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Apple AirPods Pro $314 + Shipping (Free with Club) @ Catch


Extra 15% off Catch Gift Cards @ PayPal - brings the price down to $266.90 + Shipping (Free with Club)

Free delivery with Club Catch - Free trial available.

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  • gonna buy one. ty.

    • +1

      Make sure you tick the correct size…

      I didn't… 😢

      • Unfortunately it’s not the pro model either. Double burn

        • lolllll #jvfail

      • were those custom-made for Tony Abbott?

        ffs, jv, now i want one of those stupid things lol

        • were those custom-made for Tony Abbott?


  • Can you just join Club Catch for a month and pay $6.95 and cancel within 30 days rather than sometimes when you buy a few items, postage can get up to $9.95?

    • +4

      Yes and you can cancel right away. It will stay active for 30 days.

      • Easy to cancel ?

        • As easy as clicking the post comment button

    • yea that’s what I’m thinking too. Eyeing something that costs $15 in delivery but might as well opt to pay the $6.50 club catch to get “free delivery”

  • paid 255+17for 320gift card. pick up at target for 4.95+314

  • is it safe to buy from catch? a genuine apple product?

    • +3

      I have it from Catch and it’s genuine.

      • legend thanks for confirming

  • FYI, I just bought them and they are the Malaysian version, so I don't think they will be covered by Apple Australia.

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    Price matched at Officeworks for $306.85
    Showed them the catch app on my iPhone and went through the process of purchasing one.

    They didn’t want to price match the pickup from a target store (which was $5 cheaper) and only PW the final $323 home delivered amount.

    • +1

      Can you please post your receipt so others can utilise to pricematch at other Officeworks store?


    • +1

      Woah, that’s awesome mate! As requested by cgoz, appreciate if you can share the receipt - planning to get one tomorrow morning.

      Thanks in advance

    • @Ausguy That's an amazing deal! I thought Officeworks wouldn't price match an online store. Would be appreciated if you could share your receipt :)) Thanks

    • +1

      same, PB at OW with shipping included. success

      although I paid one dollar more because shipping is 9.95 not 9.00

  • (Deleted comment)

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