
Compatible Model: Universal
Dimensions: 88mm (L) x 70mm (W) x 45mm (H)

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  • *Voilà

  • walla bro, this website legit cuz?

  • I like how the Just Arrived on the website front page are Sold Out!

  • This website looks super sus…

  • Add $2 more you can get either 2M usb-c cable or lightning cable
    USB-C cable 2M + Pushstart 63W 5 Ports USB-A/USB-C Wall Charger $19 delivered
    Lightning cable 2M + Pushstart 63W 5 Ports USB-A/USB-C Wall Charger $19 delivered
    Anyone can share the tech specs? Cheers

  • Certified to Australian Safety Standards and featuring a 5 Star Energy Performance rating


    And what's each port capable of?

  • Probably what, 30w or 45w on the USB-C port?

  • "All of our orders are being dispatched daily from our Moorabbin warehouse and fulfilled within 1 business day"

    Strange wording. Rep, does that mean "Fulfilled from a China warehouse, bulk shipped to Melbourne, and then forwarded from Moorabbin"?
    I find it hard to believe you are shipping this cheap Chinese stuff all over the world from Moorabbin. Would make no economic sense.

    "Australian Safety Standard Compliant - with a 5 star energy performance rating."

    Is AU star rating for charger even a real thing? The lack of specs say "stay away".

    AU plug? or adapter in box?

    • What is the purpose of criticising the location of their warehouse? Of course it comes from China, but the product is already in Australia. Is that something to be wary of? Does it matter?

      • No, that's not it. What often happens is that sellers claim to have local stock, but actually order on demand from China.
        So it does not get posted in Australia until some days later (can be many). Happens all the time on eBay. Not sure about Walla, AKA KG ELECTRONIC PTY LTD.

        Some clarification would be welcome. It sounds like deceptive wording.

        It would be much better if they could simply say "All of our orders are from our Moorabbin warehouse within 1 business day", if that were true.
        All those extra words try to change the meaning discretely. Deception?

    • "Australian Safety Standard Compliant - with a 5 star energy performance rating."

      Extremely unlikely. Confidence level 99.999%

    • +1 vote

      Sorry if that sounds unclear.. To clarify, all of the items we sell on our websites are in stock and located on the shelves that are in our warehouses located in Moorabbin 3189 in Australia.

      Yes the plug is an original AU plug with no adapters.

      I hope that helps.

      • Thanks. One gets to be skeptical in this business.

        Can I ask … 14000 "just arrived items. On the front page by "best selling" is the Hue motion sensor. "59 peoples have this in their carts right now."

        And yet you charge $75 while Amazon or Bunnings is $49. It would seem your website is lying about it being a best seller, and all those people putting it in the shopping cart (we call it a "trolley" in Australia). How do we know which parts to believe?

      • Can you clarify a few things in your product description claims please:

        What Au standards does it supposedly meet?

        When/by whom was it submitted for testing against that standard by Au authorities?

        What and whose "5 Star Energy Rating" are you using?

        Chargers obviously use whatever energy they're required to by the device being charged, with minimal power usage themselves. The 5 star rating is highly likely to be bs but I'm interested in the other claim seeing as how rarely such products are submitted for testing.

        Here's a summary of what Australian consumer law says about false or misleading claims: https://www.accc.gov.au/consumers/advertising-promotions/fal...

  • I had to push start my old Charger a few times back in the day

  • For $17 I'll bite. I'll post back here if my house burns down….

    side note - I've bought a couple items from KG before and had no issues, australia stock delivered in about a week.

  • I’ll take a punt on this.

  • Taking a punt for $17, half expecting it to not be local stock

    • +1 vote

      happy to report it's local for me, shipped from Melbourne overnight last night

      • stock from kgelectronic Melbourne actually. Build quality looks solid and measured output power of typc-c can reach 35W same as spec. Not bad for 17 bucks including shipping.

  • Mine arrived today. My Chromebook doesn't seem to like the USB C charging very much, I have to turn the chromebook off then start it up with the charger plugged in for it to recognise and start charging.It then charges at about 30W.

    Galaxy S20 Ultra charges at about 12 watts, until you start to use the phone then it drops to 5W.

    Haven't tried the USB A ports yet.

    It makes an annoying buzz that can be heard in a quiet room, it's louder when not under load (e.g. not charging)

    Don't trust it, and wouldnt buy again.