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POCO X3 NFC B28 (Global Version) Snapdragon 732G 6GB 64GB US$201.87 (~A$260.68) Delivered (HK) @ Banggood


Great price on the Poco X3, comments from last deal and kimivol confirm it has Band 28 even though it's not listed on Banggood's site. Also has NFC.

Note: Title prices include GST. Approximated AUD price, based on today's MasterCard rates, paying in USD. Stackable with cashback

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  • Had one since last year. Great performance and battery life. However, and not surprisingly at this price point, not recommended for photogs.

  • Paid 4 weeks ago, still no shipping info. Because they don't have stock at all!
    Spent an hour chasing refund last night. The chat said they may not have it for another 15 days.
    Good luck if you paid.

    • Mine was 128GB, looks like they have this 64gb in HK

    • I have been waiting even longer for 128gb version. Asked them if they could switch order to the 64gb version and they said no as also not in stock so surprised only 4 days later they are promoting this.

  • this one or the m3?

  • Be prepared to wait for a month for it to arrive. I bought the 128GB version from Banggood Hong Kong on Jan 28 and they are still processing as of today Mac 1. I'm never gonna buy from them again for this reason.

    • That's appalling.

      Of course the longer they delay the cheaper they are able to buy the phone for thus higher their profit. Sounds like they speculated on a low sale price, and are now waiting for the wholesale to match up.

    • +2 votes

      I bought the 64GB version first week of Feb shipped from Hong Kong and, to my pleasant surprise, it arrived in the last week of Feb.

  • i thought there was a model oppo at this price point at office works that was the popular phone and AU warranty and charger ?

  • I'm surprised at the long shipping times I ordered late 2020 and it only took 3 weeks to arrive.

    Very happy with the Poco X3

  • that's awful with shipping times..rather get from Kogan? is Kogan global version?

  • Just an update, based on comments from this post as well as some earlier posts on Poco X3, I was prepared to contact them to cancel if they don't ship on time.

    I'm glad to report that since placing an order last night (around 8pm), I've now just received their shipping notification, it's on its way. :)

    • Another update, it's been delivered today (on a Sunday). So it took a week and half. Package was well packed. Overall I'm very happy with the experience.

  • Is this still active? The site shows ~300aud for me plus GST.

  • Still no delivery so after 2 months I have asked for the refund for this and will look to buy elsewhere. Banggood never again for me.