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10% off Apple Macs - M1 MacBook Air 256GB $1439 @ The Good Guys & OfficeWorks


First time poster and long time scroller and buyer. :) pls be nice.

The Good guys have just launched 10% discount on their Apple Mac’s, and Officeworks has now matched The Good Guys discount. https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/macbook-ai...

This hasn’t been matched by Office Works at the moment which will allow you to price match for an extra 5% discount.

Just purchased 23 MacBook Airs M1 256gb from Office Works (ordered within store from their warehouse supply) for only $1,367.05 each to upgrade my staffs comps. Bargain price.

If you are interested, suggest you get in quick

Good luck.

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    Anyone who switched from Windows to MacOS willing to share their experience?

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      I have both in our video production business, and started with Windows years ago, but have come to love the Mac way of operating. The interface is just so much more elegant. The hardware is controlled (I can't hotrod my hardware until it breaks!), the experience in Outlook is SO much better, etc. etc. It integrates nicely with iPhones. I just can't imagine ditching all my Macs and going back to Windows. I just wish the hardware was cheaper, but I put up with that.

      • I'm thinking about it. It seems the main con is the cost, which I'm at a point now I can deal with as you get what you pay for.

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      i did, it was pretty good, for a lower spec'd machine it runs well. Also doesn't seem to crash like windows. The build quality of Macs is one of the best for laptops, My Surface book with 16GB & 512SSD i7, seems abit slower TBH, and not as well built.

      I tried this 2 yrs ago from a Lenovo i3 to Macbook Pro to Surfacebook 2.

      My only issue is that i use my computers for work and at the time the ATO software interface used a unique VPN which would need resetting in my Macbook at the time, every couple of months due to updates. That was the main pain for me. My other software works on Mac and alot of my other work stuff is on cloud so its alot easier. I tried VMware, bootcamp all their work arounds but it just wasn't as good. Also running a Windows environment in a Mac chews the battery more. The Mac still gets good battery life but i started to notice more wear on my battery when in Windows bootcamp.
      I've been told this is not an issue anymore as they have improved their softwear interface.

      If you don't have any special software requirements you will be fine.

      The thing that was unusual is that the Mac was alot better on handling Windows snapping and presentation. On alot of the cloud work the webpages it fits on the page better without resizing and straining my eyes. I don't know how they do it TBH and all my Windows machines can't do it. Its not their screens either as i use a 34' curved 4k LG screen on all my laptops.

      I had the older Macbook Pro 2016 which was the top of the line at the time. 8bg & 512HDD, was about $2700 getting Officeworks to price match JBHIFI at the time to get $15% off. Overall i only had one issue with the button on the trackpad it stopped clicking. Went to the Apple store and they fixed it within 30min. Overall never had any mechanical issues from the macbook

      Due to the software requirements i went to the Surface book 2 i7,16GB,512SSD. It died just 1mth after the warranty ran out. Worst thing is that there is no repair ability, the Microsoft stores have all shut down until further notice & no other repairers will touch it. Took me 6hours on the phone, 2 weeks and $950 to get an out of warranty replacement from Microsoft. For a nearly $4k laptop (even when buying it with 10% discount) i'm pretty disappointed. The SB2 gets about 12-15hrs depending on use on battery. Build quality feels clunky compared to Mac.

      Recently the ATO has also gone to a cloud interface so i am considering going to these new M1 chips due to the battery life (18-20hrs) and performance. You can also still run some of the Windows software thru their apps Parallel and Rosetta 2. They have apparently improved this also.

      I'm looking to try again if i can get my hands on a good deal with the new Macbook Air M1.
      I'm gonna try to go back to Mac if possible again.

  • Party over, Officeworks have matched TGG price.

  • damn missed the Officeworks price match, the reduced their price

  • also with the Goodguys u can get cashback 3% via cashrewards or cashback

    • It’s been around this price on and off. Also thru eBay and can apply discount.
      $100 cash back via AMEX if you have that offer.

      Works out to be $1200. Cheaper than the MacBook Air.
      Also you get 1660Ti which isn’t bad.
      This would be better for gaming.

      Not sure how the i7-10750H compare to M1?

  • With Officeworks out of the picture, Good Guys 5% discount gift cards from Suncorp is the way then?

  • Is this an overkill for a year 5 school boy? Is there any better suggestions please?
    My son is very keen to get a MacBook while I am still using a $700 LenovoE495

    • What's he intending to do with it?

      • Office, photo editing, web browsing, standard school stuff

        • Without knowing anything else, I think I'd be erring on the side of purchasing something second hand (if anything) and with the expectation that'll probably be wrecked or obsolete in three years. Probably a 2014 to 2017 MBA, or a 2014 to 2015 MBP. If you know your way around computer hardware, getting one with a small drive or dying battery and swapping the components yourself might save you a few dollars.