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Godox SL-60W 60W Video Light with BD-04 Barn Door $178 (Was $209) Delivered @ Emgreat-AU via Amazon AU


Godox SL-60W 60W CRI95+ Qa>90 5600±300K Bowens Mount Led Continuous Video Light with BD-04 Barn Door,Wirelessly Adjust Brightness, 433MHz Grouping System,for Video Recording,Wedding,Outdoor Shooting

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  • These lights have fans on them and your camera can pick up the fan noise sometimes.

    • Can confirm - fans are pretty loud even at low settings.

      You will hear the fans when it's used at a suitable distance for live streaming and talking heads - further away might be ok though.

      You can combat it with a dynamic mic and/or some sort of noise gate via a DAW in post though - can also use that to stream live if needed.

      Oh also, get a nice large softbox for that soft buttery light!

  • If people are not familiar what this is for, it's one of the most popular quality budget lights for photography.

    Just YouTube the model name and it will yield heaps of reviews on it.

    I own it personally and bought from this third party Amazon seller with no issues.

    • They are continuous lights, used mainly for video. You can use them for photography but they provide nowhere near the intensity and light stopping power that a flash unit can deliver.