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iPad Air 3 256GB $24.93/Month + Data SIM Plan ($15/Month for 10GB Data) - 24-Month Contract @ Optus


Save $162.00 off RRP $760.32

Discounted price $24.93 per month + plan fees on a 24-month plan.

Cost to cancel is $728.64. Not bad price for 256GB iPad air 3.

Ipad 7th gen 32GB is also available for $20.79 per month + plans fees on a 24-month plan

Comparison with iPad Air 4
Comparison with iPad 8th gen

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  • I’m hanging out for a deal on the 4th Gen iPad Air 😐

    • Yep thats the one with FaceID. The Air 3 is too closely resembling of the old Air 1/2 with touch ID albeit faster.

      • And the awesome A14 chip :)

      • FYI 4th gen iPad Air doesn’t have faceID. It has touchID on the sleep/wake button. You have to upgrade to the iPad Pro for faceID.

        • This. Though personally i prefer touchID. FaceID struggles with me cos i wear glasses

        • Ah yes my bad. Wonder how well the touch ID works on the power button…

          • @BargainKen: probably better than face id. Since I wear a mask much of the time, it never recognizes my face anyway.

          • @BargainKen: Touch ID works well - slightly slower than the iPhone 8/Plus in response and I think that’s due to sometimes not being able to get a perfect read with a small surface area.
            The mask situation made this choice of iPad with TouchID, USB-C and series-2 Apple Pencil a no-brainer for me (I picked up the Air 3 in the previous Optus deal in September. Will upgrade to a mini-LED iPad Pro if they also retain TouchID

            (Source: this comment was typed using my iPad Air 4th 2020).

    • Please let me know when you find a good one :)

  • Can you cancel the sim data plan, without cancelling the device plan? Or if you want to cancel the sim plan, then you have to pay out the device as well?

  • I did this with the ipad air cellular. Bought it and cancelled the plan in the same day. They sent an invoice a week or 2 later for the ipad.

    • I got an iPhone from Optus about 8 years ago and the service didn’t work in the area I lived in. They cancelled the account and didn’t ask for the phone to be paid back. I’m sure it has changed now but at the time they couldn’t make you pay for the phone if the service didn’t work. Best way to get an iPhone.

  • Looks like a re-hash of this deal.

    See comments for more info

  • Both these iPads are prev gen. The differences may be significant, do your research before committing to a plan.

    • True. The 4th gen Ipad Air is pretty pricy though, not sure it's worth the extra

      • I have iPad air 4 and iPad pro 10.5" (which the previous iPad air shared chassis with).

        It's much better. Bigger screen, usb-c and wireless pencil charging were reason enough for me to shell out the price difference.

        • Despite being absolutely ridiculous in price, the magic keyboard is pretty good too. Way better than the smart keyboard.

          Granted, it really makes me wish they'd just make a touchscreen macbook air.

        • iPad air 3 uses 1st gen apple pencil for those who have it already

  • Are these cellular only ? Cant find any info about wifi.

  • iPAd air 3rd G - out of stock

  • A14 chip used in IPAD air

  • the sim card you get, is it tablet only, or can you use it to make calls and texts if you put it in a phone?