Unlocked LG K30 (2019) 16GB / 2GB RAM / Snapdragon 425 $69 + Shipping (Limited Stock for Pickup) @ BIG W


Can't say if the phone itself is any good, but considering most places are still selling for full retail price of $179 and up, seems like a good deal for those who need a cheap phone.

LG K41s also on sale for $159.

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  • Displaying on the site as $199 ???

  • bloody bargain for anyone looking for a phone for their folks or something like that

  • Its snapdragon ;p

  • Buy it or not buy it!

  • Can't see any in stock and no delivery available

    • Same. Good luck finding stock. Did a quick search and only low stock listed at the following from what I could find.

      • Menai NSW
      • Rouse Hill NSW
      • Winston Hills NSW
      • Renmark SA
  • Also on sale at Target for $79 if you can't find stock at big W.

    Didn't think it was much of a bargain because of the 2gb ram.

    Saw some in stock at Forest Hill Vic target store on the weekend.

  • I've got two Alcatel Pop 4 phones from a couple of years ago. I've gone through both batteries on one phone because they've swollen and it is so damn slow even basic use is agony - many, many seconds to get to a phone screen. There is no way I'm spending another cent on batteries for a Poop 4. Was a bargain back then or so I thought. At best I got an overpriced toy. So if this phone is similar, I'd advise people to stay away.

    • no offence, what do you expect for $69?

      • I have Telstra 4GX phones that are no where near as brain dead as the Poop 4. Totally usable. Same price on sale. So I don't expect zero lag, or decent gaming, but I do expect a usable phone, funnily enough. The Poop 4 wasn't even good enough to give primary school aged kids, because I don't want them stuck waiting 2 minutes for the piece of garbage to respond if they want to be picked up, never mind in an emergency.

  • 5.45-inch screen

    how cute

  • 4G bands 1, 3, 7, 8, 20, 38 according to GSMArena. The Auspost one [listed $199] is dual SIM. A `dedicated Google Now' button just like the V50 is an unfeature IMHO.