This was posted 3 years 3 months 10 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Sony Bravia 65" X9500H $2415 + Delivery @ The Good Guys Commercial (Membership Required)


Previously expired deal, but there is now more stock.

I took delivery of my TV today and it looks great.

Delivery was $55 in metro Melbourne. Most of my local good guys stores had stock from what i could see.
I believe you can pickup instore to avoid the delivery charge if thats an option for you.
The 65 X9000H is not on the commercial site, but i understand they can quote via email for you (and its on the normal good guys site).

I got my Good Guys commercial access via SunSuper.

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    • No.

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      no, that 65X9000H is the model down on the 65X9500H.

      There are discussions floating around that suggest the 9000H is better for gaming (on the basis of a forever coming firmware upgrade to give it HDMI 2.1).
      I dont anticipate getting a new console anytime soon, so went for the 9500H which is regarded as better for tv/cinema.

      • The X950H is really good, but it lacks ALLM. It can upscale 1080p to 4k with 120 fps.

    • 9000 vs 9500

      • Hands down the X950 is much better, it just misses the ALLM feature, even in gaming…

  • Still not worth another $500 over what i got the 65" X9000 for 5 months ago. $1940.

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    Few oz champs got 9000 75” for 2295$/2200$ exclude gift cards discount

  • is the 55inch at a reasonable cost on GGC?

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      Unfortunately, it's not available.

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        Thanks mate

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      Was $1962. It comes and goes on GGC.

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    Keep in mind - x950H doesn't have HDMI 2.1. x900H does. If you are into gaming, it might be worth considering the x900h instead.

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      you should put an asterisk on that because as far as I'm aware, it doesn't yet.

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        It does - 4k 120hz is already implemented via update. VRR and ALLM coming in future update though.

  • Pretty good price. Just got mine delivered today!

    • How is it?

  • Hi…Any price on the site for the 75" X950H? Thanks

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      • Thanks for the update…

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    Only downside is that you still need an Apple TV / Nvidia Shield to get Atmos to work for Disney +

  • me mate had a fun story with TGGC

    placed an order, the store forgot to send it, a week later he cancelled because the item became cheaper elsewhere

    got refund immediately

    but still received the item from TGGC with a courier next day

    been trying to give it back to them but they don't seem interested

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    That's too expensive for a TV that's missing so many new features. should be the price for the 75" version. I love this TV though, it has amazing picture quality, it absolutely destroys the X900H. I just hate how it has no ALLM. I could even live with the 1080p upscale to 4k at 120 fps.

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      destroys lol get a grip.

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        Test it side by side and you'll see. I did.

        • so did i, not worth another $600 plus

          • @[Deactivated]: its a close call. i guess the risk is you buy the cheaper one and regret it for the next 5 or so years.
            you will seldom think of the money you could have saved by getting the cheaper tv

        • Test it side by side with a OLED and see what destroys and funny enough the x950 looked pretty much the same as the Q8 in PQ

          • @DoesntEvenMatter: would never pay more than $2K for a TV, not worth it.

            • @[Deactivated]: Question how often do you change your phone vs a TV 😂

              • @DoesntEvenMatter: My phone brings me in $500k plus a year in my business, TV brings me $0 :)

                • @[Deactivated]: So with that income why not enjoy it all. Ain't going to be taking that cash in a coffin with you

                  • @DoesntEvenMatter: it's not all profit, turnover, i don't watch enough to justify it TBH.

  • Can someone tell me how much the 75" X9000H and X8000H are on the Good Guys commercial are, please?

  • Whats the price of 75" for X9500H on TGGC? Considering to join the membership to access the prices but membership will cost about 300-400 per annum so it works out the same lol

    • you can get membership free through The Union Shopper if you are a (any) union member

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