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Xiaomi Portable Handheld 120W Vacuum Cleaner (13000Pa Suction) US$44.99 (~A$58.77) Delivered @ Banggood AU

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So your car's dusty?

I recently found out that this Xiaomi vacuum is literally the size of a water bottle and delivers up to 120W of power with 13000 pa suction!

For reference, the Baseus one (seems to really popular) on eBay costs around $48 AUD but only delivers up to 5000 pa of suction power. I had that one and thought it worked really well, but the Xiaomi one takes it up next level especially at this price.

According to reviews, the Xiaomi one works extremely well. Seems to pick up all crumbs.

Can be used to clean your car, desk, furniture, shelves and other spots that are hard to reach with big vacuum cleaners. Also works well with computers, motherboards etc.
Uses USB C to charge and can be charged via power banks or simply plugging it into a USB port in your car.
Battery time varies depending on usage - but according to Xiaomi, can run up to 30 minutes per charge. On the highest power, it'll be much less though - around 10 minutes but YMMV.

Limited stock. Shipped from Hong Kong warehouse. Remove shipping insurance and pay with international fee-free card in USD to get above price.

Key features:

  • Strong power, 88000 rpm, and the power of the whole machine is up to 120W
  • 13000Pa strong suction power
  • Multi-function mouth for deep cleaning
  • One click to open the dust box, No disassembly is required
  • Working continuously for 30  minutes
  • Small and portable, easy to store and use
  • Aerodynamic air duct design. reduces wind resistance, low noise
  • 304 stainless steel filter, HEPA purification double filtration

AU price based on current mastercard conversion rate. Price in title is final price in checkout with shipping included. GST free.


Edit 24/3: New code added (Thanks to rep).

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  • +8

    So your car's dusty?

    Yes, but unfortunately the dust has adhered to the dash which has gone sticky with the hot Brisbane sun

    • sticky?!! never heard of sticky dust before loll

      • +12

        No, not the dust 😜, the dash is sticky. Almost melty, and the dust has become one with the dash, fossilised and mineralised in time 😂

        • +5

          fossilised and mineralised

          dam thats some ancient dust 😂

          • -4

            @skido: Dust is dead skin

          • @skido: All dust is ancient, it is the stars of our universe maaaan.

        • +5

          I think this is why we maybe did so well with COVID up here. Any surface would just burn and melt the shit out of anything.😃

    • +6

      Hey mate by any chance do you have a Toyota? My previous car an Aurion had same sticky dash, it’s a manufacturing fault in some of there cars. After much effort by local Facebook group and class actions in USA Toyota did start replacing them for free. Some people they charged. Speak to your dealership. I have heard it has happened in other brands also but can only speak on Toyota.

      This is the FB group with lot of helpful people there. Seems they have added few othe car manufacturers.

      I got my car used from Castle Hill Toyota , and this happened few years later but they looked after me and replaced for free.

      I recall it made driving unsafe at times, especially when sun in front shining of the meted dash.

      • +1

        I drive a Toyota Corolla. Thanks so much for the information. I will follow up with Toyota.

      • +2

        Mazda and Honda had the same issues from memory. I had my Aurion dash replaced as well for free they do have a 10 year limit eg, If your Aurion is older than 10 years then you are generally out of luck.

      • I drive a Lexus, ie Toyota with leather seats. The ones from 2003 to 2008 had this dash problem, plus also the door trims. Very poor. As usual, US recall but case by case here.

    • -7

      So you park your car in the sun without a windscreen sunshield?

      • +4

        Don't know why this is getting downvoted, anyone who has used one of those foldable windscreen sunshield's knows how much better it is getting in the car on a hot summer day

        • i've been called old-fashioned for using one haha. so much better than getting into a boiling hot car

    • Baby wipes are amazing for this

      Curash or Huggies water wipes particularly

      • I tried that, still no luck

    • Wouldn't a dash mat solve this problem?
      There's nary a car in the top end (NT) that drives without a dash mat. The Brissy sun is relatively calm compared to ours.

      • This was actually a manufacturing fault and many cars from same manufacturer never had an issue , so not sure it’s just due to extreme weather.

  • -1

    $50.88 USD for me with coupon

    • +1

      im seeing $44.99 USD as the total..

      Order Total US$64.67
      Coupon Discount -US$19.68
      Total Payment US$44.99

      remember to remove shipping insurance at checkout

      • Cool - thanks for the tip about au.banggood.com
        I was going thru CR and that brings you to the normal site where price is higher.
        Might be worth putting in OP!

  • Getting charged GST on shipping to QLD

    • please select HK warehouse. it’s GST free

      • It isn't . HK Warehouse selected. CN price is different altogether.

  • +4

    Makes sense

    Order Previews
    For faster processing, your items were split into 1 orders

    • +3

      How..very efficient of them.

  • +1

    Does it suck?

    • +23

      this is a hard question

      In terms of suck as in bad, no

      in terms of suck as in picking up dust and dirt and crumbs, yes

      • Multi-function mouth for deep cleaning


    • +1

      Wrong forum mate.

  • $58.15 with Citibank card

  • It's 56.99USD now.

    • you need to ensure you select HK warehouse.

      I can see the code is still working as of now

  • Cheers, bought one

  • Thanks OP. I bought 2 with the code and it amounts to USD89.14 or USD44.57 each with shipping insurance.

  • What about compared to something like the opolar 2 in 1?

    • Xiaomi is much more powerful

      Suction power:

      Opolar - 8Kpa
      Xiaomi - 13Kpa

      Motor speed:

      Opolar - 60000rpm
      Xiaomi - 88000rpm

      However, the xiaomi cant blow air.

      • +2

        I’m just worried I’ll mistake this vacuum for my zojirushi and try to take a sip from it. The seal on the top looks suspiciously like one from a drink bottle.

        • +2

          LOL mouth to mouth

          • Multi-function mouth for deep cleaning
  • Thanks OP

    Just bought 2 @ $117.02AUD with shipping and insurance

    Using the code

  • This vs Shunzao Z1 Z1Pro Wireless Multi-purpose Vacuum Cleaner Protable 12000Pa Suction Brushless Motor for Home and Car Cleaning

    Which is better and is this one actually worth the more expensive price?

    • +1

      Shunzao Z1 Z1Pro Wireless Multi-purpose Vacuum Cleaner Protable 12000Pa Suction Brushless Motor for Home and Car Cleaning

      this one is showing $101 on Banggood

      From a first glance, Xiaomi has a higher suction power and motor speed.

      Suction power:

      Shunzao - black is 12000pa, white is 7000pa
      Xiaomi - 13000pa

      Motor speed:

      Shunzao - 60000 rpm
      Xiaomi - 88000 rpm

      Apart from that, everything else is pretty similar - battery life and Type C charging.
      Xiaomi has a smaller form factor as well

      • Thanks for the super fast reply mate. I appreciate it. They both look really good and doesn't xiaomi make both under various companies.

        • typo in comment

          Shunzao - black (pro) suction power is 15500PA

          However, price is almost double

          • @skido: Yes Ty very much xiaomi one it is. I have so many of there products and they are always excellent quality and well made. Ty once again.

    • +1

      Z1 pro is about double the price for 15500pa vs this at 13000pa

      Duration z1 pa is 10 mins, xiaomi is 9mins

      • Thanks for the very quick reply, I appreciate it. Hmm I will have a think on it. Maybe the xiaomi one is the one to get especially as it is cheaper.

        • I like the wide brush nozzle attachment on the shunzao though

          Wonder if you can get one (an aftermarket one) for the xiaomi then it would tick all the boxes for me

          • @MonkeyMagic3: Yea the wide brush looks like you would Pickup more dust and stuff with less passes over. Can these be used while charging or only cordless?

  • +2

    How does this compare to dyson v6?

    • +4

      These are two completely different products

      • +1

        Thanks. I already have a V6 at home that I use for vacuuming the car. If the suction is comparable then I might get the xiaomi to vacuum the car instead as it's alot lighter.

        • +1

          I’ve just checked that the Dyson v6 absolute has suction power of

          Suction - empty (kPa): 11kPa / 19kPa MAX

          Source: https://www.expertreviews.co.uk/dyson/dyson-v6

          Couldn’t find any info on the standard v6 but assuming absolute is the more powerful model?

          The Xiaomi one is 13KPa on MAX. However, of course, the Xiaomi is way lighter and compact

          • @skido: Thanks heaps! I have just tried to place order but the coupon has expired :(

            Is there a chance the coupon use (200 max) can be increased?

            • +1

              @YLC: Yep I will definitely contact them to increase it

            • @YLC: hey, the codes back up now

  • The coupon has reached its limit of 200 times. Times looks like I miss out was trying to pick my free gift lol. Ty for deal anyway op 👍

  • +6

    Hey guys, unexpected cap on this deal. Will reach out to them to extend it. They’ll be in office from 12pm AEDT (9am China time) tomorrow

    • +2

      Thanks for your hard work skido.

    • +1

      Yeah skido u r next level

    • Cheers mate, would like 1 also.
      Currently have the Baseus, thanks for the comparison.

      • hey, its back up now :)

  • +1

    Doubles as a automatic fleshlight

    • -1

      Can't see Pink anywhere.

      • +1

        This is for robot fetishes

      • You can if you close your eyes champ

  • Is this good to vacuum a car and if so is the battery sufficient to finish off the car on a single charge?

  • Looks like a Hitachi wand in the picture

  • Want one!

  • -2

    guys calm down

  • +3

    A very quick search reveals this can be had for US$47.50



    • This one is $44.99 USD delivered and it’s faster shipping - from HK warehouse. Banggood delivery times are often way better than aliexpress. Last order came through in 13 days

      • +2

        Sure all I'm saying is that it's price differential is not significant enough for people to be disappointed about if they missed out.

    • +2
      • 39.99 in 2 days….

      • +1

        Thanks I used this one hope it arrives ok and virus free within a few years in five pieces.

  • Hey Skido - confident they'll be willing to give more uses of the coupon? :~)

    • +1

      I’ll let you know if it does get extended. They’ll be back in office in a few hours

    • +1

      hey, its back up now :)

      • Thanks lad. Ordered. <3

  • +1

    already have a sodastream but thanks

    • +2

      does your sodastream suck? 😉

      • big time

  • Look forward to the deal coming back live again.

    • code renewed now

  • Yeah will buy if deal comes back.

    • code renewed now

  • it doesn't look like coming back

    • +3

      hold on, chasing it up now

      edit: they're applying for more

  • Let us know, if the code is working again.

    • +5

      will do, they're confirming some details now

      • +1

        Any update?

        • I do not think so….

          • @adnan: they’re discussing procurement with Xiaomi manufacturers right now, need some more time.

            HK warehouse stock sold out but they’re aiming to get ahold of more asap so they can renew the code

        • +7

          need some more time - they’re contacting suppliers and manufacturers to get ahold of more stock.

          Currently website says expected to ship before 12 March - they’re just confirming the timeframe (as they aim to minimise fulfilment time)

          I’ll reply to each and everyone who’s interested when/if the codes back up

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