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[Pre Order] Game & Watch Super Mario Bros $79 + $4.99 Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi ($79.95 @ The Gamesman/EB Games)


Last batch of stock to reach Australia according to Vooks.

Note that stock won’t be available till March 30 for JB (exact date unknown for Gamesmen).

Expect other retailers to also have preorders in the coming days.

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  • Omg thanks OP finally for my hands on one

    • is this company good for hardware?/returns/warrantu

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        Or just use web based browser emulators on either phone company because fanboying for either side is lame, and NES stuff runs fine on webpages.

        • I’m glad my trolling kicked off such a lively discussion with such an informed and enthusiastic expert. The ‘chef’s kiss’ line was a classic 🤣
          For shits and giggles I thought I’d see how many downvotes a comment could get by saying something completely stupid. I actually own an iPhone and couldn’t give a shit either way.

  • Got one
    Thanks OP

  • Thank you op, finally placed order success.

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    [Switch, Pre-Order] Nintendo Game & Watch Super Mario Bros

    Looks slightly bigger than a standard Switch cartridge…

  • Thanks OP!

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    Got one… but why?

    • Resell market crap. People resell Aldi Special buys now.

      • Can never have enough hot sauce and smoked nuts. Not to mention mops and socks.

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      Because I collect this kind of stuff.

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      Wait for another 30 years.

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    Got an original one of these, at least I think I do. From clearing out the attic!
    Are these collectible /limited edition?

    Don't see the value in it for 79 bucks to be honest

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      It’s be worth a lot more ina few years

    • The older ones are. This one prob not so much now. But being "limited", an easy $100 sell if wanted to resell it. More value in the nostalgia of it for people

      • I said a few years not now.

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          Modern video gaming products as an investment strategy is a mugs' game - especially those containing rechargeable batteries.

          How much will a mass-produced consumer item containing a lithium-ion battery be worth in 10 years? 20 years?

          Your local council tip might be able to give you some clues.

          • @OzDJ_: To some extent, I do agree with you. My PSP, the battery in that expanded and became useless. But could be a flaw in that design. Since my first DS charges without a problem years without use.

            However, the value of these items technically don't need to work to be worth much. I mean, you can get limited editions GC for $800.

            You're ignorant to a large extent however. My bro sold one of his N64 original games for $1,500 on the marketplace, when he got it for $150.

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              @RocketSwitch: The problem is these kind of mass produced rarities tend not to be worth much because they're not actually rare. Not like a Hyrule Warriors Wii U, sold only out of one store in New York and not even everyone who lined up on the day got one. That's rare. This has had multiple production runs, there's at least hundreds of thousands of them floating around the world.

              And because it's a collectable, it will b stashed in a cupboard and sold off for many years to come. N64 games very few people were buying them with the idea of collecting them so most were used and fairly trashed. So in good nick they're actually rare.

              Personally I collect oddity games. I bought a few Gamecube/Wii U games brand new in the store because I knew they weren't selling well, weren't having many made but eventually collectors would chase them down. That's where the money is.

              • @freefall101: I can't really argue with that. They're good points. But, generally yes, but like shares, we do not know what we sell well, even if something like this is mass-produced. If they're already going for $149-$200 on eBay, how on Earth are they going to be $50 in 10 years time? Won't happen. They will at least be around the $300 mark.

                • @RocketSwitch: Its cool that people like you don't listen to freefall advise as what he says is true . In all collectables target the stuff that people aren't hoarding away .
                  This was produced during a pandemic where hoarding to a mass scale has already happened :)

                  • @popsiee: Yeah, good rule in general, but as I said, it's not always the case.

                    Take Pokemon: Gold Version for example, how many did it sell? It can go for over $2,000 sealed!

                    So you could have told that person, the same dribble, but you just don't know what holds or increases their value!

                • +2

                  @RocketSwitch: Easy, FOMO. That's driving demand right now. Supply is limited because people are still amused by the novelty of owning it. But that won't last.

                  I have a nintendo tshirt from Japan, a Bomberman one with the Nintendo certification logo stitched into it. It's 30 years old, never been worn, it's 1 out of 1,000. It's worth maybe $50, less than it cost (adjusted for inflation). It's as rare as hell and, at the right time, was actually worth more. But today? Not much, because there's no demand.

                  Supply and demand moves over time. Demand now is high, it's a hot item, it's really hard to find, there's a tonne of people holding on the hope it'll go up later. But eventually it'll be an item that has collected dust on the shelf for 2-3 years, the FOMO will have died off and there will be a massive second hand market. Maybe it'll go up, if you kept it sealed and everyone else ripped theirs open to play with it, but probably not much. 50 years from now it might be one of the few remaining but definitely not $300 in 10 years.

                  Like those little Ooshie things Coles/Woolworths flog, they were going for ridiculous prices during the mad rush. But these days you can jump on ebay and buy a set for next to nothing. It needs to be actually limited to hold any future value.

                  • @freefall101: You are right. It's worth checking to see if there is any demand. Sometimes there is none, and what you have is worth nothing. So far though, all my retro gaming items have sold nicely, at least 4x the value I got it for. All Nintendo though, not ready to depart with some rare PS3, PS2 or Xbox games.

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                  @RocketSwitch: Like Guitar hero warriors of rock Wii version Bundle edition with guitar and drum Brand New never open, bought in 2010 for $10 sold it last year for $499. Maybe i was lucky, but i sold it

                  • +1

                    @puglix: Nice one!! Don't think you were lucky, that's the price I thought it would go for with the drum. Reminds me when I got Guitar Hero for Wii U for $15 at Target, got 4, sold 2 on eBay for $150 each. Thought to do some 4 players, but never did!

            • +2

              @RocketSwitch: I'm not talking about Gamecubes, N64s or any other console that predates the retro gaming craze from ~2010 onwards.

              I sold close to 240 consoles (home and handheld), a couple of thousand games and most of my arcade machines a few of years ago. I'd been collecting/hoarding for decades. I did really well out of it and would have done ever better if I'd liquidated the lot in the last six or so months instead.

              To be very clear what I am asserting here modern video gaming products have mass-market (not just children) appeal and based on the mindblowing volumes being sold AND the inherent failure rate of components like lithium ion batteries, it will be decades (IF EVER) that they become valuable.

              It's one of the reasons that I don't collect much hardware for the Switch, particularly Joycons, consoles et al. And I'm definitely collecting the games (just under 1,200 at the moment) for fun and NOT to make money.

              • +1

                @OzDJ_: Thanks for sharing. That's a huge amount of consoles sold. Nice one.

          • @OzDJ_: MY Poke ball and Pikachu edition 2DS XLs are worth around the $400 mark now.

            I paid $150 each 2-3 years ago.

            Batteries can be replaced.

            You do know these Game and Watch Mario units use the same batteries as joy cons which can be purchased separately?

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      I don't see the value either. Just the parrots wanting to resell for profit. I hope they can't make more than $20 after holding onto it for years. F these reseller scalpers.

      • +1

        lol, of course. If everyone got one, it would be worth nothing. The parrots want you to ignore it.

      • +1

        I agree. Pretty bland. The Mini Snes and Mini Super Nes only have extremely small resell value and they are not around now. Unless you are an avid collector $79 is mental for two games that are 35 years old.

      • just the parrots wanting to resell for profit.

        May I interest you in a course, business 101?

        • +1

          I hope it is the Animal Crossing Switch all over again. Get stocks or something instead of children toys. To each their own.

    • I'll buy it for $50 if it works. DM me :P

  • Ah the early bird catches the worm. Thank Op

  • +10

    Can't believe the rush for these at 79 bucks when I picked up a new 3ds for 99

    • +1

      I've been looking for a new 3DS for ages, could you tell me where you got one?

      • You missed the original bargain and then covid pushed prices up. $99 new probably won't happen now that the warehouses have emptied.

        3DS cover plates have outperformed bitcoin. Check out the ghost one or hanafuda playing card ones.

    • That Amazon black Friday special was a bargain for the XL

      • It was repeated a couple of times at least tho, it was easier to get than this!

        • After the initial drop of these, ove gotten to about 6. The 99 3dsXL was definitely value, but the battery lasts amazingly in these beauties, I mean there is only three games. Hopefully they will get brewing, a decent portable nes, who wldve known.

    • +1

      It's a collector's item.

      • I guess I won't be opening mine then…

        • Depends. Brand new, in a decade, would be worth around $399 - $699.

          But, I open all my things, because I don't plan to ever sell them.

          • +3


            Brand new, in a decade, would be worth around $399 - $699


            • @OzDJ_: LOL, you laugh, but I just sold one GC game on eBay for $220. So keep laughing LOL

              • +2

                @RocketSwitch: A game people enjoyed as a kid, over 20 years ago, they were willing to pay about $200. Compared to this thing after 10 years, that no one really played, you expect $400+? Seems…high.

                • @incipient: I am guessing, but been into this stuff for 15 years to have some indication of price, it's a little high, but this has features that will age well. It's already lurking the $150-$200 mark on eBay.

                  • +1

                    @RocketSwitch: How come I can buy tons on Ebay at $90 landed :)

                    I kind of know the answer that you are in dreamland hehe .

              • @RocketSwitch:

                I just sold one GC game on eBay for $220

                That must be a rare game. What was it? I sold almost all of my GC gear a few years back.

            • @OzDJ_: Don't laugh, inflation will take care of it.

              • @jayzee: CPI has been on a sustained declining trend since the GFC (page 4, chart one, purple line). It's going to take a major change in the macroeconomic environment to see the sort of rates needed to get a 2020/2021 $79 throwaway up item up to $399 (let alone $699).

          • @RocketSwitch: Thats why you buy two. One to keep, one to use

            • @Cyphar: So what's my original Donkey Kong hand-held worth these days?

              • @Jackson: Let me take a look at it for ya and I'll let you know.

              • @Jackson: Seem them sold for $100-200 depending on the sucker.

                I have an original Oil Panic and Zelda. Zelda is mint and only cost me $140. Oil panic was a bit more for $150.

                • @pogichinoy: Currently on ebay Oz there's nothing under 200. I expect Donkey kong is the most expensive of these. Someone was selling Greenhouse for 139, I used to live that game

                  • @Jackson: Check out Marketplace. Saw a number of DK ones for $100-140 here in Sydney.

          • +2

            @RocketSwitch: That's why I buy 2 of each. One to open and play the other to stash away…

  • Finally got one thanks

  • +1

    There were only a few batches of these ones and production will cease at the end of the month.

    It will gain some value in the next couple of months.

    • +4

      enough people will buy and store it, so doubtful it will be ever substantially rise in value.

      • The classic consoles already have doubled in price

  • Thanks OP. This ticks a couple of nostalgia boxes for me.

  • Well pre ordered one an hour ago with JB sits back and waits for order to be cancelled like my Target one a few months back

  • +3

    Thanks OP, been waiting patiently to get one, i refuse to support scalpers. A bit concerned that JB will cancell my order so i purchased one from games men as well. If they both come through, ill give one as a birthday present to my brother. If jb cancells on me then at least i got the gamesmen one as the backup.

    • And what are you giving to your brother as the birthday present if JB cancels your order?

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