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10% off Apple Macs - M1 MacBook Air 256GB $1439 @ The Good Guys & OfficeWorks


First time poster and long time scroller and buyer. :) pls be nice.

The Good guys have just launched 10% discount on their Apple Mac’s, and Officeworks has now matched The Good Guys discount. https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/macbook-ai...

This hasn’t been matched by Office Works at the moment which will allow you to price match for an extra 5% discount.

Just purchased 23 MacBook Airs M1 256gb from Office Works (ordered within store from their warehouse supply) for only $1,367.05 each to upgrade my staffs comps. Bargain price.

If you are interested, suggest you get in quick

Good luck.

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The Good Guys

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  • 23! Is it bad that I already feel bad for price matching one? That is just next level.

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      Have been waiting for a deal like this. Just happy I can finally contribute to this community. Hopefully it helps a few people.

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        can I be your staff?

      • this is the same deal as when the M1 came out few months ago, same exact deal imagine a brand new macbook and you got it for 15 percent less at release, amazing, not to mention how good of a machine it is, i just hate that it cant run windows like the older ones

    • Does this still count as broaden?

  • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/607905
    Combine with this deal and buy the home cards to get additional 9% off on top of $1439 which will bring the cost down to $1309.49 even much sweeter

    • What you on about? Just pay $800 to Apple for a new SSD when it wears out. Their service is 2nd to none.

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      I'm not convinced this'll turn out to be a big deal. If there's an issue, it'll be resolvable in a software update. It may turn out though that the tools everyone is testing with are outputting garbage because Apple are doing something slightly different to the rest of the industry.

      • What? Are you suggesting Apple makes arbitrary decisions that fly against industry norms? Goodness, we've never seen that before, have we! Now, excuse me…the pigs need prepping before their next flight…

        • What? Are you suggesting Apple makes arbitrary decisions that fly against industry norms?

          What you are referring to is called innovation. No progress was ever made by following the pack…

      • Proof that it is the tools? In activity monitor, under apple’s own disk write and read you can see how much data was written for the current boot and that was large as well.

        • If it’s due to actual writes, due to a bug, and the storage fails, Apple will have to replace the Mac logic board under ACL (as the Mac would be deemed defective, you’d probably get a replacement even if it failed years later, as has happened in the past with extended replacement programs). Apple would also likely face a class action in the US.

          There’s not much risk to consumers here, just to Apple.

          Most likely it’s a misreporting, either from the various tools or from the storage subsystem. Some people have been reporting terabytes a day of usage on entirely idle Macs. That just seems like a reporting bug.

          • @Mrlrlpe: I don’t trust apple’s extended programs. In the past, they haven’t acknowledged flex gate issues on some models of MacBook pros, which had the same design flaws as those with extended programs.
            E.g. https://discussions.apple.com/thread/251531116

            With ACL it's always a risk. Even if you get a replacement, it will likely be the same machine. For example the keyboard replacement program gets the same failing keyboard. So eventually it is a machine that will die.

            I hope this time, it is a software issue and not a feature

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          You're asking me for proof that their SMART implementation is standards compliant and bug free, presumably from the firmware on up, and that the tools people are using are also standards compliant? Notwithstanding that these figures may well come from quasi-standard vendor extensions? Even though I explicitly said it could also just be an issue that can be solved in a software update? Oh, and your data point is Activity Monitor was "large". Yeah, nah.

          • @atj: So expressing an opinion without ANY proof is a good practice in your understanding.
            If you think anything unprovable is okay of expression, it is not. E.g. I have a fire breathing dragon living in my house and it is invisible and untouchable, only I can see it. IT IS SO TRUE!!

            If you don’t have the knowledge or skills to prove the issue I’m sure someone else out there would have. I’m merely asking for the source of your opinion, and you act defensively af.

  • Congrats on your first post and welcome :)

    • Thanks, happy to be contributing. I have saved massive amounts over time (or possibly spent massive amounts on stuff I don’t really need :)) and is great to finally give back.

      • Kudos on buying 23. I'm guessing the store manager at OW was more than happy to give you a price match on that quantity, their budget's going to look great this month.

        • Haha. That is exactly what I said to him. He was very happy to go through the hassles of making it happen for me. They have a credit card limit of 20k at a time, so after they put it through the till, had to delete a number of them to keep under the limit, then start the process all over again. Took a while, but definitely worth the wait for the deal I got

  • The MacBook M1 256GB on Goodguys is a different product code to Officeworks…


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      No? MGN63X/A on both. Are you sure you were comparing the same storage and colour?

  • Heads up to anyone who misses this. You can get it for $1,381.60 here all the time


    • Isn't that a specific discount for the AOC AU Australian Education Union? Wouldn't they check that you a member of that?

      • You would think so but I got all the way to payment without being asked. Not sure what happens after that however

    • Can get apple education discount macbook m1 with airpods for 1439. Sell off airpods for easy 150. Total price under 1300. And no, they dont ask for student ID.

      • Exactly what I did for my wife new M1 Air, sold the airpod for $150 easily. No question asked from Education store, could be due to "lower value" item to them. They could ask for higher value item (?).

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    Refurbs have just started showing up on the Apple store. $1359 for this model. Probably more of interest if you need a 16GB or other custom configuration.

    • Are you looking at the US site perhaps? There are no M1 macs on the Oz store.

      • You probably should have gone to Specsavers…

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        Nope. The notification from refurb tracker came in at 1am, so if they're not in stock now, it's 'cause they've already been plucked. Also, they don't show up in the Apple store app (at least for me).

        • Thanks guys, for some reason I can’t find any M1s in the refurb section :(

          I do recall the refurb tracker telling me of iPads that I couldn’t find on the Apple au site, back then I assumed those were US ones sent to me by mistake, but looks like it’s something on my end??

          If I look for MBAs in the refurb section I see 13 (all intel macs), and a broken sort function on price. How many do you guys see?

          • @kood: Deleted the app, rebooted and installed it again, no dice… guess I’ll have to use refurb tracker to get direct links.

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              @kood: The app still doesn't show them for me either, but they're there on the website. If the page for a specific model loads for you and you're after a specific model, you can probably find the page by playing with the URL. For example, a space grey 256GB 8gb configuration has the model identifier MGN63X/A for retail units, and FGN63X/A for refurbished units. If you navigate to https://www.apple.com/au/shop/product/MGN63X/A/ you should be redirected to the retail unit's page, and https://www.apple.com/au/shop/product/FGN63X/A/ should redirect you to the refurbished unit's page.

              • @atj: thanks for that, you’re very observant noticing the different model IDs :)

                And yes, I see the M1s on the actual site too, cool!

                That, plus refurb tracker, should do the trick when I’m in the market again. Cheers!!

      • There are 2 M1 MBA's on the AU refurb store for the price atj stated, another 3 at $1679 and a few more above that.

  • Uni offer is still on if you want to score free AirPods for a total of $1439

  • Yep and apple would of matched price anyway.

  • $1365 for the best laptop on the market!
    I wish I needed one but my MacBook 12 is going strong for the moment.

    • Depends on your needs. The M1 SOC is very good but there are still a few limitations with external displays and upgradability, for example. Also some prefer a 15" display

      • There's always someone with a particular need but this covers the vast majority very well.

  • Is 16G recommended for Mac OS? I am a windows user looking to jump to Mac OS.

    • 8gb is alright without M1 and pretty great with M1 (like here). 16gb with M1 is surely enough. Well, it has to be - no better option so far.

  • Just called up and bought 2 without getting out of bed, don't get the run around with stock availability, competition and potential price adjustments

  • Will OW price match? Or will they give some lame excuse?

  • Perfect timing. Been eying the mac mini was about to purchase it tonight from the apple store. Glad this came along. Bought the 256GB M1 for $939.55 with price beat at OW, waiting for pickup! Thanks OP

  • If you are interested, suggest you get in quick before Office Works match The Good Guys discount.

    They probably will soon after you bought 23 of them. 😂

  • Can a OW order click and collect after price match if they are out of stock.

  • Just ordered from OW over the phone & they price matched an Air with free delivery.

  • A big thank you to the OP and the constructive commenters. For the first time in a decade of OzBargaining, I was in the right place at the right time with the right stock availability to get a big bargain:)) Officeworks Russell St (MEL) had a small number of 512GB models still in stock half an hour ago. Price match came to $1666! Awesome (as long you don't have number supersitions:P).

  • Is it good for mining?

  • I bought this from Apple direct, traded in my 6 year old Macbook Pro and got $450 off as trade in credit. (I also got the free airpods promo).

  • OW has updated the price to the Good Guys price :(

  • same Price at OW now.

  • Tad confused with this. Says the discount is applied to the price on the good guys site however it’s the exact same price as what office works have it for?

    I’m trying to get the Macboom Air 512gb model space grey

  • I went to Officeworks Fyshwick (canberra) at midday and tried to order one in with the additional 5% off but their system already price matched this deal.

  • What's the general quality of refurb units; cosmetically I mean?

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      In my experience they're the same as retail except that they come in white boxes and have a different model number.

      • Cheers, thanks. I would love to be able to stroll into a metro OW and deal directly. One negative with living way out in rural Vic. :(