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15% off Catch Gift Cards @ PayPal


15% off Catch Gift Cards


  • The offer is only applicable to Catch Gift Cards valued at $20, $50, & $100. Offer is not valid for other Catch Gift Card denominations, including but not limited to Variable.
  • Offer is valid from 8:00am 3rd March 2021 until 11:59pm 11th March 2021 or until supplies last; limited quantity available.
  • Limit of 10 digital gift cards per person.
  • Offer is only valid for the PayPal account associated with this email address; this offer is non-transferable, not redeemable for cash and not for resale.
  • Offer may not be combined with other coupons or discounts on PayPal Digital Gifts website.

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  • Very noice!

    Going to start looking at catch and fill up my cart eh eh eh.

  • +18 votes

    dream request for 10% off Amazon and ebay gift cards please

  • Still have leftovers from the previous deal! Catch doesn’t do the free shipping promo anymore so you need to sign up for membership - I think it’s 6.50 or something like that! Useless these days!

    • yeah still have it from last time they did this. Hard to find anything well priced to buy TBH. Also can't use these on most other Catch deals which prevents stacking of discounts I guess.

  • Got caught once ..🙏🙏 will play on back foot and give it a miss…

  • We're sorry, this promotion is sold out
    15% off Catch - From Tomorrow!

    Thought it was ozbargained already for a second there

  • What's the catch?

  • Are multiple giftcards allowed to be used for a single transaction? AKA, can you add multiple giftcards for a single purchase?

  • Does paypal send out the gift cards instantly?

  • This Xiaomi 34" looks good but I have no experience with Catch; I can't tell if there'd be any issues using these gift cards being a 3rd party seller…?

    • Might be better off going for their direct offer for that monitor sold by Catch? Happy to send you a 10% code also to apply to it if you'd like via PM.

      • they were $499 the other day :((( stack with UNiDAYS could’ve been $449, with further savings via gift cards

  • Keep in mind that you cannot stack with any Catch discount code if using their gift cards for payment (99% of the time).

    • I’m pretty sure it did for the catch connect deal

    • Why are these different? Weird!! You can stack on giftcards from Coles.

      Edit** Also want to mention there are a limited number of giftcards which are subject to availability

    • Keep in mind that you cannot stack with any Catch discount code if using their gift cards for payment (99% of the time).

      Really so you think 1% off items is sold by Catch or is Nintendo or Apple products .

    • You can only use a max of 5 catch gift cards per order AFAIK. So with $100 cards, the max you can use is $500

    • is this true? I can’t use UNiDAYS with gift cards for shipped and sold by catch?

      • no. you can use: discount coupon OR unidays coupon
        for payment you can use gift cards at any time

        also remember coupons only work for items sold by catch not for marketplace items

      • I can't comment for Unidays as I don't have it. I am talking from personal experiences trying with the occasional discount codes that Catch promotes.

      • I have personally used gift cards, along with unidays promo codes. So I believe that works fine.

        You just can't use two promo codes together.

      • Unidays voucher can be use if it sale by catch not market place seller.
        So make sure you refine sale by catch so that time you can buy at extra 10%.

    • I'm pretty sure you can use gift cards with Unidays 10% off.

      • I'm 100% sure. I did it the other day. Unidays discount only works on items sold by catch

      • Not each item,Only can use which been sold by directly from catch.

      • Just used StudentBeans 10% off along with the discounted gift card so that definitely works.

  • Eyeing off a roborock. these prices have been jacked
    $999 for an s5 max!?

  • I've never shopped at Catch before. Can anyone confirm if gift cards work for products sold by a different seller, instead of Catch?

    For example. this knife is "sold and delivered by Baccarat"

  • Is it an egift card or physical?

  • Can we buy catch gift card with catch gift card?

    I am looking for an item that cost $750 however based on comment above i can only use 5 gift card per transaction. My intention is to buy 8x$100 gift card and then use this gift card to buy higher denominations gift card (so that i will meet 5 gift card per transaction to purchase $750 item) and then use these higher denominations gift card to purchase what i want.

    • No you can't do that.

    • You can buy 5 x $100 gift cards for $425 and you'll have to fork out the remaining $250. I believe you should earn cashback on the $250 spend if you purchase through Shopback or Cashrewards.

  • Just spent $300 last week :( sad

  • Last time I've bought something from them they were called "Catch of the day" , many years ago.
    Better deals can be found elsewhere, even local brick and mortar retailers.

    • Agreed

    • Disagree. You clearly don’t check Ozbargain often.

    • Yes that is long gone. Now owned by big wig Westfarmers I think so been awhile since there were any real deals like they use to.

    • Yep back in the day they used to have "1 " deal at midday every day if I'm remembering correctly?

      • Yup, they were one of the first to start it and then a few other online stores did it as well. Zazz, i forgot some of the other ones. The idea was basically 1 deal that they would procure a lot of those items and hence get a special discounted rate. Much like the idea of Massdrop etc. I remember i used to buy a lot from them when Catch first started back in 2008 or something.

        Then voucher companies for restaurants / experiences came out following a similar principle except they also relied on people forgetting to use their vouchers and / or some restaurants did a dodgy by selling a voucher but everytime someone called to make a booking, they will say they are booked out… There was a fall out and a big hit on voucher companies by ACCC i believe.

        Catch meanwhile went onto become a online shop for anything and everything and sadly the days of amazing special priced deals were pretty much gone. Occasionally they still get decent deals but not like it was before.

    • Gone are the times when they actually had substantial deals, now bought out, your best option is to stack discounted gifts with coupons/cashback redemptions. I disagree on the brick and mortar stores though - I personally haven’t found any decent discounts across the same items in-store in years. Where are you shopping?

      • Those days are long gone! The deals where there when they actually stocked em in their Melbourne warehouse.
        Now its now another redirect website.
        As for deals, do you shop? I'm not sure what you're after but you can't tell me I can't pick up stuff cheaper then catch, quite the opposite.

        • Sounds like you have your wires crossed there mate. I don’t know where you got that information from considering they state on every listing where they sell and dispatch from, depending on the item.

          Might want to read my comment again. I’m not referring to Catch having the be all and end all of discounts. Quite the opposite actually. I haven’t seen any comparable discounts in a physical shop front in terms of big ticket items and name brands in a very long time.

          • @Lani: Heh, what?
            My info is from someone who worked there lol
            Seems like you're well versed in the retail business 🤣

            • @Steakz: I'm giving you facts from the site itself. You haven't been on there since prior to 2017 and claim you know "someone who works there." Whatever helps you sleep at night.

  • OP, Catch limits max 5 gift cards per tansaction. So I can only use max 5x$100 ?

  • Does anyone know if these gift cards work on catch connect?

  • So we can use these gift cards to pay for catchconnect 360 day plan in conjunction with unidays on catch website?

    • Yup.

      • Thanx

      • Have u ever used unidays before do you know how to get the code?

        When i go to unidays website and search for catch the page has a link that says get code and go to catch website.

        Link takes me to catch website but doesn't give me a code?

        • You get the code from Unidays, not Catch.

          • @hawkeye93: Yeah i knew that but unidays website was not giving me a code just redirecting me to catch website.

            Was using mobile browser when not giving me a code.

            Switched to desktop browser and finally gave me the coupon code.

            First time using UniDays Cheers.

    • the $120 is new customer only, does that mean as long as you are not with CATCH you can still port?

      • Aka deal for porting in, not existing user of CatchConnect. Even so, you can still port out and then come back.

  • Those Samsung soundbars should be pretty cheap with this (Q60/70/90T)

  • Is AZ eShop any good? Sold & shipped by Catch. So im planning to stack these giftcards with Unidays for Wh1000xm4 purchase

  • How much is the Unidays discount on Catch?

    • 10% - but only can be applied to items sold directly by Catch, not by any of the linked marketplace sellers.

      • Ok thanks, but 15% works with marketplace as well?.

        • yeah the 15% off the gift cards works with everything. so you just pay $85 for a $100 valued gift card.

          if you can use unidays, it is then a bonus on top of that, and only on those catch directly sold items.

  • Is it still at regular price for anyone? Spamming F5 right now

  • targetted? "Offer is only valid for the PayPal account associated with this email address; this offer is non-transferable, not redeemable for cash and not for resale"

  • No discount working for me…

  • Targeted

  • Showing as full price for me

  • nope. nothing for me. Seems targeted.

  • Its up now its not targeted .

  • works for me now too

  • Offer is valid from 9:00am 3rd March 2021, not 8am.

  • the gift card is emailed to you right?

  • Worked for me, received cards within 5 minutes and have used them on Catch successfully.

  • PS5 Accessories for those who managed to get a PS5

  • Does catch have limit on how many gift cards are used in one transaction ?

  • Anyone had positive warranty experience with items sold & shipped by Catch? And are items sold by them australian stock or grey import?

    • Aussie stock. They are generally better than Kogan/Dick Smith

    • I bought a pair of Sennheiser headphones several years back. One of the earphones started to give off a crackling noise. They honoured the two year warranty, but unfortunately no longer stocked the item. I was able to get a full refund and they were pleasant to deal with. Pretty sure they only deal in local stock.

    • I bought a blender and it arrived DOA. they tried to pawn me off to the manufacturer but I held my ground and they gave in easily